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Software-update: KDE 3.2.2

Het team achter KDE heeft vandaag een nieuwe versie in de vorm van 3.2.2 uitgebracht. De release kan via deze lokale mirror voor verschillende Linux-distributies gedownload worden. Versie 3.2.2 is voornamelijk een maintenance release en kent een meuk aan veranderingen:

KDE 3.2.1 to 3.2.2 Changelog
    • ALSA: Make aRts work through DMix-devices (#70802)
    • Fix CR at end of line in source file
    • Make the kalyptus script install with the executable bit set
    • Respect "EffectsEnabled" for tearoff handle setting
    • konqueror/uachanger: List of possible Konqueror browser user agent strings are now sorted
    • kappfinder: Fixed button order
    • kdesktop: Fix switching desktops incurrs (seemingly) unrequired cpu load
    • konqueror: Fix textposition of bookmark toolbar not saved
    • konqueror: Fix [testcase] HTTP-EQUIV="refresh" not working with weird formating.
    • konqueror (khtml): Fix When dragging a URL link with an image, the image is pasted and not the link URL
    • konqueror (khtml): Basic support for the HTML ACCESSKEY attribute.
    • konqueror (khtml): Ctrl only suspends Shift+arrows scrolling.
    • konqueror (khtml event): Fix dragging an attachment icon to desktop copies icon!
    • konqueror: No "Actions" submenu with only one entry
    • konqueror: Shift inverses "open tabs in background" setting for Ctrl+left mouse button and "Open in New Tab" in context menu
    • kicker: Fix tooltips sometimes not disappearing.
    • konsole: Added support for Scroll Up (SU) and Scroll Down (SD)
    • konsole: Better compatibility with xterm/XF86 4.4.0
    • konsole: Fixed sending of large blocks
    • konsole: Show session menu when you move the mouse. (BR77873)
    • Make various scripts install with the executable bit set
    • Fix various libraries' install locations and versioning
    • kdejava and qtjava: Don't install internal headers
    • Kig: fix some untranslated UI strings.
    • kstars: fixes to LX200 telescope driver.
    • kstars: fixed some broken URLs for object-specific links.
    • kpat: Fix Highscores
    • kpat: Fix [PATCH] Remove deprecated KLineEditDlg
    • kpat: Disable the Hint/Demo/Redeal actions in case a game cannot be won anymore
    • artwork: Fix KFoulEggs icon
    • docs: Fix Error in kpatience documentation
    • docs: Fix Errors in kreversi doc
    • docs: Fix typo in ktron documentation
    • configure: Fix Extraneous message in admin/Makefile.common using --prefix
    • kiconedit: Fix [PATCH] Adds large current color viewer to palette toolbar
    • kiconedit: Fix Visual difference between a gray and transparent pixel
    • kpdf: Fix KPDF can't open files whose names have non-ASCII letters
    • ksvg: Fix Transformed symbols sometimes disappear
    • configure: Fix Extraneous message in admin/Makefile.common using --prefix
    • kghostview: Fix the executable linking against the part, by adding a common library.
    • KRec: Corrected calculation of position in KB.
    • kio (audiocd): Fix kio-audiocd gives no error message when device permissions are wrong
    • kio (audiocd): Fix kaudiocreator error "/By Track/Track 01.wav" should start with "audiocd:/"
    • kmid: Fix KMid doesn't support international characters (AT ALL; I've checked source code and there are errors)
    • juk: Fix Not adding m3u, pls... lists when refreshing directory
    • juk: Fix Show Total running time of selection/playlist
    • juk: Fix extra option (random play) in popup-window
    • juk: Fix TimeLeft widget listens to too many signals
    • juk: Fix Juk crashed when I was retagging a bunch of songs and started to play with search
    • Fix FLAC dependency isn't mentioned anywhere and can cause compilation errors
    • Fix kdemultimedia build fails with parallel make
    • configure: Fix Extraneous message in admin/Makefile.common using --prefix
    • kmix: Fix the executable linking against the part, by adding a common library.
    • kopete (Cryptography Plugin): Fix enable/disable encryption per message
    • kopete: Fix suppression of buddy notification on connection
    • kopete (Jabber Plugin): Fix resource identifiers truncated from Jabber "to" addresses
    • kopete (Jabber Plugin): Fix Packets from foreign clients are duplicated
    • kopete (Main Application): Fix isReachable() is not called when clicking on the contact icon
    • kopete (Jabber Plugin): Fix String bug in account editor
    • kopete (ICQ and AIM Plugins): Fix [PATCH] ICQ User Info for temporary contacts is not automatically loaded
    • kopete: Fix Refresh icon cache when KIconLoader settings change
    • kopete (MSN Plugin): Fix "This user has me on his contact list" is inaccurate
    • kopete (IRC Plugin): Fix can't log into ANY IRC server
    • kopete: Fix no mainWindow restore on exec kopete
    • kopete (Jabber Plugin): Fix Registering new Account dialog in Jabber does not update username
    • kopete (MSN Plugin): Fix Kopete logs into MSN, connects and pops up current contacts and mail, and then disconnects. It will not stay logged in.
    • kopete (Main Application): Fix Selecting several contacts and dragging them only moves one
    • kopete (SMS Plugin): Fix sms sending blocked by kopete determining user is 'offline'
    • kopete: Fix Type in Kopete handbook
    • kpf: Fix Incorrect mimetypes for css and other fileformats.
    • krdc: Fix KRDC does not send key clicks to the server until "special keys" is used
    • knewsticker: Fix SIGFPE crash when scrolling speed is set to 1
    • configure: Fix Extraneous message in admin/Makefile.common using --prefix
    • configure: Fix The fix of the bug 72081, reported on 3.1.94, is missing in 3.2.1
    • kwifimanager: make it compile with libiw-dev (27+)
    • kwifimanager: auto-scaling statistics window, should now work for every chipset out there
    • kwifimanager: control center module saves settings
