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Tom zegt dubbel sorry!

Kan zijn dat ik blind ben, maar de 'ik-zeg-sorry'-editorial van onze held(?) Tommyboy is plotseling driemaal zolang geworden! Nog meer sorry van Tom. Jummie :

When I made my editorial posting Saturday evening, I hoped that I could finally calm down the rough tides that arose from the Q3test-article, but the Saturday-posting was indeed not really the right way to achieve this whatsoever. I can see that the things I said on Saturday weren't exactly helpful. Due to the fact that I really don't have any desire to waste anymore time on that stupid issue that was generated by me as well, I will try now to rectify things once and for all. [break]En Tom vind het niet fijn om permanent onder vuur te liggen, omdat hij de TNT2 beter vindt dan de V3 en daardoor pro-nVidia bevooroordeeld zou zijn:[/break] Now I will say it once more, once and for all, I have never been paid off for good reviews by anybody and I won't ever do that in the future as well. I never even had the slightest need to do anything like that. However, mails saying I was biased from several people and especially posts on other websites claiming that I've been paid off really hurt and upset me. This was wrong, I should never have bothered even reading or looking at this, but certainly I shouldn't have felt compelled to prove all of the time that TNT2 is indeed better. I also made comments against those polemic postings, this way pouring oil into the fire rather than calming things down. I simply tried to prove in any comment that I made and from every test that I did, that TNT2 simply deserves my credits over Voodoo3 and that this doesn't have the slightest thing to do with bias or even a pay-off. The result was that the fronts between the 'pro-NVIDIA' and the 'pro-3Dfx' people hardened and I made myself look as if I was the bad guy all over sudden. [break]Blabla...Q3Test disaster...blabla, Tom wil een staakt-het-vuren [/break] As a result I will take down any kind of flaming towards any individual or website. I promise here and now, that I will not ever react to any kind of 'anti-Tom' postings or emails anymore, I won't even bother taking the slightest offence to it. If people like to make nasty comments about my work, and me, if they try to make me look bad, biased or paid-off, then they will have to collect the material for it by themselves from now on. I won't make it easy for them by supplying any material for bad-mouthing me by myself anymore. I apologize to all my readers who feel that their time has been wasted by this stupid war-campaign, I apologize to Brian Hook for taking too much time until I finally got the message and I even apologize to all the websites who hate and despise me, for making nasty comments about them. I have neither got the time nor the slightest desire to go on fighting over a topic that most of you cannot even remember anymore, "is TNT2 indeed better than Voodoo3'.

I will from now on only focus on supplying you with the best and most thorough analysis of hardware components for PCs, just as I used to do in the good old days. I am old enough to be able to control my temper, and may the mails, news groups postings and websites be as ridiculous as they want, I won't get upset about it anymore.

Erg amusant allemaal . Ga maar checken bij Tomzilla's hardware guide.

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18-05-1999 • 05:54

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Bron: Tom's Hardware Guide

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Wijzig sortering
Dit verhaal wordt wel steeds beter <img src= width=15 height=15>. Wanneer komt de film uit?
achja.. je kan wel goed mensen overhalen om een TNT te kopen.... hihi <img src= width=15 height=15>
may the mails, news groups postings and websites be as ridiculous as they want, I won't get upset about it anymore...

is dit een uitdaging???<img src= width=15 height=15>

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