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Aureal Wavetracer speakers preview

Bij GamePC staat een preview online van een setje Aureal Wavetracer Speakers. Dit zijn high-end speakers die pas in het 4e kwartaal uit zullen komen, en een heftige prijs van $300 dollar zullen meekrijgen. Tja, maar dan heb je ook wat:

The 4" studio-quality drivers are custom made by the Danish company, Vifa, and feature 2-way composite cones with a heavy rubber seal and a suspended tweeter. The heavy magnet base ensures high power output. The whole setup is industrial grade including shielded cables running to each of the individual speakers. The connection from the satellite cables to the subwoofer is through a collared four-pin industrial connector to minimize noise and interferance. All the channel separation is performed in the subwoofer, as opposed to the satellite where most current speaker set have their separation.

The Wavetracer Speakers will come in both 4.1 and 2.1 configurations with 35 Watts per channel and 70 Watts in the subwoofer. The max power of the system is 210 Watts, but the supply is rated for 600 Watts, so minimal distortion is heard even at maximum output. The computer that the speaker set was connected to had an SQ2500 Vortex2 card and, using WinAmp and several MP3 files, the output was cranked to an eardrum-blasting 106 dB level. Even at this level, no audible distortions were present.

[...] GamePC's Opinion : I was blown away by the performance of these speakers. Not only did they deliver room-shaking power, they also had all the little extras to enhance performance. Aureal made it clear to me that these are intended for users who want to have studio level audio from their audio cards, not just people who want to have sound coming from their computer. A set of Altec Lansing ACS48s (retail $150, okay not exactly in the same ballpark, but they are good speakers) were on hand for comparison, and they really sounded vanilla after listening to the Wavetracers. A very impressive demo, it will be interesting to see how the final product will look/sound; the prototype was very impressive. As far as multimedia speaker systems go, Aureal looks like it is trying to redefine the high-end of the market, while at the same time, producing a viable system for true audiophiles.

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18-09-1999 • 19:08

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