    • Make various scripts install with the executable bit set
    • kalarm: Fix Ctrl+Q must QUIT the application and not hide it to system tray
    • kalarm: Update time entry field after editing when mouse cursor leaves it.
    • kalarm: Prevent undeleted recurring alarms being triggered immediately.
    • kalarm: Do not allow alarms to be undeleted if they are completely expired.
    • kmail: Improved look with other styles than Keramik.
    • KNode: Don't save accounts before they have a valid id (#70539)
    • KNotes:
      • fixed #65744, #76034, #77783: session management: properly restore note windows on KDE startup
      • fixed #72888, #73404, #75558, #78292: much more robust conversion of old config files, now hopefully absolutely no black notes anymore (grave bug)
      • finished rich text support
      • fixed Tab key handling in RT mode: do not give away focus to the font combo box
      • fixed #75793: moved the toolbar to the bottom of the note to avoid jumping of the content
      • make KNotes interpret the text as rich text when switching from pain text to rich text
      • fixed bug that made the html source show up in a text note when switching from rich text to plain text and then restarting KNotes
      • make mailing a note possible again at all - KMail now needs --body and not --msg as argument
      • convert rich text notes to plain text before emailing them
      • fixed #60841: include the title as subject by default when mailing a note
      • fixed a bug that changes in the note default configuration will never be used
      • fixed #68127: notes are not really deleted if deleting is the last action before quitting KNotes
      • KNotes is now network enabled regarding config files: only use KIO::NetAccess for file handling
      • fixed menu update after a color change of a note
      • fixed jumping to another desktop when opening the global config dialog when there are no notes on the current desktop
      • fixed #72657: restore and handle skipTaskbar property properly
      • fixed #74469: RMB menu locks whole desktop if opened on a modified note
      • fixed #74558: do not crash every second time a note is saved
      • fixed #71685: encode '\' - it was possible to write control sequences in KNotes, e.g. \n.
      • fixed #75507, #76126: handle (load) tabs correctly
      • no attachments in the journals anymore, the config file names have always been the uid of the note anyway
      • use KConfig XT for default values
      • use XML GUI for all actions
    • Make various scripts install with the executable bit set
    • cervisia: Partly fix Don't execute shell scripts when the user used the edit file action
    • cervisia: Fix Look harder whether a directory really is under CVS control
    • configure: Fix Extraneous message in admin/Makefile.common using --prefix
    • Umbrello: aggregation/composition & inheritance hierachy sometimes (#72615)
    • Umbrello: Unable to change the specification of an operation (#73926)
    • Umbrello: "New operation" works the wrong way around in collaboration diagrams (#76506)
    • Umbrello: SQL code generator generates "circular reference" foreign keys (#77377)
    • Umbrello: Drag-n-drop uses associations incorrectly (#78192)
    • Umbrello: code generation omits many operations (#78525)
    • Umbrello: compilation for Tru64 fixed
    • Umbrello: fix loading of XMI files
    • Umbrello: fix backspace handling in documentation window
    • Umbrello: support for package nesting on CPP import
    • configure: Fix Extraneous message in admin/Makefile.common using --prefix
    • kwalletmanager: Fix no popup for kwallet in system tray
    • kwalletmanager: Fix kwallet in system tray does not provide configure option
    • kwalletmanager: Fix "Launch wallet manager" in kwalletmanager prefs does not make sense
    • kwalletmanager: Fix When changing a value the 'Save' button is not activated
    • kgpg: Fix kgpg exports gpg warnings within public key
    • kgpg: Fix not possible to store keys/config in a different location
    • kgpg: Fix kgpg editor doesn't use KDE's default fixed width font. Breaks layout
    • kgpg: Fix Qtrl+Q must QUIT the application and not hide it to system tray icon
    • configure: Fix Extraneous message in admin/Makefile.common using --prefix
    • VPL: don't lose the comment text from inside a comment
    • make removal of top folders added with "New Top Folder" possible [#76498, #76573]
    • never crash when invoking the CSS editor on an empty document
    • don't crash when invoking the CSS editor after a
    • other CSS editor invocation fixes
    • don't change the tab name if saving under a new name failed
    • use the correct quotation and case when inserting a link to a file from the treeviews [#76663]
    • fix preview when preview prefix is used
    • remove the < and > from the misc. tag
    • don't crash when parsing an included file [#76478]
    • don't break the opening tag when some new tag is pasted inside an existing one
    • don't insert the closing tag for a Tag action if it is not requested to do so
    • performance improvement: parse the included files less often
    • Fixed: A case where selected items that disappeared due to filesystem events could crash the FileTree.
    • Fixed: Several language parsers were updated to use QRegExp instead of the deprecated KRegExp. #73754, #63973
    • Fixed: 74570: Custom makefiles project doesn't support "GNUmakefile" file name (Don't try to outguess make.)
    • Fixed: 75172: Changing projects with unsaved work (Don't set recent project marker when user cancels project change.)
    • Fixed: 75943: Crash during directory scan (Don't crash when we don't have permission to read a directory.)
    • Fixed: 77278: Grep component fails to search with spaces in path
    • Fixed: 78776: Crash in CustomProjectPart::populateProject populating new project
Versienummer 3.2.2
Besturingssystemen Linux x86, Linux AMD64
Website KDE
Licentietype GPL

