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Freetech P6F9li Moederbord(BX)

Freetech P6F9li

Chipset: Intel BX Bus Speeds: 66/68/75/83/100/112/133 Multipliers: 3.0x-8.0x DIMM Slots: 3 PCI Slots: 5 ISA Slot: 2 AGP Slot:1 (x2 supported) SB-Link: Yes

Freetech were an unknown quantity to me when I was first asked if I would like to review some of their boards. Let me say straight away they are no "Mr. Generic" of the motherboard world! Designed in the USA and manufactured in Taiwan, this new startup company are hitting the ground running with a number of boards including this BX based offering, as well as entries in the Socket 370 arena, video cards and even dual SCSI BX motherboards. Let's take a look at what this new company have brought to the table....

The board comes with 5 PCI slots, 2 ISA slots, AGP and 3 DIMMs. Surrounding the CPU slot are 7 large capacitors rated at 1500uf. Several mid-range capacitors line up around the DIMM slot and the PCI slots. IDE connectors are conventionally placed adjacent to the DIMM slots, and the ATX power connector is positioned between Slot 1 and the Parallel / COM Port output block. Its all pretty much standard fare as far as layout it concerned - nice and sensible with no obvious obstructions to fitting full length ISA or PCI cards. There are a actually a couple of revisions of this board floating around. Earlier revisions have a jumper marked "manufacturer test mode", which, to me is like a red rag to a bull :) Upon experimentation, I found this jumper set is actually a pin b21 override, although you need to clear the CMOS to fully take advantage of 100 MHz+ bus speeds. On later revisions, pin b21 override is explicitly supported.(revision 1B) and later.

The P6F9li provides overclocking support in the guise of "support for future CPU's". A jumper is provided which if uncovered allows the override of b21 pin detection, forcing the board into 100Mhz operation. Taking a similar approach to design as Epox, the CPU is set up with a combination of both BIOS soft setting and also an array of jumpers.

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Welkom op de website van Flexus Computer Technology.

Deze website is gecreŽerd om de klanten en gebruikers van FREETECH moederborden zo goed mogelijk van dienst te zijn 24 uur per dag. U kunt op deze site informatie vinden over het bedrijf FREETECH en over alle produkten die wij verkopen. U kunt ook vinden wie onze dealers zijn. Heeft u problemen, vragen of heeft u de laatste drivers / BIOS nodig dan kunt u dit ook vinden op deze website. Mocht u buiten dit alles om nog vragen hebben of heeft u commentaar op de website stuur dan een E-mail naar

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