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[PC/Linux] Path of Exile

30-04 16:40 discussie 8.477

Voor de mensen die graag met elkaar samen spelen met andere tweakers is er een playersheet opgezet op Iedereen kan het bestand aanpassen dus ga aub normaal mee om:


A dark fantasy action RPG with visceral combat
In Path of Exile, the player has been exiled from their homeland to the corrupted and deeply hostile continent of Wraeclast. Alone, or with other exiles, they must develop their skills and discover powerful magical artifacts in order to survive the challenges of a cutthroat post-apocalyptic fantasy world.

Path of Exile immerses the player in a gritty and realistic art style that goes against the current industry trend of cartoony RPGs.

Our combat is especially visceral, with plenty of blood and gore. Position matters a great amount in our combat system. You can dodge projectiles and be blocked in by monsters.

A persistent online world with instanced gameplay.
Path of Exile has been designed from the ground up as a secure online game. Characters and items are stored on our persistent servers, and great effort is being taken to make sure that the game economy is not destroyed by exploits or hacks.

We do not classify Path of Exile as an MMORPG. It is a competitive online action RPG, and has little in common with games that are typically given the MMORPG moniker.

Our realms can support arbitrarily large numbers of players. We intend to only segregate realms based on large geographic locations (realms for North America, Europe and Oceania, for example).

World areas are instanced, meaning that each party gets its own private randomly generated copy of a given area. The random templates for these areas have been designed with a low player cap in mind (potentially in the region of 4-8 players per instance), to make the areas exciting and challenging for small groups. Areas supporting player vs. player combat (PvP) have larger player caps, so that multiple teams can fight against each other.

Communal areas such as towns do not have low player cap limitations and serve as a hub for trading and finding other players to group with.

Completely free to download and play. Supported by ethical microtransactions.
Path of Exile is completely free to play - no upfront costs or monthly fees are required to enjoy 100% of the game content.

To fund the development and maintenance costs of the project, we plan to let players purchase aesthetic perks for their characters such as:

[list]• Additional character animations (for example, taunts or PvP victory animations)
• Dyes and item skins
• Alternate spell effects
• Social pets[/list]

We will also offer some optional paid services such as:

[list]• Inter-realm/inter-account character transfers
• Character renaming[/list]

You’ll notice nothing in the list above confers an actual gameplay advantage.

Randomly generated levels and items for extreme replayability
Path of Exile features randomly generated indoors and outdoors areas, a quality that ensures long term replayability. RPG fans we talked to expressed extreme disdain for having to replay identical game areas over and over, so we're confident we've made the right design choice. We know that hardcore online gamers play for extreme lengths of time, and we want to make their thousandth hour in Path of Exile as exciting as their first.

Our item system is also extremely diverse. Action RPG fans will be thrilled by the depth and nearly infinite customization of items.

Player vs. Player combat
In addition to the solo and cooperative content, Path of Exile has been designed from day one to offer a competitive PvP environment where players can display their dominance in a variety of ways. We intend to support tournaments and world PvP for both small and large teams of players.

Dozens of combinable skills
Full details of our skill system can be read on the skills page. Because no particular skill is limited to a specific class, everyone will enjoy tremendous variety and individual customization. Additionally, skills can augment each other in a complementary fashion, to create unbelievably powerful, elaborate effects. Want to set a trap that hurls multiple venomous fireballs? Want a critical hit from your weapon to cause the enemy to fly back stunned and frozen? That's just the tip of the iceberg in Path of Exile's revolutionary skill system.

Release schedule
We’ve been developing Path of Exile since late 2006. It’s still heavily in development and is not yet available for the general public to play. We anticipate starting our public beta testing (eventually culminating in an open beta and then release) in early 2011.

There is a long roadmap of free expansions planned, and we anticipate releasing both feature and content upgrades periodically for many years.

1. When will Path of Exile be released?
We haven't announced a specific release date, but we anticipate entering public closed beta in early 2011 and gradually expanding the pool of testers until we're in open beta, and then release.

2. How do I sign up for the beta?
By creating an account on the site. We will be picking beta users from the set of people who are signed up. This account also allows you to post in our forums and use community features.

