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Software-update: The Bat! 2.12.00

Ritlabs heeft van haar e-mailprogramma TheBat! een nieuwe versie uitgebracht. Versie 2.12.00 heeft vele vernieuwingen, veranderingen en verbeteringen, en het changelog is dan ook lang:

TheBat! 2.12 released:
  • GUI: header pane shows photo for sender presented in AddressBook
  • Improved AntiVirus (BAV) API to pass original attachment name to the scanner in Unicode
  • MicroEd: Ctrl+Del deletes word on the right
  • Support of multiple .msl files located in images directory
  • IMAP Requests queue Connection Center
  • "Compress Folders" also defragments message base and index files (.TBB and .TBI) on NTFS volumes
  • IMAP synchro progress in IMAP requests
  • Usability improved in the Sorting Office window: for the input fields with accompanying buttons, Enter emulates first button click, Cltr+Enter is used for the second button (if any); tab stops set more correctly now.
  • "Mark stored junk mail as read" checkbox enabled status wasn't dynamically updated when checking "Move a message to the Junk folder if the score is greater than"
  • Connection Center was always bringing TB! main window on the top after it's finished
  • When searching on LDAP server which was returning empty entries for user certificates, error messages were popping up for each addressee.
  • AB's "File|New message using template" commands were using AB entry's personal template if any.
  • AB header titles were not changed immediately upon language switch
  • IP address was provided in non-literal form in the SMTP's EHLO/HELO command
  • X-Mail-Chat: Yes header was added to all automatically created messages
  • Sometimes content of letter in virtual folders not displaying in prewiew pane
  • Filtering by AGE did not work
  • Mark the mail in common VF as Junk leads to common junk mail folder
  • TheBat! asks for a password, when you change the account in editor
  • The hint of Menu Navigator is blank
  • Ctrl+Alt+Shift+T Reloads images from .msl files
  • Ctrl+Shift+R Show/Hides Connection Centre
  • Exchange : Attachment names with national characters were incorrectly encoded when sending messages via Exchange protocol
  • Exchange : Some Exchange-related fixes
  • Group box captions didn't paint with correct charset with XP Themes.
  • HTML Editor: 'Insert table' font
  • HTML Editor and status-bar autospell check
  • HTML Spell-check caused AV
  • IMAP Trash used incorrect image
  • IMAP: (#0002290) Autosynchronisation doesn't lead to sub-folders being synchronised
  • IMAP: (#0003172) subfolder not synchronized automatically
  • IMAP: (#0003196) "Funky" message list pane and message pane refresh
  • IMAP: (#0002383) INBOX can be set as pre-defined Outbox, Sent and Trash too
  • IMAP: AV on some filters on local Outbox
  • IMAP: Changing remote Outbox/Trash/Sent doesn't need program restart
  • IMAP: Moving messages has some problems (may be it caused problems in deletion and in filtering)
  • IMAP: better work with remote Outbox at Courier IMAP server
  • IMAP: doesn't send message if other requests (sync, list) are before and IMAP Outbox used
  • IMAP: filtering to local folders was not working
  • IMAP: filtering ignored queue
  • IMAP: filter by kludge AV Error
  • IMAP: incorrect message number in Sync and Download Requests
  • IMAP: search results were not sorted
  • IMAP: sometimes synchronization of new messages cleared all folder cache
  • Incorrect copy from source window
  • It wasn't possible to save attachments which had directory component in their filenames.
  • MicroEd: Spell check language in status-bar popup menu
  • SMTP/TLS+dedicated port workaround for servers that do not accept data blocks larger than 2KB.
  • Sort order arrow in the message header was reversed.
  • Spell check language in status-bar
  • Switching between text/html viewer form Main Menu/View/Use plain viewer (or from viewer popup menu)
  • VFs : SecureBat - Crash when marking a folder read while it is assigned to a virtual folder
  • some other cosmetic fixes
Versienummer 2.12.00
Besturingssystemen Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website Ritlabs
Licentietype Shareware

Door Bart van Klaveren

Downloads en Best Buy Guide

14-07-2004 • 19:48

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Bron: Ritlabs


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