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VIA KT133 moederborden roundup @ AnandTech

Anand heeft vandaag voor een roundup gemaakt tussen 10 moederborden gebaseerd op de VIA KT133 chipset. Wat voor velen geen verassing zal zijn: de plankjes van Abit en Asus kwamen als beste uit de bus. De Abit KT7-Raid is volgens Anand de beste plank, op een haar na gevolgd door de Asus A7V:

While ASUS came in with a very close second, we're going to have to give the best overall Socket-A KT133 motherboard award to ABIT for their KT7-RAID. The board is a truly innovative design, bringing ABIT back to the roots that made them the widely known company they are today. The board boasts a completely jumperless setup, a plethora of performance & stability enhancing settings in the BIOS and was overall a very stable solution. The KT7-RAID also brings its onboard HighPoint 370 ATA-100/IDE RAID controller to the table as an added feature for those of you that are planning on decreasing the penalty imposed by one of the biggest bottlenecks in your system, the hard disk subsystem.

Closely behind ABIT is, of course, ASUS, with their A7V which is just a hair short of tying with ABIT for the first place award in this roundup.

If you aren't concerned with overclocking/multiplier adjustment then there are a number of other motherboards that deserve your consideration, the Gigabyte boards are solid performers as is the Microstar K7T Pro, but if you want a board that truly sets itself apart from the competition then the ABIT KT7-RAID or the ASUS A7V is the right choice for you.

* De beste plank: de Abit KT7-Raid:

* De één na beste plank: de Asus A7V:

Door Hielko van der Hoorn

09-08-2000 • 20:25

38 Linkedin Google+

Bron: Anandtech

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