3. What character classes can I play?
There are six character classes in Path of Exile, and we've currently announced two - the Marauder and Ranger. These classes represent the attributes of strength and dexterity, respectively.

4. What are attributes?
Our three attributes are strength, dexterity and intelligence. Path of Exile's character classes, items, monsters and skills (both active and passive) are designed around being aligned with some ratio of these attributes. For example, a short sword might be aligned with 50% strength/50% dexterity. This means that it would be most suitable for use by a strength, dexterity or hybrid character class. Similarly, a monster that is aligned with 100% intelligence would have its damage and armor values biased in favor of intelligence mechanics.

5. What's the difference between the character classes?
Besides the obvious aesthetic differences, the classes in Path of Exile are quite diverse. Each starts with different base attributes, and each has a specific preference for the direction of the route they'd like to take through the passive skill tree. When a Marauder picks a strength passive skill, he earns more strength than a Ranger would picking the same skill. It's still completely possible to make a Marauder with lots of dexterity, or a Ranger with plenty of intelligence, but you'll earn the largest attribute rewards by sticking with your character's preferred attribute. The game's hybrid classes won't earn as much for specializing, but are able to invest in either of their attributes without penalty.

6. What does Path of Exile cost to play?
Path of Exile is 100% free to play, for everyone, forever. Our website will allow the purchase of many in-game perks and aesthetic upgrades, but all of these are completely optional, and players can have a complete, fulfilling gaming experience without spending a penny.

7. I still don't understand how it's free to play - what's the catch?
There is no catch at all, once you download the client you are free to play for as long as you like, with no charge. The purchasable perks do not convey any gameplay benefit, but help you create a unique look for your character and its fighting style.

8. What makes Path of Exile different from other games in the Action RPG genre?
Countless things make Path of Exile different, but here is a short list of the ones we feel most set us apart.

[list]• A gritty dark fantasy setting, supporting a hostile cutthroat atmosphere.
• Free to play on online servers with persistent character storage in a secure economy.
• A unique active skill system that will allow any class to use any skills in the game and augment/combine them how they see fit.
• A haunting fixed-perspective 3D game world, constructed with incredible attention to detail.
• Deep passive skill system that eschews the mere allocation of stat points when levels are gained
• ncredibly complex and sophisticated item system with literally unlimited possibilities.
• A random generation system for monster loot that is dynamic and tremendously exciting.[/list]

9. What platforms are supported by the game?
Path of Exile will initially launch with support for Windows. No Mac support has been announced yet, but it's something we'll investigate after release.

10. Will you support languages other than English?
Yes, we intend to support other languages once the game has been released.

11. Are there defined roles for players, like tanking, healing and sustained damage?
While we don't have concrete defined roles for any class, there's enough customization with passive and active skills that a player can focus on one type of play. A Marauder, for example, can load up on hit point buffing skills and taunts, and a Ranger could focus purely on offensive skills. We do not intend to have a dedicated healer role.

12. What is the level cap?
A level cap of 100 is currently planned, but players will find that they level up more slowly as they gain experience. You'll need to be very high level and be very well-geared to contend with the end game content on the hardest difficulty level. These diminishing returns mean that the game doesn't suddenly end when the player hits some arbitrary point. If a player wanted, they could improve a single character for years on end.

13. I really love PvP, do you support that?
Yes! In addition to the PvE content, Path of Exile will contain many PvP elements, including random arenas, a ranking system, seasonal ladders and unique PvP item rewards. The game has a tremendously fun and rewarding PvP experience.

14. What are the hardware requirements for Path of Exile?
Path of Exile is designed to run on a huge variety of systems, from an everyday laptop to a top of the line gaming rig. Our detailed art is designed to not only look great, but also reveal additional detail as the resolution is increased to the maximum of 2560x1600. Exact system requirements will be determined closer to release.

Wraeclast is an ancient continent of nearly endless intrigue and mystery. While no concrete encyclopedia exists that documents the island's myriad regions and inhabitants, we have located the journal of the renowned explorer known only as "The Paragon". Her recovered writings recount a journey from Wraeclast's savage beaches to its dark and deadly interior, an undertaking of great peril, difficulty and reward.

