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Samsung Portable SSD T7 Touch 2TB Zwart

€ 262,90
Specificaties 2TB externe SSD met USB 3.2(G2) - Bekijk alle specificaties
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Samsung Portable SSD T7 Touch 2TB Zwart Review

speedyxvn 22 februari 2021, 508 views Product gekocht

Samsung Portable SSD T7 Touch 2TB Zwart

Really good product. I recommend it for someone who wants great speeds, privacy and mobility.


  • Speed
  • Security, privacy
  • Mobility


  • Heat, throttling
  • A bit of instability when it comes to general file transfer


Score: 5Per criterium
Prestaties Score: 5
Prijs Score: 5
Betrouwbaarheid Score: 4
Featureset Score: 5
Compatibiliteit Score: 5
Warmteproductie Score: 3
Geluidsproductie Score: 5
Mobiliteit Score: 5
Hello all.
I will proceed in English, hopefully it's not an issue, still learning Dutch.
Just purchased the top Touch 2TB model some weeks ago and used it quite a lot for various situations. Overall I'm very happy with it but I wouldn't give 5*, rather 4.5*.
Fingerprint is great and very useful, size is perfect. It does get hot after 15-30 min usage and it throttles a bit performance-wise but it's still keeping at SSD-like speeds.
I will focus on speed for now as other users already uploaded photos with the package and discuss about other topics so no need for me to re-iterate on that.

What I need: a very fast external storage drive especially for small files but usually for all sorts of things. I don't really care about movies and photos as I don't move them around the house much but it does happen frequently I need to back up or transfer work/home folders with all types of things, demo videos, source code, compiled code/binaries of all sizes etc.
For this reason I absolutely enjoy using the fastest small-file-centered SSD/USB sticks. I remember 11 years ago having bought a Patriot XT Boost USB stick which even now blows out of the water majority of other USB sticks when we talk about general small files transfer speeds.

I uploaded some Disk Mark speeds for 3 of my USB sticks together with the one for T7 Touch.
What you can see here? The T7 Touch is definitely much much better but I am not impressed by the 4K file reading speed. For this I am not sure if the decryption algorithm used in file reading just takes toll on overall performance but it's still working well anyway. It might also be the USB interface, albeit I tried it in both USB-C and USB-3 slots on various high-end computers. Maybe the Allocation Unit Size also? Will try sometime in the future with other values.
I also did a test with some folders from my windows home folder (50 GB in total) having all types of files from bytes' size up to 10GB series' episodes. Having tested the copy to/from of this folder using both T7 Touch and Sandisk Extreme Pro, I still found the Extreme Pro faster and less hot which is the reason why this Samsung SSD deserves 4.5*. This is counter-intuitive to the Disk Mark results so I'd take it with a pinch of salt. Still, I would've hoped the SSD blows out of the water anything's NVME inside in the end.

Overall I'd say this is easily best price/value if you plan to use it for private data of all types but if you actually intend to use it only for movies, it might be cheaper to get something else for which you don't care about small-file transfer speeds or fingerprint-based encryption.

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