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JustCooler HD-100 en HD-600 review

Steven Van Eycken van Overclockers Online heeft een review gemaakt van twee harddisk coolers; de JustCooler HD-100 en de HD-600. De HD-100 maakt gebruik van twee 40mm fans die elk ongeveer 5CFM airflow op everen door 2500 rondjes per minuut te maken. De HD-600 gebruikt één 55mm fan @ 3500RPM, die 18CFM opbrengt. Over de HD-100 is de reviewer nog redelijk positief, maar voor de HD-600 heeft hij eigenlijk geen goed woord over:

The second cooler I tried, was the JustCooler HD-600. This cooler clearly performed a lot worse than the HD-100. The HD-600 only cools down the bottom of the hard drive instead of blowing air over the entire hard drive (like the HD-100 does). Another bad thing is that the HD-600 uses the (hot) air inside the case to cool down the hard drive instead of sucking fresh air into the case (again, like the HD-100 does). All this resulted in the hard drive still being warm at the top even when the HD-600 had been working for a couple of hours.

[...] Although these two coolers are made by the same manufactor "JustCooler", they are both very different! The HD-100 is a very efficient hard drive cooler, which can take good care of your precious MP3z and nude pictures and it'll even lower your case temperature by a couple degrees. Then we have the HD-600, this cooler (if we even dare to call it a "cooler"?) is the worst hard drive cooler I've ever seen in my entire life! Oh man, if you're desperate to buy a JustCooler hard drive cooler, I suggest you go for the HD-100. If the manufactor doesn't have to be 'JustCooler', I'd say you better check out the I-Storm II cooler from Globalwin.

Door Robin van Rootseler


07-01-2001 • 11:08

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Bron: Overclockers Online

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The HD-600 only cools down the bottom of the hard drive instead of blowing air over the entire hard drive (like the HD-100 does).
Dit is echt een groot nadeel, aangezien aan de onderkant van HD de printplaat met electronica zit. Dit word gewoonlijk, in tegenstelling tot de metalen behuizing van een HD, helemaal niet warm...

Daarnaast ben je ook nog eens je bay onder die hd kwijt...
Ik was het er NIET mee eens en stuurde dit:

I think you made some errors in your testing of the coolers or are extremely biased by their technological principal.
I have 2x 600 coolers for my 7200 rpm IBM's and thay cool them VERY well, even the top.
I do not lose any bay because of them, they fit perfectly and leave enough room.
As far as used HOT air.. that's a load of puppy-doo as well.
The air used is maybe case air, but that dosn't make it HOT air.. just warmer than outside air.. no more no less.
It is not a factor of air temperature inside the case, but of the Delta t (temperature difference) of the air and HardDrive.
You could COOL a 500 degree HardDrive with 400 degree air if you wanted.
Since the air is ACTIVELY forced against the drive, the cooling effect is 100% of optimal.
One point I can say is that the sleeve bearing is too fragile... that is the major downside to this fan.... you must have luck to see how long it lasts.

The 100 version however is a lot worse than the 600 since it doesn't force the air to get close to the drive to cool it.. it slams it against the front and it disperses in the easiest way it can travel i.e. NOT against any solid surface.

The only plus is cooler air intake.. but since you don't use it to it's full potential.. all you really do is sacrifice a slot.

Just my $0.02 worth.. but based on long experience rather than a flimsy test.

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