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Aureal kondigt A3D 3.0 Software Development Kit aan

Onderstaande info over de A3D 3.0 Software Development Kit werd net gepost op AnandTech Webnews.


Aureal Announces A3D 3.0 Software Development Kit

New API Enables Developers to Take Advantage of New Features Including Geometry-Based Reverb Effects, and Support for MP3, Streaming Audio and Dolby Digital

Fremont, CA - November 10, 1999 - (OTC Bulletin Board: AURL) Aureal Inc., a leader in digital audio imaging, today announced that its A3DTM 3.0 Software Development Kit (SDK) will soon be available free-of-charge to qualified software developers.

A3D 3.0 builds upon the solid technological foundation of Aureal's award-winning A3D Application Programming Interface (API), adding advanced audio features designed to meet the needs of cutting-edge interactive entertainment developers. By incorporating A3D technology into their software products, developers can leverage the large installed base of A3D-enabled hardware using Aureal's proven 3D audio technology to provide their customers with the most interactive and immersive experience available on the PC today.

A3D 3.0 adds a number of key new features to the already-rich A3D feature set:

* High-quality geometry-based reverb effects enable the creation of detailed, realistic aural environments. A3D reverb effects can either use simple, static reverb presets or can utilize the early reflections already calculated by Aureal WavetracingTM to create rich, geometry-based reverberation.

* New volumetric sound sources allow for area aural effects, enabling developers to create much more realistic environments than are possible with only point sources. An example would be placing the listener in the middle of a cheering crowd.

* Support for Dolby Digital playback provides an industry standard quality solution for linear surround sound playback. * Automatic support for streaming audio has been added, eliminating the complex layer of development normally required for client/server interactive entertainment applications that use existing audio solutions.

* New support for MP3-format audio decoding and playback within 3D-space enhances Internet audio and allows the development of new types of audio applications. Use of MP3 decoding and playback is provided by Aureal to its developers free of licensing charges.

* User-customization is now possible through the use of downloadable HRTF sets, providing a more individualized positional audio experience when A3D 3.0 is coupled with Aureal's retail soundcards. Users can choose from a selection of "heads," picking the one that most closely matches their own physical characteristics, to improve positional audio performance.

One of the most exciting new features in A3D 3.0 is full support for multi-channel Dolby Digital playback. The API now provides a unified audio solution, offering the highest quality rendering of interactive, 3D audio through A3D's advanced positional algorithms, and playback of linear surround sound content through integrated support for Dolby Digital. By combining these powerful technologies, Aureal and Dolby offer an engine that can meet the needs of game developers, sound designers, and musicians - providing a consistent, quality aural experience throughout all areas of an interactive entertainment title including interactive gameplay, cutscenes and introductions, and background musical soundtracks.

"By enhancing Aureal's A3D engine with support for multi-channel Dolby Digital we are providing an exciting and stable environment for PC game developers, especially those that want to take advantage of the emerging DVD-ROM platform," said Ed Schummer, Vice President of Licensing at Dolby Labs.

"The release of the A3D 3.0 SDK further solidifies Aureal's leadership position in the interactive audio space," said Brendan O'Flaherty, Senior Vice President of Aureal's System's Group. "A3D 2.0 gave developers the freedom to concentrate on content development instead of the mechanics of making 3D audio work. With 3.0, we've extended the flexibility and power of the A3D engine through the introduction of advanced features such as reverb effects, support for MP3 and streaming audio, and integrated Dolby Digital support."

About Aureal's A3D 3.0 SDK

The A3D 3.0 SDK is a turnkey solution, containing everything needed to build software applications that harness the full power of A3D's advanced technologies. In addition to drivers, tools, and documentation, Aureal offers free technical support to developers and QA departments to ensure a quick development path and great results.

The A3D 3.0 SDK will be free to qualified developers and includes the following:

* One Aureal Vortex-2 based retail sound card

* Complete A3D 3.0 API reference manuals

* A3D tutorials, demos, tools, and buildable source code

* Shippable, royalty-free A3D 3.0 sound engine (scalable to any sound card)

* A3D drivers and logos

* Vortex data sheets

* Free technical support

For more information, please visit Aureal's software partners page at:

Door Tweakers

10-11-1999 • 17:49

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Bron: AnandTech Webnews

Reacties (13)

Wijzig sortering
Tja, ze moeten toch wat gaan proberen nu de SB LIVE gewoonweg de botste en beste soundcard die er is!!! ik heb een eigen studio'tje en ik was heel tevreden over mn terratecjes, maar toen ik eenmaal met de LIVE had gewerkt.. tadaaa... oh wacht, het ging over a3d... eueuh.. <img src= width=15 height=15>
Xitel Storm Platinum is beter dan de SB Live! <img src= width=15 height=15>
Zelfs een Monster Sound MX300 is beter dan een SBLive!
En de Terratec Xlerate PRO is gewoon de allerbeste !!!
Hmm, ik dacht op de veemarkt ook ff zo'n Terratex Xlerate PRO te kopen...maar dat is toch A3D 2.0? Of is dat sofwarematig? Omdat ik wel zie dat er een Auteal Vortex-2 chip wordt gebruikt, en die zit ook op die Xlerate PRO...

kan iemand het me ff in 2 sec uitleggen? thanxz,

Daar ben ik nu ook erg benieuwd naar.

Is het nu de bedoeling omdit op een A3D 2.0 compatibale soundcard te laten draaien??
Vertel mij nu eens waarom die Monster dan beter is dan de Live...want zo is het een beetje onbeargumenteerd <img src= width=15 height=15>
..omdat een MX300 gebaseerd is op een Aureal VortexII chipje en de Live niet <img src= width=15 height=15>
Beide kaarten kunnen iets wat de andere kaart weer niet kan en dat is het volgende:

De SBLive kan omgevingen simuleren, waardoor het net lijkt alsof je je in zo'n omgeving bevindt.

Maar een Aureal VortexII gebaseerde geluidskaart kan geluid van iedere positie te laten komen (en dus niet dat je geluid uit speakers hoort zeg maar, maar vanaf een bepaalde positie, waar dus geen speaker staat..... en dat is het wavetracing gebeuren van Aureal, iets wat een SBLive niet kan).
Wie van jullie kan mij vertellen of ik een MX400 moet gaan halen of dat ik misschien een SbLive! moet nemen?

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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