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Sony Xperia Z1 Compact Zwart - Reviews

Specificaties 4,3" • 1280x720 (HD) • 16GB (uitbreidbaar) - Bekijk alle specificaties
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Sony Xperia Z1 Compact Zwart Review

zet9 6 september 2015, laatste update op 6 september 2015, 363 views

Sony Xperia Z1 Compact Zwart

Great Android phone with small size display, powerful HW, easy to use SW and good battery duration.


  • Small factor, yet very good hardware
  • Very good software
  • Fast and extensible


  • Minor details


Score: 5Per criterium
Beeldkwaliteit opname Score: 5
Accuduur Score: 5
Gebruiksgemak Score: 5
Bouwkwaliteit Score: 5
Bereik Score: 5
Design Score: 5
Scherm Score: 5
Featureset Score: 5
Betrouwbaarheid Score: 5
Prijs Score: 5
I looked for a replacement for my recently dead S2.

This Z1 Compact looked like exactly what I needed - phone not that small as iPhone 5 but not that large as most of current phones for a good price. The Z1 Compact provides very good hardware in the class of small size display phones and lot of connectivity options (SD card slot, USB to go, ...). Users also praised battery duration.

I have this phone for just one day but I cannot find any real minus point yet.

The phone looks really good, is comfortably small, easy to use with one hand, fits in my pocket even with cover, it's fast, it has user friendly UI where I can easily find what I need (miles ahead from Samsung), it received Android 5 upgrade, it consumes just a bit of battery with everyday use, doesn't overheat and makes good quality photos. I managed to set it up quickly and easily.

A few minpoints:
- glossy display (reflects quite a lot)
- I don't like the visuals of the Android 5 firmware - it looks totally off and ugly compared to the previous KitKat icons that felt balanced and joyful.
- on the left side of the phone there are two pins in the middle of the height of the phone - on first look it's like a cover is missing. Feel weird and doesn't look good.
- I had a pull-out paper with some FCC data in the area of the SIM slot, next to the slot. Feels weird to find a paper like this in a phone.

Overall I am happy customer and I would recommend this product.

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Yes the Z1 compact was a good Phone and better then the Z3 compact.
But now the Z5 compact is released and from what I have read in the reviews that its even better.

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