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[Serie] Fringe - deel 2

11-04-2013 discussie 183

From J.J. Abrams ("Lost"), Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, the team behind "Star Trek," "Transformers," "Mission: Impossible III" and "Alias," comes a new series that will thrill, terrify and explore the blurring line between the possible and the impossible.

When an international flight lands at Boston's Logan Airport with no signs of life, FBI Special Agent Olivia Dunham is called in to investigate as part of an inter-agency task force. After her partner, Special Agent John Scott, is nearly killed during the investigation, a desperate Olivia searches frantically for someone to help, leading her to Dr. Walter Bishop, our generation's Einstein. There's only one catch: he's been institutionalized for the last 17 years, and the only way to question him requires pulling his estranged son Peter in to help.

When Olivia's investigation leads to multi-billion dollar corporation Massive Dynamic and its manipulative corporate executive, Nina Sharp, our unlikely trio, along with Department of Homeland Security Agent Philip Broyles and FBI Agents Charlie Francis and Astrid Farnsworth, will discover that what happened on Flight 627 is only a small piece of a larger, more shocking truth.

The FRINGE pilot is directed by Emmy Award-winning Alex Graves ("The West Wing"), and the series is produced by Warner Bros. Television and Bad Robot Productions. J.J. Abrams, Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci, Jeff Pinkner and Bryan Burk serve as executive producers.

J.J. Abrams, Jeff Pinkner, Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci
Paul A. Edwards, Alex Graves
With Marine Corps experience and an impressive dossier of solved cases, Special Agent Olivia Dunham was a rising star in the FBI. But now, horrified by the tragedy of Flight 627 and stunned by the betrayal of someone she trusted, Olivia can no longer return to the world of traditional criminal investigations. As she delves ever deeper into the dangerous world of fringe science, Olivia comes to realize that science and technology have already advanced beyond our dreams... and nightmares.
Chosen by Homeland Security Agent Phillip Broyles, Olivia has assembled a task force to investigate The Pattern - a mysterious sequence of unexplained phenomena suggestive of someone or something performing experiments on the world. With the help of mad genius Walter Bishop and his estranged son Peter, she aims to bring high-tech criminals to justice, while defusing previously unimaginable threats to national security.
As the neglected son of a real-life mad scientist, Peter Bishop had a less than idyllic childhood. After Walter Bishop's institutionalization, Peter set out to make himself as different from his father as he could. Peter is a college drop-out who passed for several months as a chemistry professor... an intuitive mathematician who has nevertheless lost his shirt and more in the casinos of Europe and America... a jack-of-all-trades who has held every imaginable job from bouncer to biochemical engineer.
Peter's discontent has led him around the world, unwilling to stay anywhere for long. But his employment as a civilian consultant for the FBI, in order to supervise his mentally fractured father, could force him to put down reluctant roots. Against his better judgment, Peter now finds himself following in his father's dangerous footsteps - while assisting a government agency that holds a file containing information about his own possible criminal activity.
Dr. Walter Bishop, once hailed as one of the most brilliant scientific minds of his generation, understands the peril and promise of fringe science better than any other. His groundbreaking work with lab partner William Bell, in fields ranging from quantum physics to genetic engineering, propelled him into an undisclosed relationship with the U.S. government to advance its most scientifically innovative - and ethically questionable - research projects. But that was before the accident in 1991 that sent a lab assistant to the grave - and Walter himself to St. Claire's mental hospital.
Seventeen years later, Walter has re-emerged. Recruited by FBI Special Agent Olivia Dunham and supervised by his estranged son Peter, Walter supplies the scientific genius and technological wizardry needed to explore The Pattern - a series of events that disturbingly often trace back to Walter's own scientific explorations. Sadly, his shattered memory can only tell him fragments of the real story.
Homeland Security Agent Phillip Broyles leads the U.S. Government's official investigation into The Pattern. A master of navigating the halls of power, Philip Broyles could easily have risen through the ranks of government without ruffling feathers. But Broyles prefers to push limits and test boundaries. When unexplainable events began to occur around the globe, he makes it his mission to find out why.
Now he has assembled a special team to look into these events, led by Agent Dunham with the help of the father-son team of Walter and Peter Bishop. Managing this team will test Broyles's political skills and make him a target for those who do not want the truth revealed. Broyles's goal: to find out who or what is behind these mysterious events, and to stop them from spiraling out of control.
Ms. Sharp has worked for Massive Dynamic for over 16 years. As one of Dr. William Bell's first hires, Ms. Sharp has risen to become the public face of this global corporation. Once promoted to Chief Operating Officer in 2004, she lead Massive Dynamic's expansion into entertainment, education, and environmental management. After she lost her right arm to cancer, Dr. Bell personally designed a robotic replacement, making Nina a living embodiment of Massive Dynamic's cutting-edge technology.
Junior Agent Astrid Farnsworth was assigned to the FBI's Fringe Division as Agent Olivia Dunham's assistant. Soon after, her job required her to assist Dr. Walter Bishop in his lab while investigating and researching Fringe cases. Astrid may be a junior agent, but her impressive background makes her an essential addition to the Fringe division. She majored in Linguistics, minored in Computer Science, and studied cryptology all before joining the FBI. Astrid also speaks five languages. Astrid's extensive background has helped the team solve cases from interpreting Latin to helping reprogram homing pigeons to fit them with GPS receivers. She also has the thankless job of looking after, cleaning after, and often feeding Walter Bishop who finds it nearly impossible to remember Farnsworth's first name.

