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Software-update: BitWise IM beta 2

BitWise IM is een zeer uitgebreide instant messenger en kan daarnaast ook nog eens bestanden uitwisselen via het Direct Connect protocol. Ondersteuning voor het encryptie algoritme Blowfish, voice-chats met Speex audio compressie, whiteboards en het organiseren van online conferenties is aanwezig. Het pakket wordt onder een hele reeks voorwaarden uitgebracht die op deze pagina overzichtelijk zijn na te lezen. Sinds kort is de tweede bčtaversie beschikbaar van BitWise IM met de volgende aanpassingen:

BitWise IM Beta 2 has been released for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Major new features include: automatic direct connections through some routers without any configuration, significant usability enhancements to the whiteboard, grouped conversation view tweaks, automatic spell checking on Tiger, and more. This version also fixes some minor bugs, including focus stealing problems on Windows.

Changes in version
  • Added connection attempt for NAT Punch that allows connecting through a router without forwarding or UPnP.
  • When replacing a login at another location, the original location detaches rather than logs out.
  • Close tab button added to grouped conversation view (send / close buttons must be enabled in prefs).
  • Icon added to status bar on contact list when you are detached from the server.
  • "Disable Popups" option for contact has been changed to "Disable Status Alerts."
  • Ensure that the selected contact in grouped conversation view is always visible when selected.
  • File transfer description is shown in open conversation windows with incoming file notifications.
  • Whiteboard uses a palette of colors rather than two color bars and using the color chooser frequently.
  • Whiteboard font is not tied to the text tool but is instead chosen from a new menu item.
  • You can draw a shape using swapped colors by drawing it using the right mouse button.
  • When drawing a new whiteboard shape, you can cancel/delete it by clicking the right mouse button.
  • When drawing a new whiteboard shape, you can move it while drawing by holding down the ALT key.
  • When drawing or moving a whiteboard shape, the mouse is captured for better off-window handling.
  • Whiteboard text and text paragraph tools use the current palette color rather than a separate color.
  • Color extraction tool allows you to drag rather than just click in case you "miss" the first time.
  • Paste tool added to the whiteboard toolbar for faster pasting of text or images to the whiteboard.
  • Copy to clipboard option added when you right-click on a whiteboard image or text block.
  • Fixed bug with text font when opening the text paragraph tool and not changing the font.
  • Fixed whiteboard bug where more objects would be deleted without moving the mouse (delete tool).
  • Log viewer no longer scrolls to the bottom when you are viewing logs with a search term entered.
  • Status / profile window removes the "Away Since" line if the user is not away.
  • Positioning of Mass Message in File menu in conversation windows made consistent with contact list.
  • "Send Mass Message" renamed to "Mass Message" on the File menu of conversations and the contact list.
  • Contact list no longer becomes disabled while trying to reconnect when you are in detached mode.
  • Corrected alignment of the "To group:" label on the Add Contact / Group window (right-align it).
  • Grouped view: active conversation no longer moves to the top of conversation list on an incoming message.
  • Added small delay when resuming a file when a contact logs in to allow them time to finishing logging in.
  • Fixed local time displays in status/profile and conversations (broken by updates in wxWidgets 2.6.2).
  • Removed the "Integrate" option on the grouped conversation view; it was illogical and impossible to use.
  • Pro: IP Address is displayed on the status / profile window.
  • Plus: Can now refresh a whiteboard (sync your whiteboard with your contacts' whiteboard).
  • Windows XP: UPnP results no longer displayed on the login window to remove delay while logging in.
  • Windows: Fixed new windows opening and stealing focus for split second, disrupting the active application.
  • Windows: Corner popups use system colors for their background and text colors.
  • Windows: Added option to away / idle preferences to go away when the screensaver activates.
  • Windows: Dial-up connection invalid structure size error no longer appears on Windows 2000.
  • Windows: Fixed conversation "bleed" where text from different conversations would randomly mingle.
  • Windows/Mac: Moving/selecting existing objects with non-primary colors now works in 16-bit color mode.
  • Windows/Mac: Corner popups no longer appear on top of the menu bar, taskbar, or global toolbars.
  • Linux: Correct handling of flashing window icons regardless of the steal focus setting.
  • Mac OS X 10.4: Native spell-checking capability added to multi-line text controls.
  • Mac OS X 10.4: Correct contact list getting a little taller with each consecutive login.
  • Mac: Faster switching between contacts in grouped conversation few, without the flicker.
  • Mac: Fixed whiteboard interoperability with Windows and Linux clients.
  • Mac: Improved detection of lost connections reset by the other party.
Versienummer beta 2
Besturingssystemen Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux, Windows XP, macOS
Website BitWise Communications LLC
Licentietype Voorwaarden (GNU/BSD/etc.)

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