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Abit introduceert Softmenu III

Abit heeft Softmenu III, dat gebruikt wordt op de nieuwe BE6-II en BF6 borden, aangekondigd. Onder de nieuwe features bevinden zich de mogelijkheid om uit maar liefst 120 busspeeds te kiezen. Verder kan nu ook het I/O voltage, de Oder Queue Depth en de L2 cache latency getweakt worden:

ABIT Computer Corporation announced today a new evolution of their famous SoftMenuTM technology, SoftMenuTM III. Currently only available on the ABIT BF6 and BE6-II because of those board’s use of a newer generation clock generator, SoftMenuTM II provides 120 sets of Front Side Bus speeds, from 66, 75, 83, 84, 85, 86 , 87, 88…. to …198, 199, 200 MHz and unlimited FSB speeds from 83 to 200MHz in increments of one. Power users can now try to find the best FSB with the best system performance. This technology equips ABIT’s products with some of the motherboard industry’s most cutting edge and flexible technology. It also increases compatibility to current and future specifications for CPU parameters.

The I/O voltage is adjustable with 8 sets ( 3.2-3.9 V). This function allows users to adjust the voltage supplied to DRAM, AGP, and Chipsets, greatly increasing the possibility of higher performance and greater stability. “Even the highest quality of motherboards will have some individual differences, being able to have as much control over various settings ensures that the user will be able to achieve the maximum in stability and reliability for his system”, explains ABIT PR Manager Jeremy Smith.

In SoftMenuTM III the CPU Multiplier Factors can be set from 2 to 8 in increments of 0.5, giving a total of 13 sets of multiplier factor support for all current and future CPUs. The CPU Core Voltage 1.3 – 3.5 V is also manually adjustable but protected by SoftMenuTM III from damaging the CPU.

The PCI/CPU FSB Clock now not only has a 1/2 and 1/3 divider setting but now also a 1/4 setting for selection. Users can freely choose between these three choices in most of the 120 FSB settings. This along with SoftMenu’s manual IRQ steering allows for users to more accurately control PCI devices and in this third generation of ABIT’s SoftMenuTM technology, like the previous version, SoftMenuTM II, the AGP/CPU FSB Clock divider settings allow for 1/1 and 2/3 options allowing the user to adjust AGP clock.

In the new SoftMenuTM III, the-Order Queue Depth allows the user to set cache buffer for CPU data processing, and the Level 2 Cache Latency can be set giving adjustment to the CPU L2 cache speed.

Perhaps most useful for the users is the new format, of SoftMenuTM in its third version. It is easier to use because of the new feature of having detailed descriptions in the “Item Help” box to the right. “As the user scrolls through the options, he will be greeted with help in making better informed choices assuring he gets the maximum amount of performance and please from his ABIT board”, says Smith.

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