Episode 1 | Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11 - 28 September 2012
In the year 2036, Peter, Astrid, Walter, and Etta set out to find Olivia and free her from amber. Once they do, they discover she holds the key to finding the plans for a weapon to defeat the Observers... but Walter is captured and interrogated for the same information....

Episode 2 | In Absentia - 5 Oktober 2012
After Walter's mind is damaged by Windmark's telepathic probe, the team goes to Walter's old Harvard lab to find the information they need to defeat the Observers....

Episode 3 | The Recordist - 12 Oktober 2012
The Fringe team meets with a group of humans who have taken refuge in the forest and seek to preserve humanity's history any way they can....

Episode 4 | The Bullet That Saved The World - 26 Oktober 2012
After infiltrating a subway station to recover a vital piece of Walter's plan, the Fringe team meet up with an old friend... and must determine if he can be trusted....

Episode 5 | An Origin Story - 2 November 2012
Peter takes extreme measures when the team learns of a way to stop the Observers from changing Earth's atmosphere and wiping out humanity....

Episode 6 | Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There - 9 November 2012
The Fringe team investigates a pocket reality occupying an apartment building, and Peter learns that he has the power to stop the Observers....

Episode 7 | Five-Twenty-Ten - 16 November 2012
The fight against the Observers intensifies and a Fringe team member plans an attack on his own....

Episode 8 | The Human Kind - 7 December 2012
Peter reaps the consequences of spying on an Observer leader. Meanwhile Olivia's search for another tape leads her to a woman who seems to be able to divine the future....

Episode 9 | Black Blotter - 14 December 2012
While Olivia and a recently-recovered Peter investigate a mysterious signal coming from a forest, Walter uses LSD to try and recall his memories of his plan to defeat the Observers....

Episode 10 | Anomaly XB-6783 - 21 December 2012
The team joins forces with Nina to recover a key piece of the plan that Walter created to defeat the Observers....

Episode 11 | The Boy Must Live - 11 Januari 2013
While Walter tries to learn more about the mysterious Donald after Michael's revelation, Windmark undertakes his own quest for knowledge....

Episode 12 | Liberty - 18 Januari 2013
To penetrate the Observers' headquarters and rescue Michael, their only hope for victory, Olivia must use her abilities and meet with some old friends....

Episode 13 | An Enemy of Fate - 18 Januari 2013
The fate of humanity is on the line as Walter plans to make the ultimate sacrifice to stop the Observers before they were ever created....

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