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Software-update: BNR2 0.14.1 beta

Op de Site van BNR is een nieuwe bta-versie van Binary News Reaper verschenen, ook wel BNR2 geheten. Versienummer is 0.14.1 beta en de download vergt slechts 628KB van de datalimiet. Het programma is bedoeld om bestanden uit usenet-nieuwsgroepen te downloaden. Enkele van de vele features zijn de mogelijkheid om simultaan naar meerdere nieuwsservers te verbinden, download optimalisatie, automatische zoeken naar de verschillende delen van een bestand en het reconstrueren daarvan en het gebruik van plugins. Het kan ook berichten weergeven, maar dit is slechts bijzaak en hier zijn betere programma's voor te krijgen volgens de ontwikkelaar. BNR2 0.14.1 is beschikbaar voor zowel het Windows-platform als voor Linux en het changelog bij deze release laat de volgende veranderingen zien:

0.14.1 Aug. 9th, 2004 changes:
  • Fixed problem with marking articles as read on closing group not working when hierarchy view turned off.
  • Fixed problem with messed up filters on Open & Save dialog boxes.
  • Fixed problem with Open & Save dialog boxes not returning the selected filename.
  • Fixed problem with auto-shutdown only working when BNR is the currently focused application.
  • Modified new sort method (-test1 command-line parameter) to compare the actual strings for all columns, not just the subject column, to ensure accurate sorting of all text columns.
  • Applied new patch to fix form z-ordering problems.
  • [Linux] Modified splash screen to prevent it from becoming a stay on top form in some Windows Managers.
0.14.0 Aug. 7th, 2004 changes:
  • Fixed a bug in IPv6 API detection code that prevents BNR2 from taking advantage of third-party IPv6 packages when Microsoft's version is not present.
  • Added chunk size option to server properties (Advanced Tab) for breaking up large header requests into multiple smaller refreshes.
  • Many formatting adjustments to forms to better support localized text.
  • Added key to abort support to several forms that did not already have allow it.
  • Internal Text viewer now allows advancing to prev/next file of same extension just like Internal Image viewer instead of only doing so for .TXT files.
  • Added some additional file extensions to the default executable file types list.
  • Fixed broken deletion of entries in Optons | Execute | Executable file types list & made it restore focus to Options form after the query.
  • Slight modification to queue.xml file specs to make it well-formed.
  • Fixed problem with header refresh lower Article ID bounds sometimes being changed to an invalid value higher than upper bounds when the connection handling that item times out.
  • Creating Queue.xml & NZB files now encodes special characters that might be present in all string fields (i.e. ampersands in Message-ID's) rather than only in the strings most likely to need them.
  • Patched XML parser to preserve unescaped ampersands and undefined entities instead of removing the & character and matching ; character to help support importing improperly coded NZB files as well as Queue.xml files generated by old versions of BNR2.
  • "Mark want filter matches for download even when file is incomplete" option added to Options | Download page.
  • Fixed a UUE decoding bug where special text denoting end of an multipart segment was being misinterpreted as part of the encoded data stream resulting in corrupted files.
  • Double-clicking on subject line of a file, excluding fileset header rows in the hierarchy view, now attempts to execute the file.
  • The auto-shutdown when finished feature now only considers BNR to be idle when there are no dialog boxes currently open, so it doesn't keep trying to shutdown while user is viewing an options form.
  • Fixed problem with the Remember option to mark or not mark all articles as read when closing a group reverting back to Ask due to the Use Parent Settings option being turned on.
  • Changed Connection Manager to perform checks much less frequently to try to improve performance with large queues and full HD.
  • Added history to search filter on Newsgroups page.
  • Setting the "Expired in ___ days" value to any non-zero value will now automatically check the "Filter is Active" option on Kill/Want Filter Properties form.
  • Score field on Kill/Want Filter Properties form now allows full range of -128 to 127 instead of only -50 to 50.
  • The "Expires in ___ days" field on Kill/Want Filter Properties form now allows up to 999 days before expiration instead of only 100 days.
  • Added automatic enabling/disabling of Apply button on several forms.
  • Added ability to resize some forms that were previously a fixed size.
  • Rearranged some items in main menu & context menus to match.
  • Added Reset command to Groups context menu and changed accelerator from Alt-E to Alt-S to eliminate conflict with the Remove menu item.
  • Fixed a duplicate accelerator conflict in Column Configuration Windows.
  • Patched yDecoding routines to attempt to correctly decode articles when attachment header is mangled by ZoneAlarm.
  • [Windows XP & Linux Only] Added themes support.[break]
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Versienummer 0.14.1 beta
Besturingssystemen Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux, Windows XP
Website BNR
Bestandsgrootte 628,00KB
Licentietype Freeware


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Submitter: Mozart

Bron: BNR


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