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Software-update: X.Org 6.9/7.0 RC2 is verantwoordelijk voor de communicatie tussen software en hardware (muis, toetsenbord, beeldschermen) voor *nix-systemen en is gebaseerd op het X11-protocol. De ontwikkelaars zijn druk bezig met het ontwikkelen van de volgende versies en hebben daarom de tweede release candidate van versie 6.9 en versie 7.0 uitgebracht. Ze hebben deze twee met de volgende aankondiging de wereld ingestuurd:

We are pleased to announce the availability of the second full Release Candidate (RC2) for the upcoming X.Org Foundation release of X11R6.9 and X11R7. This RC includes many bug fixes and updates since the first RC. We have tagged both the monolithic and modular trees and have prepared tarballs for you to test.

The X11R6.9-RC2 tarball was created from the traditional monolithic source tree and can be found here:

X11R7-RC2 is based on the new modularized source tree and as such there are individual tarballs for each module component in the tree. The set of tarballs can be found here:

Now that RC2 has been completed, we are moving into final the testing and bug fixing phase. We ask that you please test _both_ the odular and monolithic trees. If you find any problems, please file bugs in fdo's bugzilla and mark them as blockers of the release bug (bug #1690) so that they can be tracked. Also, we encourage you to discuss any issues you encounter on this mailing list.

The testing plan for this release can be found here:

Please read this page to find out what needs to be tested and how to run the X Test Suite. Note that for us to move forward with the release, we need feedback on what works and what doesn't based on the tests outlined in the testing plan. So, please test this RC. We would like to hear about both successes and failures.

For those looking for known issues that need to be fixed, please see the list of current blockers of the release bug:

Now that we have tagged RC2, we are in a code freeze, which means that the only people who may check-in bug fixes are one of the three release managers or those people who a release manager designates to check-in an approved bug. If fixes not yet approved are checked in, they will be backed out.

The process for having bug fixes approved for check-in is to file the bug in bugzilla, mark it as a blocker of the release bug and set the "6.9/7.0" flag to "?" on the attachment with the patch. The release managers will review the bugs blocking the release every few days and add their comments in bugzilla. If approval is given and the release manager designates you as the person to check-in the fix, only then may you check it in. If you have any questions about your bugs or patches, please ask one of the release managers on the xorg at mailing list.

Also, note that the tree is closed for new features. If you have any questions about whether a particular patch would be considered a bug fix or a feature, ask one of the release managers to review the patch.

Thank you for your help with making this a successful release!

Alan Coopersmith
Adam Jackson
Kevin E. Martin
Versienummer 6.9/7.0 RC2
Besturingssystemen Linux, BSD, macOS, Solaris
Website Foundation
Licentietype Voorwaarden (GNU/BSD/etc.)



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Submitter: mOrPhie

Bron: Foundation


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In versie 7 van zit (eindelijk) ondersteuning voor de ATI theater 200 chip.
ATI Theater 200 video decoder support
Ik ben te dom om X te compilen/ werkende te krijgen, maar als er een distributie verschijnt met deze versie ben ik erbij!

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