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Software-update: AutoHotkey

AutoHotkey geeft je de mogelijkheid om vaak gebruikte toetsaanslagen, handelingen en/of knoppencombinaties met het toetsenbord, muis en gamepad achter een zogenaamde hotkey te zetten, zodat de betreffende handeling in één keer wordt uitgevoerd. Ondersteuning voor het importeren van knoppencombinaties uit AutoIt2 is aanwezig. De ontwikkelaar heeft versie de deur uit gedaan met de volgende veranderingen sinds de laatste vermelding in de meuktracker:

  • Fixed "Gui +OwnDialogs" to not get turned off by "Gui Show" and other sub-commands.
  • Fixed ahk2exe's ignoring of last parameter when /out, /icon, and /pass were all specified.
  • Fixed expressions so that operators without spaces around them, such as x*y*z, always produce correct answers.
  • Fixed the inability to create DateTime and MonthCal controls on an OS older than XP.
  • Added a new method of breaking up long lines: A line that starts with "and", "or", ||, &&, or a comma is automatically merged with the line directly above it.
  • Fixed Break/Continue syntax errors and other compiled script bugs introduced in v1.0.35.01.
  • Fixed "GuiControl, , MyRadio|MyCheckbox, NewText", which was broken in v1.0.35.
  • Fixed shorthand style "if not VarName" so that VarName may start with B, C, I, or N.
  • Reduced the size of each compiled script by about 5 KB (by means of omitting non-essential syntax checking).
  • Improved GUI Hotkey control to notify the script of changes via g-label.
  • Added modal/owned dialogs for GUI windows: MsgBox, InputBox, FileSelectFile, and FileSelectFolder.
Version 1.0.35
  • Important: Some internal changes were made to the Send command. If any of your scripts rely on the subtle differences between the left, right, and neutral modifiers keys (Control, Alt, Shift, and Win), it is recommended that they be retested prior to adopting this version.
  • Fixed the Send command's inability to send AltGr characters (such as "\" and "" rel="external">" on the German keyboard) to apps that don't allow Ctrl+Alt as a substitute for AltGr.
  • Improved functions to support optional parameters.
  • GUI:
    • Fixed Tab controls' g-label to launch when the page is changed via keyboard navigation. Also, controls added to a Tab control while the window is visible are drawn correctly.
    • Improved Edit controls to support g-labels, which notify the script when an Edit's contents have changed.
    • Added control types DateTime and MonthCal, which allow a date and/or time to be entered in various formats.
    • Added control type UpDown, which is a pair of arrow buttons that can be clicked to increase or decrease a value.
Version 1.0.34
  • Fixed the Suspend and Hotkey commands' inability to disable joystick hotkeys, as well as the inability to enable them in the auto-execute section.
  • Fixed "Transform Deref" to support a built-in or environment variable that isn't directly referenced elsewhere in the script.
  • Fixed inability to launch the program on Windows 95/NT systems that lack MSIE 3 or later.
  • Fixed ListLines, which sometimes terminated the listing prematurely.
  • Fixed multi-line Edit controls so that pressing Escape in them does not close a non-GuiEscape window.
  • Fixed the hotkeys #LAlt and #RAlt to prevent appearance of the Start Menu.
  • Fixed GuiControl so that reloading a picture control inside a tab control redraws properly.
  • Fixed VarSetCapacity() when called inside an expression.
  • Improved DllCall so that the "A" suffix on something like MessageBoxA can be omitted even when the DLL name is explicitly specified. In addition, the letter P may be used in place of * so that the quotes can be omitted around all types.
  • Added floor division operator "//" for high performance integer division.
  • Added built-in functions Abs, ACos, Asc, ASin, ATan, Ceil, Chr, Cos, Exp, FileExist, Floor, GetKeyState, InStr, Ln, Log, Mod, Round, Sin, Sqrt, Tan, and StrLen.
  • Fixed sporadic inability of GuiControl to change the default button or a button's style. Also fixed a possible crash when GuiControl established a default button when there's wasn't one previously.
  • Improved DllCall so that arg types that don't contain an asterisk/space don't need to be enclosed in quotes.
  • Added command Gui Margin to override a window's default margin.
Version 1.0.33
  • Fixed inability of IfMsgBox to detect a timeout for a MsgBox that contains only an OK button.
  • Added function VarSetCapacity(), which enlarges or shrinks a variable.
  • Added function DllCall(), which calls a function inside a DLL.
Version 1.0.32
  • Improved #Include: The file name may be preceded by *i and a single space to ignore any file errors.
  • Added +/-Theme as a per-control option (GUI). This can also be used to create a themed tab control.
  • Added a method to break up long lines into several smaller ones. This is especially useful for hotstrings and FileAppend. See line continuation.
  • Fixed the inability of WinSet Region to properly restore the original region, which prevented maximize from working.
Besturingssystemen Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website AutoHotkey
Bestandsgrootte 1,46MB
Licentietype Freeware

Door Japke Rosink


07-06-2005 • 09:11

4 Linkedin Google+

Bron: AutoHotkey

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