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Toon/Boxx v1 Review

Nosbod 10 september 2017, 4.238 views Product gekocht

Toon/Boxx v1

An expensive thermostat/energy meter to buy. Works well but unless you continue the subscription to eneco €50 per year, it reverts to a mediocre thermostat. And you loose all your historical data

Eneco recently increased their subscription by 25%


  • Quality of the device
  • Easy to use
  • Enables you to save energy


  • Actually rent the software per month
  • Costs more than it saves
  • Tied to a subscription that is expensive


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I bought the toon over a year ago. The installation by eneco was done quickly and well.
The thermostat functions well and allows easy configuration for multiple temperature setting per day. But missed the functionality of my original atag brainq thermostat to control the water heating functionsality of my atag boiler.

The main reason I bought the toon was to be able to see where I was using energy, and to reduce my high electricity usage. It was originally connected via adapters to my non digital gas and electricity meters. The connection was not very reliable. Fortunately I was upgraded to digital gas and electricity meters. The connection was then very good.

The toon then displayed realtime usage of electricity. The gas usage was semi realtime based on probably 15 minute intervals.

Showing the currently electricity consumption on its screen allowed me to find the appliances that were using the most energy. It showed me on graphs where my peak usage was. I did manage to reduce my electricity usage by 25% over a few months.

Toon has apps for tablet and smartphones. I used the apple versions. These enable you to monitor the energy usage and temperature settings of the toon from your mobile device. Both inside the home and outside. A side benefit of this was that during a holiday I found I could not access the toon, I called my neighbor who then found that the earth leak had tripped due to an electrical storm. They reset the fuse, and my freezer did not defrost !

The tablet app is buggy. When comparing the data displayed by the app and that on the toon itself, it was apparent that the data displayed in the app was missing a lot of usage. The help desk told me to uninstall the app and reinstall it. This worked, but was a nuisance to have to do it daily to get reliable data.

A major problem is that the historical usage of your gas and electricity cannot be exported to your PC. This is part of eneco' s strategy to make you dependent on the subscription . If you stop your subscription on the Toon, all this information is permenantly lost.

Toon enables you to control Phillips hue lights. I found the functionality pretty basic. Better functionality is available via free smartphone/tablet apps.

Toon also allows you to connect FIBARO intelligent power sockets. The ability to turn them on and off via toon or via the toon app is very rudimentary. Worse still was that toon is designed to enable you to track the usage of each of the FIBARO sockets . The historical data stored showed again descepencies between the apps and the toon itself.


I among others was not aware of this when I bought the Toon. If I had known I would not have bought it.

I find Eneco is very similar to the ransomware PC hacks, that demand money for you to continue to access your data.

For this reason, although the Toon is a good way to control your house temperature and help you save energy, it is not worth its high purchase price and the ongoing costs, which are susceptible to large increases at the whim of eneco.

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ps; You can use Domoticz to collect the data.
What Domoticz does in the background is log-on to the mobile site and via the api's query the current usage and store it in its own database to create graphs. That way you can create a local copy of the historical data.
You are welcome, kind Sir.

Researching for a replacement, I discover that the Toon was installed via an on/off interface that bypassed the modulation function of my atag boiler. Thus is helped me save electricity, but probable wasted gas .

Ex toon gringo customer
Same here. Reason is Toon sends a return signal to the ATAG bus, which causes the boiler to go in to C-BUS Failure at random. That means your central heating won’t work at all. Hot water will still function. You need to restart the boiler (and wait for its 7-minute routines to finish) in order to get it to work again.

So OpenTherm works, but the ATAG will shut itself down randomly. (Can be in a day, a week or maybe 2 weeks if you’re really lucky. But it will go in to failure state.) I feel this is a bug in Toon, Eneco says it’s ATAG’s fault. So you have to put it on on/off. For me it doesn’t matter much, floor heating so /care how its switched. Still, I’d like OpenTherm. Modulation doesn’t save you a whole lot of gas, though.
How cool to see a review that is shared in precise and eloquent English! We as well are Toon clients, and appreciate the accurate information You shared!
Regards from Amersfoort,
gringo & Family
An addition to the review: there are fora on the internet that focus on the rooting of the device in order to allow non-Eneco software being loaded on the device. While quite a cumbersome process, one of the steps revealed that Quby included a hint in their firmware that one can get root access just by asking them.

The bootloader shows the following:
Welcome to the bootloader, adventurous adventurer.

We congratulate you on your perseverance and inventivity!

Would you like an easier way in?
Please visit for more information.

Game on! :)

I have contacted Quby support by mail. It took a few days for them to answer, and that's where I am at the moment - a bit hesitant to root the device via Quby as I am unsure what it eventually will look like.

However, once rooted the sky is the limit! There is some sort of Toon-store that allows you to add tiles to the device that without a monthly fee aren't enabled. Rooting & the Toon-store make this a great device to have in your home.

I am more than happy to point anyone to the site that describes the rooting process, but I am unsure of the Tweakers' polices would allow. Alternatively, using your favorite search engine, search for domoticaforum and Toon and you should be on your way...

[Reactie gewijzigd door Tukkertje-RaH op 11 september 2017 12:19]

Toon is a great device indeed, as long as you pay for the subscription.
Solution: root it. Everything Toon does, barring “Toon op Afstand”, is processed locally. Eneco just flips a 1 to a 0 remotely and *poof*: your Toon is essentially an extraordinary expensive “dumb” thermostat. With the solar panel module, the device costs roughly €400... Yet it won’t function without rooting it or paying for the subscription. F*ck that, pardon the French. Ridiculous.

All I personally want are the historic graphs for my electricty + gas usage and the solar panel performance. This should be free, no subscription needed. I’d tolerate something like €10/year for Toon op Afstand and support, even though that should be free as well, but that really is the max. Yet, I’m forced to pay €54/year for all kinds of useless crap I don’t really care about.
This makes Toon one of the most expensive consumer thermostats on the market... Heck, in the long run you could’ve purchased the far more advanced Honeywell EvoHome including multiple modules and remote flow controllers and still save money!

Eneco is likely one of the most arrogant and unethical companies out there.
I’m going to root Toon, and am likely cancelling my contract with Eneco as a result of their rude smartass responses to questions being asked about the subscription model.

[Reactie gewijzigd door WhatsappHack op 11 september 2017 23:52]

Ik gebruik Enelogic om mijn elektriciteitsverbruik te bekijken van mijn slimme meter in de browser. Ik zou graag mijn oude tablet willen ophangen in de woonkamer en deze live een grafiek van het verbruik te laten weergeven. Zijn er bepaalde apps die dit kunnen? Ik heb ns gegoogeld maar vind niet echt iets...
Dat in Mijn Eneco is toch niet realtime? Ook niet echt privacy vriendelijk.
Voor realtime info moet je denk ik toch aan iets als domoticz gaan beginnen. :)

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