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Samsung HW-J450 - Reviews

Specificaties Soundbar met subwoofer en 2x HDMI-in - Bekijk alle specificaties
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Samsung HW-J450 Review

gsantos 11 april 2016, laatste update op 12 april 2016, 1.762 views

Samsung HW-J450

Does what it promises: it improves dialogue clarity, specially in scenes with a lot of background noise. The bar is very compact, so it doesn't block the IR signal from the TV remote. The bass is a bit dull, so lower deep lower voices still miss a bit of "warmth".


  • No configuration is needed
  • Fast and easy setup
  • Compact
  • Wireless Subwoofer
  • No Samsung app required
  • Turns on via Bluetooth, when pairing a device


  • 300W are a bit of marketing
  • Bluetooth radius is sometimes short
  • Bass is dull
  • The sound stops for a second while changing sound modes (very annoying)


Score: 4Per criterium
Geluidskwaliteit Score: 4
Gebruiksgemak Score: 5
Featureset Score: 3
Prijs Score: 5
Design Score: 5
(Sorry for the English review)

Bought at Plasma-Discounter.

The sound bar is a perfect addition to my flatscreen, as it improves dialogue clarity, specially in scenes with a lot of background noise.

The bar is very compact, just a couple of centimeters longer than my 32" screen. It's also not tall, so it doesn't block the IR signal from the TV remote. The subwoofer is "wireless", so it doesn't have any cables to link it to the sound bar, this is done via radio signals. This is perfect because you can place the subwoofer in a less visible place in the room, as long as there's a power socket nearby.

The bass is a bit dull, so lower deep lower voices loose a bit of "warmth", but for the price tag (170) I can't ask for more. I don't recommend using it in rooms bigger than 20 square meters, as the bar has a very small sound stage. Nevertheless, it's possible to notice some faint virtual surround in some scenes, which I consider impressive for such a device.

The Bluetooth works very well most of the times. It has some problems with people moving around the house, even at about 4 meters from the sound bar. Bonus points for the bar turning itself on automatically when pairing with a device for streaming audio, this is very useful.

The advertised 300W may be real, but the sound quality is not proportional, so increasing the volume of the sound bar will not produce more detailed or clear sound. Don't be afraid though, I think that at this price tag this soundbar is a good purchase for most people.

It includes 1 HDMI-In port, 1x HDMI-Out (ARC), 1 digital audio port, 1 auxiliary port for analogue audio (3.5mm jack), USB and Bluetooth (no Samsung app required). An optical cable is included, but no 3.5mm audio one. The installation, after removing all the plastic wrappings, takes 5 to 10 minutes. No configuration is needed and it works correctly without the suggested Samsung app.

(the CD in the attached pictures is for size comparison)

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Reacties (2)

Wijzig sortering
Thanks for the review. When I look at the pictures i see a USB port. Can You tell me what this is for?
(Otherwise I have to download the manual and I'm lazy by nature :) )

A few pictures would be nice and might increase your "beoordeling" (sorry for the Dutch word).
No problem, I understand Dutch, it's just my vocabulary is not good enough to write a detailed review just yet.

I updated the review with your suggestion. Thank you!

As for your question, the USB port can connect a phone or any other USB mass storage device that contains audio files for reproduction. I can't be accurate about the supported codecs + partition types as I didn't test it but for sure it will be compatible with the defacto standards: mp3 and FAT32. If you want to know anything specific let me know and I will test it.

[Reactie gewijzigd door gsantos op 12 april 2016 23:48]

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