Twilight Strand All I taste is salt. It stings my mouth and burns my eyes. My head is still reeling, but I slowly pull myself up to my knees, and then stand on wobbly legs to survey. In front of me looms a towering jagged wall of rock, sharp and forbidding. My skin shivers at the cold waves that lap about me, and my attention is drawn to a rough piece of wood lying on the beach nearby. It's no broadsword, but it'll do, for now.

With nothing but the open ocean behind me and the cliff wall ahead, I make my way down the sandy beach, looking for some sign of life. It finds me instead, bursting out of the sand all around and assailing me with a barrage of hard projectiles. These missiles impact against my skin and burst apart into fragments of sand and some sort of repulsive, viscous goo. They do their best to evade me, dodging back and forth in the sand, but I catch them and smash them flat. A little further down the beach I encounter a new menace, a pack of lurching apparitions stumbling through the waves towards me. They are undoubtedly men, but their days among the living are far behind them. I can smell them on the sea air well before they are upon me, they reek of seaweed, brine, and the rot of countless years under water. The drowned men's stiff limbs carry them slowly across the sand, and I'm able to evade them effectively, keeping my distance from their groping fingers long enough strike them inert.

I make slow, steady progress along the shoreline, gathering roughshod equipment as I go. The rising sun reveals something intriguing in the distance. I squint my eyes through the rising haze. That is definitely some sort of wooden structure up ahead! And if my eyes don't deceive me, there is a white flag fluttering. My heart soars at the sight of this, my pace quickens despite the fatigue. But things are never so easy.

Shore Encampment caught my breath at last, I climb the rough stairs into the beach encampment, and for the first time I see something resembling "civilization". I use that term with caution though, because inside I find only a few desperate souls, obviously starving and destitute. The camp serves as an apparent bulwark against an unknown foe, its walls are lined with great sharp wooden stakes, facing outward. Wounded, emaciated men lie about, paying no heed to the flies buzzing around their filthy bodies. As I wander near them, a woman beckons me over, and begins to thank me over and over for killing something called "Hillock". She rummages in her pocket, and produces a handful of sparkling gemstones, saying "Use these wisely, for they are no mere trinkets." I take them with gratitude, though I don't know yet what they're for. I press the other inhabitants for information about where I am, but am met mostly with vacant stares and silence. Something has ruined these people, I must find out.

The Terraces
Having caught my breath at last, I climb the rough stairs into the beach encampment, and for the first time I see something resembling "civilization". I use that term with caution though, because inside I find only a few desperate souls, obviously starving and destitute. The camp serves as an apparent bulwark against an unknown foe, its walls are lined with great sharp wooden stakes, facing outward. Wounded, emaciated men lie about, paying no heed to the flies buzzing around their filthy bodies. As I wander near them, a woman beckons me over, and begins to thank me over and over for killing something called "Hillock". She rummages in her pocket, and produces a handful of sparkling gemstones, saying "Use these wisely, for they are no mere trinkets." I take them with gratitude, though I don't know yet what they're for. I press the other inhabitants for information about where I am, but am met mostly with vacant stares and silence. Something has ruined these people, I must find out.

Mud Flats first thought is of mud, sucking, thick, pooling around my boots. The place is damp and dreary, the skeletal trees forming a thick canopy up above that chokes out most of the midday sun. Water glistens all around me, splashing around my feet as I walk Eastward, the buzz of distant cicadas rising and falling as I go. After the endless melee of the Terraces, this new area feels almost peaceful, but that impression lasts only a moment. Something huge and spiky is dashing through the gloom towards me, shrieking. It looks angry, and very hungry.

Tidal Passage after the gloom of the Mud Flats, it takes my eyes a while to adjust to the clutching dark of this tidal passage. The cave walls are glistening with brine, polished by countless years of lapping waves. The scant light available to me dissipates in all directions, leaving me feeling claustrophobic and terrified. My fear is not helped by the sounds I hear far off in the darkness around me, a strange hissing and clattering. For a moment, I could swear that I even hear distant singing. But how could that be?

With my vision somewhat adjusted, I make cautious progress through the maze of tunnels, treading carefully over the smooth, slick rocks of the cave floor. My feet are freezing, soaked completely by the stagnant salt water that pools in every corner of this maze. As I head in deeper, the ominous sounds grow louder, and then rounding a curve, I see them for the first time. The horrors that I've met above ground pale next to these things!

