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Score: 4
25 reviews

Asus MG279Q Zwart

Specificaties 27" • 2560x1440 (Quad HD) • 144Hz • IPS • 4ms - Bekijk alle specificaties
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Asus MG279Q Zwart Review

nokite 26 mei 2017, 521 views

Asus MG279Q Zwart

It's a good monitor and I generally like it. It has some shortcomings though. The picture quality is great (apart from some backlight bleed). The colors and viewing angles of colors are amazing. It's fast and great for gaming (with a fast GPU), movies, photos. Not that good for text.


  • Colors
  • White light temperature
  • Build quality, design
  • Features
  • Stand
  • Joystick


  • Backlight bleed
  • Limited FreeSync range
  • Not optimal OSD menu


Score: 4Per criterium
Prijs Score: 3
Featureset Score: 4
Kleurweergave Score: 5
Contrast & helderheid Score: 4
Ghosting Score: 5
Pixeldefecten Score: 5
Bouwkwaliteit Score: 4
Vormgeving Score: 4
It's a good monitor and I generally like it. It has some shortcomings though.
The picture quality is great (apart from some backlight bleed). The colors and viewing angles of colors are amazing.

Backlight bleed - Not a great monitor for a dark room. When you look at black screen in a dark room you can see some light bleed around the edges, and also some IPS glow (anywhere, depending on the angle). The glow is a frequent problem with IPS panels. However, the bleed is not expected and unacceptable. This model frequently has this problem. The panel build quality and quality control is not that good. To be honest, the backlight bleed on my unit is not that bad. It's definitely as bad as some photos of other units that I've seen on the Internet. But I can see it, and I personally get a little annoyed by it sometimes. I think it will be OK for many people.

The sound from the speakers is OK, but not great. A Macbook Pro or a Mac Pro is much better. Most cheap speakers for 20 euro have much better quality.

The OSD menu is more or less OK, but it's not optimal. I hate that the four buttons don't include brightness control and audio volume. Or maybe also quick changing between user profiles. When the menu is closed they are: quit (nothing), Source (OK, understandable), Game Plus (absolutely unnecessary) and Picture mode (the only one that really makes sense).
There is no "Normal" picture mode. You can never be sure where to start from. Most of the gaming modes are not good for regular desktop usage, only Racing and sRGB look OK outside games. sRGB disables some of the other controls.

FreeSync range is limited to 90Hz, which is kind of OK, but I expect more from a gaming monitor. You can see tearing above 90Hz.

Make sure you use a good DP cable. I tried two, and the one that I got for 15 euro didn't work at 144Hz mode.

Good news, my MacBook Pro is able to use the monitor at 120Hz.

DPI - If you think that you can use 125 DPI in Windows, you're wrong. Well, you CAN, but most things look blurry. I can only recommend DPIs: 100, 150, 200. That's where things look crisp. However, on this monitor it doesn't make sense to use anything higher than 125, because things get too big. On the other hand, at 100 things look too small. So in my opinion, 27-inch at 2560x1440 is not a good idea for desktop (browsing, text etc).

So in short, text looks a little too small for me (25% smaller than I'd prefer). For desktop usage I think a better option is 24-inch at 1920x1080 (100 dpi) or a 27-inch at 4K (175 or 200 dpi).

Performance - I am using an RX 480 8GB, and in modern games it's difficult to reach 144Hz at good quality settings. I mostly tried FarCry 3 and 4. They are playable at any settings, but if you want to take full advantage of this fast monitor, you might need a bit of a faster GPU (depending on the game). If you plan to stay within the FreeSync range (45-90Hz) then this GPU is OK.

Response - It feels really fast. There is one thing that's not nearly perfect - I feel there is some smudging when I look around slowly in a first-person shooter. Things don't look that sharp when you are moving the mouse slowly but steadily. You can also see this if you drag a window in Windows slowly - notice how the text becomes soft and hard to read.
I think this is because of the 4ms IPS panel. It could have been better if it was a 1ms TN panel. However, then the colors would have been worse... so I am OK as it is. (I am not sure how much better/faster a TN panel would really be, I don't have one to test this) Of course, things are much smoother at 144Hz than at 60Hz.
In the end, I'd say it's pretty much acceptable.

Size - I'd personally say that first-person shooters should be played on 22 or 24-inch screens. If you want to play something slower-paced (where you don't have to look around a lot, and fast), then 27 inch is great.

Ghosting - I personally didn't see any ghosting. But to be honest, I haven't seen it on any of my monitors so far (maybe I am not sensitive to it).

No bad pixels, all perfect.

Note: one of the images was taken at 10% brightness, the other - at 50% brightness. I've taken them from a good distance with some zoom (so there is no distortion due to angles). The room was almost completely dark. There is some noise from the camera that I used, in reality the screen did not have any noise, of course. Only some light patches in the edges.

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