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Bron: Lucky Monkey Designs

KoolMoves heeft een update gekregen naar versie 5.0. Met dit programma kunnen op eenvoudige wijze flash-animaties worden gecreŽerd. Mensen die met dit programma aan de gang willen gaan kunnen vanaf hier een Nederlandse handleiding in pdf-formaat downloaden. Het changelog van deze release ziet er als volgt uit:

Changes in version 5.0:
  • Added movie clip symbol library enabling attachMovie action script.
  • Added Preferences option to automatically add newly created movie clips to symbol library.
  • Added sound link id association table enabling attachSound action script.
  • Added link id association table in action script editor.
  • Added 14 additional motion script effects (bar slide in, blur 2, blur and fade, cross, cursor write on, explosion, frame, mouse sensitivity, mouse trail, moving bars, particles, rising water, scratchy video, sparkles).
  • Added pause-before-effect-starts parameter to 28 motion scripts.
  • Added 8 additional web interfaces (thanks to
  • Added ability to add curvature to point by point drawing by dragging mouse before releasing mouse on each point.
  • Added tapered line styles to line shapes in Cartooning mode.
  • Added scenes.
  • Added Add to Group capability.
  • Added ability to stay in action script editor if a syntax error is found on clicking OK.
  • Added more hot key associations.
  • Added editable dynamic text variable name to dynamic text Properties window.
  • Added wmode transparent option to html export settings.
  • Added FAQ under Help.
  • Added Move Up and Move Down right click menu items on Timeline (better behavior will be tackled next version).
  • Added Morphing Hints to shape properties.
  • Added in Preferences > Toolbars the ability to turn off constraints on positioning of view popups for dual monitor situation.
  • Added Flash 8 export capability.
  • Added Next Frame and Previous Frame menu items with PagegUp and PageDown shortcuts.
  • Added a Configure Wizard (under File) which configures the application to the user's task and skill level.
  • Added capability to draw n-sided stars and n-sided polygons.
  • Added an Interactive KoolMoves Tutorial wizard under Help.
  • Added Add Flash Movie to Web Page wizard in File > Export Movie.
  • Added Diagnose Server Problems wizard in File > Export Movie.
  • Added option to copy frame's actions when copying a frame.
  • Added ability to insert a koolmoves animation into a button state.
  • Added Simple Task Assistant under Help.
  • Added ability to replace a movie clip globally with another movie clip through the new symbol library.
  • Added saving between sessions of show actions and show sounds in Movie Overview.
  • Changed registration key validation (a new key will be required for this version but keys for prior versions will not be disturbed).
  • Changed default value of zlib compression of swf from off to on for export at Flash 6 or higher.
  • Extended Play in Web Browser to play a movie clip.
  • Extended action script editor syntax coloring to an almost complete vocabulary.
  • Redesigned toolbar icons.
  • Rearranged some tool icons.
  • Raised minimum Flash version export from 4 to 5.
  • Raised default Flash version export to 6.
  • Raised maximum limit on FPS to 60 from 32.
  • Raised SWF-too-big warning from 3Mb to 5Mb.
  • Removed Play in Internal Player menu items (but kept Ctrl+Enter hot key association and single step mode) -- with more usage of action scripting, it becomes less meaningful.
  • Improved SWF import as an editable movie so movie clips referenced more than once are imported.
  • Improved retention of floating view screens as move into and out of movie clips and button states.
  • Improved anti-aliasing of borderless shapes in editing screen.
  • Fixed small section of code that caused problems with Windows 95 and Windows NT.
  • Fixed new movie clip/dynamic text naming problem after deleting previous name.
  • Fixed indent display of nested groups in Score/timeline.
  • Fixed refresh problem associated with current frame pointer in List of Frames.
  • Fixed morphing problem with a line that grows in points frame by frame.
  • Fixed problems with Reveal One by One, Slide In, and Blinds motion script effects if used as exit effects.
  • Fixed motion script decimal parameters for Windows versions that use a comma as the decimal point.
  • Fixed renaming of frames in Movie Overview.
  • Fixed shape selection problem associated with selection in all frames and retain selection between frames option.
  • Fixed situation where a selected point did not respond to arrow key commands.
  • Fixed missing display of point selection on status bar.
KoolMoves screenshot (resized)
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Kun je met dit programma evenveel als met Flash ?
Heeft iemand hier ervaringen mee? Is dit proggie beter dan bijv. SwishMax ?

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