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Meer Elsa Erazor X (GeForce 256) info heeft wat meer info op hun site gedropt over Elsa's GeForce 256 kaart, de Erazor X. Elsa zal deze kaart dik een maand later releasen dan Creative en Guillemot, lees hier waarom:

Though ELSA did not have a booth at ECTS, while I was at Intel's booth checking out the PC version of Messiah, I happened to meet a representative of ELSA Germany, who was kind enough to answer a few of my questions and reveal new information about their upcoming GeForce 256 card, the Erazor X. As you might already know, Creative Labs and Guillemot will be releasing their GeForce 256 cards later this month. However, Elsa will not.

Elsa's Erazor X will ship late October/early November. The US price will be $299 and the German price will be 666 DM. The reason they are releasing their card a month later is due to the fact that they are changing the card's design to solve some of the current compatibility and heat issues which are found on NVIDIA's reference design (check out my GeForce report later today for more about these problems). The company representative went on to say that Creative and Guillemot are probably not addressing these issues, as if they would, they would not be able to release their cards so early. I will add, that Creative and Guillemot and probably addressing these issues at a different way, as I do have a hard time believing they will release the cards "as-is".

Elsa's design changes will include:

* Core voltage will be decreased by 0.2 Volts.
*5.5ns RAMS will be used.

Very much like all the other card manufactures, ELSA will release its first GeForce 256 card with 32MB only, and will include the following added-value features to the package:

* Full support for the Revelator 3D Glasses. I also expect ELSA to release another package with some kind of bundle that includes the card and the glasses. Which by the way is a truly incredible product - read our review. At ECTS I played Messiah using the glasses, which truly was a remarkable gaming experience (David Perry of Shiny popped by to the Intel booth, and by the look of things, I believe that support for the glasses will be added officially to Messiah - stay tuned).

* ELSA Smart Refresh/Resolution feature- changes to resolution, resolution color depth and refresh rates will be made without having to restart the computer. A new integrated gamma correction function will enable the user to adjust settings within any game via hotkey. Dark scenes will be conveniently adjusted at the press of a hotkey, eliminating the need to make changes to the monitor brightness.

* Game Bundle - currently and not final, they expect to ship the card including Need For Speed 4. The company representative added that if they will find a better game that supports the GeForce 256, they will probably add it instead (As I mentioned, David Perry was very impressed with the Revelator 3D Glasses, and I would even go on to state that "maybe" Messiah will be the game bundled, though this is purely my own speculation based on what happened at ECTS - so please DO NOT take my word for it).

By the look of things, I suggest you keep your eyes and ears open on ELSA's Geforce 256 card. Looks to me as they are doing things the right way.

Hm, nu ben ik erg benieuwd hoe die Creative en Guillemot kaartjes zich zullen gedragen als die over enkele weken zullen uitkomen...

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10-09-1999 • 13:02

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Wijzig sortering
Daar komen de bekende delays alweer.
Maarja een produkt moet wel werken.....
Ben inderdaad benieuwd hoe Guillemot en Creative dit oplossen.
Ik ben helemaal benieuwd over die kaart van Guillemot aangezien die hem op standaard 150 zouden draaien ipv 120 terwijl er standaard al hitteproblemen zijn.

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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