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Sennheiser MX 880 (Zwart) Review

speedyxvn 22 juli 2013, laatste update op 1 mei 2014, 885 views

Sennheiser MX 880 (Zwart)


  • What can I say? They are perfect after some burn-in and some small changes. If one wants more bass, he should take out the circle gums and put 2 foam pads (not one). This will give more dynamic bass and eliminate also the problem that your ears can hurt because of the plastic edges. Also, some harsh mids will be eliminated.
  • As review, the highs are awesome for any music, the mids are something which you won't see in other headphones (for those that want to hear the mids - people that listen to rock/metal).
  • The bass is one of the nicest - that kick bass of 70-120 Hz is just perfect, I cannot hear that on CX300 or other in-ear headphones under 50 euro. On them that is actually not present because of the high amplification for 10-40 Hz frequencies (deep bass), in case it responses to those. So if you listen to some 80's music like Tina Turner songs you will be amazed.
  • The low bass that I was talking about is present only if you modify like I've written here and then the sound is full, you can hear almost all frequencies ( although I did not tested it professionally, but only subjective), at full volume there is no clear distorsion.
  • They are loud enough and they look nice.


  • The volume rocker is bad, once you turn it down the sound is not balanced for the two earphones.
  • They are too big if you consider them from the beginning as they are. I saw that MX980 are even bigger (oh!).
  • The low frequency bass could have been better (in some genres of music) but then probably the price would be higher and I personally wouldn't exchange more bass for less mids/highs, no way!


Score: 5Per criterium
Bouwkwaliteit Score: 4
Gebruiksgemak Score: 4
Prijs Score: 4
Weergavekwaliteit Score: 5
- I had a budget of maximum 50 euro for headphones but do not wanted in-ear ones because they are not good for me when I go jogging or biking so normal ones are ok. I just searched for the best ones and it seems these are. There are also Hisoundaudio PAA-1PRO which cost about 50 dollars but those are only on ebay and I didn't knew at the moment. I will probably try them later.

- Be careful with the ears: you would not want to listen music for an hour at 120 dB (maximum volume). That is the standard threshold of discomfort so you will feel later just like you feel after coming from a concert (not nice!).

- I am also using sometimes the FiiO E6 headphone amplifier. Together with it, the bass is even more nicer, I just love it! But then again, this adds about 6 dB's more unhealthy.

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