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Driver-update: Intel PRO/Wireless 2200/2915 1.0.7

Op Sourceforge werken een aantal ontwikkelaars in samenwerking met Intel aan Linux drivers voor de Intel PRO/Wireless 2200 en de Intel PRO/Wireless 2915, twee netwerkkaarten die in Centrino-laptops zijn te vinden. De drivers werken op Linux met kernelversie 2.6.4 of hoger en vereisen de Wireless Tools for Linux. Versie 1.0.7 is sinds enkele dagen beschikbaar met de volgende aanpassingen:

NOTE: In order to upgrade to 1.0.7, you must: Obtain the ieee80211 subsystem (v1.1.5 or later) from
Obtain the latest firmware (v2.4) from

  • Fix problem with 'Driver using old /proc/net/wireless' message (thanks to Benoit Boissinot)
  • Fixed #771 problem with too many (8) bytes being received when using AES/hwcrypto.
  • Fixed problem with get_cmd_string not existing if CONFIG_IPW_DEBUG is not set.
  • Added code to filter out WPA networks if only shared key WEP is enabled (resolving a firmware restart)
  • Fixed support of mixed PTK/GTK CCMP/TKIP support
  • Fixed is_network_packet to check for broadcast packets
  • Modified all places where firmware loading can fail to report the errno in decimal format for easy tracking (thanks to Peter Jones)
  • Fixed 760 problem with setting WEP key in monitor mode causes IV loss and decrypt attempt on captured packets.
  • Fixed 455 problem with frequent channel changes causing a firmware error.
  • Updated copyright strings
  • Modified firmware error and event log capturing to capture into allocated data blocks vs. pulling from registers.
  • Changed ipw_dump_nic_error_log to ipw_dump_error_log and adjusted to use pre-allocated log blocks.
  • Added wait_state wakeup on scan completion.
  • Added event_log and error_log sysfs entries.
  • Modified all ipw_send_cmd() usage to report errors within ipw_send_cmd vs. within each of the callers. This allows uniform error returns as well as uniform debug logging.
  • Modified ipw_config and STATUS_INIT setting to correct race condition with request_scan being called before initialized if invoked from insmod, resulting in no association occurring during boot until iwlist scan is run.
  • Updated version stamp for firmware from 2.3 to 2.4.
  • Fix firmware error when setting tx_power.
  • Fixed #751 Fix driver association requires manual scan.
  • Fix ipw_wx_get_txpow shows wrong disabled value.
  • Fixed #701 Fix a misuse of ieee->mode with ieee->iw_mode.
  • Fixed the ad-hoc network WEP key list issue.
  • Fixed #792 Fix WPA-PSK AES both for -Dipw and -Dwext.
  • Disable host fragmentation in open mode since IPW2200/2915 hardware support hardware fragmentation.
  • Workaround kernel BUG_ON panic caused by unexpected duplicate packets.
  • Added more useful geography encoding so people's experience with iwconfig matches what their hardware can actually do in regard to supported channel maps, etc.
  • Misc. updates to be in sync w/ latest ieee80211 subsystem
    • Use of ieee80211_hdr to ieee80211_hdr_Naddr
    • Added is_queue_full for 802.11e support.
    • Added handle_probe_response, handle_beacon, handle_association_response callbacks.
  • Changed default # of missed beacons to miss before disassociation to 24 (vs. 9 which is too low in most environments)
  • [unstable] Added command log sysfs entry for recording firmware interactions even in non-debug builds
  • Radiotap type frames support for monitor mode, which requires Libpcap 0.9.3+ to parse correctly in the user space (thanks to Mike Kershaw for the radiotap addition, and Stefan Rompf who provided an initial implementation for adding AVS which then motivated the radiotap work.)
  • Fixed #801 problem with intermittent firmware restarts in weak signal areas due to roaming logic
  • Fixed some compiler issues if CONFIG_IPW2200_QOS is enabled.
Versienummer 1.0.7
Besturingssystemen Linux
Website Sourceforge
Bestandsgrootte 207,00KB
Licentietype GPL

Reacties (2)

Wijzig sortering
hier zat ik op te wachten, had heel erg vaak firmware error restarting in combinatie met linksys. gelukkig nu opgelost.
Ik heb wat problemen tijdens installatie. Ik heb nog geen idee waarom.

/usr/src/ieee80211-1.1.5/ieee80211_wx.c:710: error: dereferencing pointer to inc omplete type
/usr/src/ieee80211-1.1.5/ieee80211_wx.c:710: error: dereferencing pointer to inc omplete type
/usr/src/ieee80211-1.1.5/ieee80211_wx.c:710: error: dereferencing pointer to inc omplete type
/usr/src/ieee80211-1.1.5/ieee80211_wx.c:710: error: dereferencing pointer to inc omplete type
/usr/src/ieee80211-1.1.5/ieee80211_wx.c:712: error: dereferencing pointer to inc omplete type
/usr/src/ieee80211-1.1.5/ieee80211_wx.c:713: error: dereferencing pointer to inc omplete type
/usr/src/ieee80211-1.1.5/ieee80211_wx.c:714: error: dereferencing pointer to inc omplete type
/usr/src/ieee80211-1.1.5/ieee80211_wx.c:715: error: dereferencing pointer to inc omplete type
/usr/src/ieee80211-1.1.5/ieee80211_wx.c:715: error: 'IW_ENCODE_EXT_TX_SEQ_VALID' undeclared (first use in this function)
make[2]: *** \[/usr/src/ieee80211-1.1.5/ieee80211_wx.o] Error 1
make[2]: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....
make[1]: *** [_module_/usr/src/ieee80211-1.1.5] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/linux-source-2.6.12'
make: *** [modules] Error 2

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