I can really only describe the creatures as a sickening cross...

The Ledge
After the choking, endless gloom of the Tidal Passage, this new area is an immediate delight. I survey my surroundings through deeply-squinted eyes, my pupils still nearly blind from the dazzling sun. A few paces away lies the edge of a sheer cliff, and standing upon it, I close my eyes completely and breathe in the brisk sea air. Of course, this is Wraeclast, and the serenity is fleeting. A little further up the beach I catch a quick glance of movement out of the corner of my eye. A little ripple in the shadows of the rock wall to the North. A few moments later I see it again, and there is no mistaking it: something is stalking me. The hackles on my neck rise, and my heart beats hard in my chest, awaiting the inevitable. When the attack comes, it is from all sides, in the form of a barrage of razor sharp stones. The missiles tear skin from my face and arms, causing me to cry out in pain and alarm.

The commotion brings new enemies upon me, dashing down across the sand with desperate speed. They are definitely men, though horribly gaunt and dressed in decrepit rags. The new arrivals keep their distance from the creatures that assail me, likely waiting to pick the scraps once I'm dead. I have no plans to please them.

I turn my attention to the spitters...

Rocky Climb
The first thing I notice is an abrupt change in the terrain. Where before the path was mostly sand and dirt, this trail is hard underfoot, and dotted everywhere with worn stones. My tired legs ache at the prospect of scaling such a height, but retreat is out of the question. I gather my resolve, take a deep breath, and start the ascent.

Naturally, I am beset by attackers almost immediately. The creatures come at me from all directions, appearing from under overhangs and from around rocky corners. They are shaggy, like dogs, but their faces have a strange feline appearance. They're also enormous, far larger than any hound I've beheld. When they gather together to attack as a single pack, I realize that I've stumbled into an ambush. It's kill or be killed once again.

The beasts attack with snarling fury, snapping at exposed flesh with dripping jaws, and swiping at me with large clawed feet. They are quick and elusive, dodging away from my slashes, then turning back to attack anew. It takes all of my skill to strike them cleanly, though they die readily when pierced by steel. When the pack is finally defeated, I am slashed, bloodied and completely exhausted.

I rest for a short span in the shadow of a ledge ...

The Lower Prison
It's dark in here, and quiet, eerily quiet. I stand in the threshold of the structure, my eyes adjusting to the frigid gloom. The afternoon sun shines behind me outside, tempting retreat. But no, I know what lies ahead for me in this place, and I must face it, undaunted. Wraeclast is no place for cowards.

Thankfully, a feeble light illuminates the catacombs before me, filtering down from somewhere high above. I must make haste, for to be trapped in this gaol at night would be a terror beyond reckoning! I begin to explore the labyrinth, keeping close to the wall, and trying to make a mental note of which the path I've taken. But my mind is as fatigued as my body, and within minutes I'm hopelessly lost. Worse yet, I'm beginning to hear things, out in the cold darkness of the tunnels. It's also beginning to smell like death.

I make my way farther into the bowels of the Prison, my anxiety growing with every cautious step. The smell of death is all around me, and the walls are festooned with hideous implements of torture. I cannot imagine the terrible suffering inflicted on the occupants of this vile dungeon over the centuries, but the rusted racks, gibbets and hanging cages serve as mute witness. There is even crusted blood on the floor in many places, the long-dried remains of some poor doomed soul.

Finally, after what has been an age of anxious anticipation...

The Upper Prison
I sense something the moment I gain the top stair of the uppermost Prison level: rage. Rage, and a terrible malice. It drips off the stone walls, chills my flesh, and makes my skin crawl. Terrible things have happened here. The light is dimmer now, somehow diminished by the malevolence of the creature that dwells here, that waits somewhere for me. This will be the greatest challenge I've faced so far on Wraeclast.

This uppermost floor of the ancient jail bears the scars of a monstrous rampage. The walls are gouged and splintered in many places, the torture machines smashed to fragments and scattered about. There are many bones as well, and gallons of dried blood. Even in his imprisonment, Brutus has been busy. I make my way slowly from room to room, my nerves on edge, expecting an ambush around every corner.

I hear Brutus long before I find him. At first I think my ears are playing tricks on me....

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