Door Robin Vreuls


19-04-2004 • 17:44

8 Linkedin Google+

Submitter: easydisk

Bron: KDE


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Reacties (8)

Wijzig sortering
Vanmiddag geupgrade van 3.2.1 naar 3.2.2., is inderdaad echt een maintenance release. Veel bugs refixed. En vooral quata 3.2.1 had serieuze problemen... had ik vanmiddag net quanta 3.2.2 gecompileerd, denk ff checken op en jah hoor een nieuwe kde release... waar de nieuwe quanta uiteraard ook in zat... beter!

Maar een ding is zeker KDE is gewoon cool! <img src="g/s/coool.gif" width="15" height="15" alt="8-)">
Ik ben echt verheugt om zoveel fixes te zien, en ik had deze release nog helemaal niet verwacht. Vorige maand was 3.2.1 er, en nu 3.2.2 al. <img src="g/s/smile.gif" width="15" height="15" alt=":)">

Zelf ben ik de laatste tijd ook actief bezig op http:/ en dit lijkt ook ontzettend veel invloed te hebben in de kwaliteit van de software <img src="g/s/smile.gif" width="15" height="15" alt=":)"> KDE is het daarom ook helemaal voor mij.
Nu nog hopen dat er snel pakketten komen voor Debian Woody. Tot nu toe (en mijn verbazing) zijn er alleen 3.2.0 pakketten beschikbaar OOK AL staan deze in 3.2.1 directories. Vreemd maar waar.
op de mirror van tiscali staan ze al.
Dat is ook de mirror die ik nu gebruikt heb om mijn KDE up te daten. Als bonus krijg je er Xfree 4.3 bij overigens. Iets wat wel handig is te weten voordat je aan het upgraden begint.
KDE 3.2.2 staat al in sid (al voor de officiele release door KDE), je zou dus kunnen wachten op een backport van iemand, of zelf een backport compileren dmv de sid sources.
Debian pakketten voor Debian 3.0 ?!
die zijn er al hoor.

Als je testing / unstable draait kan je ze uit unstable plukken.
Eindelijk DMIX support voor aRts, heb ik lange tijd ruzie mee gehad op mn laptop. Zeer ondhandig als je geen hardwaremixing op je geluidskaart.

KDE is gewoon goed <img src="g/s/smile.gif" width="15" height="15" alt=":)">

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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