Software-update: LanSweeper

Lansweeper logo (35 pix)Om de apparaten in je netwerk in kaart te brengen, kun je gebruikmaken van Lansweeper. Dit programma werkt op een Windows-machine met IIS en een sql-database, en is in staat om de aanwezige software en hardware te inventariseren in het netwerk zonder daarvoor op elke computer een clientprogramma te installeren. Alle informatie is vervolgens via een webinterface te raadplegen. Lansweeper is beschikbaar als freeware voor kleine omgevingen en voor grotere omgevingen zal betaald moeten worden. Halverwege maart is versie 8.0 verschenen en nu is de eerste update uitgekomen, LsPush, LsAgent, SQL 233

  • LAN-4997 To optimize relay server performance, Lansweeper scanning servers and LsAgent client installations now contact the relay server once every hour at most for scan and data requests. The timeout interval of the relay server connection has also been raised from 1 minute to 5 minutes.
  • LAN-5022 High memory usage can occur over time on the Lansweeper scanning server when using Asset Radar
  • LAN-4798 Rename detection fails to update the existing webpages of Windows computers whose name or domain changed, creating new asset pages instead, LsPush, LsAgent, SQL 233

  • LAN-4545 After a Lansweeper update, users with Lansweeper config rights now see new feature notifications in the upper right corner of the web console, which can be dismissed
  • LAN-3893 Asset Radar is a new, credential-free scanning feature that listens for assets within network traffic. It is particularly useful for discovering assets (e.g. rogue assets) that are only briefly present in your network.
  • LAN-4814 It is now possible to optionally specify the context name of an SNMPv3 credential for SNMP scanning
  • LAN-3911 MIB Importer and MIB Library are new features that allow you to import MIB files for custom SNMP OID scanning. You can add OIDs from your own MIB files or MIB files in the Lansweeper library.
  • LAN-3252 Silent install, uninstall and update support for the Lansweeper installer. Parameters can be passed directly in your CMD command or using an INI file.
  • LAN-3691 The Time Chart dashboard widget now includes several asset management reports in addition to help desk reports
  • LAN-4749 Added scanning support for the AWS Middle East (Bahrain) region, also known as me-south-1
  • LAN-4827 APIPA, localhost and multicast IP ranges are no longer displayed in the First Run Wizard
  • LAN-4283 For consistency, some DateTime fields that were stored in the time zone of the scanning server are now stored in the time zone of the Lansweeper database
  • LAN-4578 It is no longer possible to update a Lansweeper installation hosted in the deprecated SQL Compact database server without first converting the database to SQL LocalDB or SQL Server
  • LAN-670 Renamed the edit buttons on the Assets page to Mass Edit Assets and Editing Mode for clarity
  • LAN-3843 The asset overview under Scanning\LsAgent Scanning now lists the version number of the LsAgent installation on each computer
  • LAN-3903 Turned the Check For Updates Now link under Configuration\Your Lansweeper License from an HTTP into an HTTPS link
  • LAN-4504 Updated the built-in lists of: anti-virus software, blacklisted MAC addresses not used for unique asset identification, OIDs used for SNMP lookup, OS codes and names
  • LAN-4331 When installing Lansweeper under the SQL LocalDB database server, LocalDB is now based on the more recent SQL Server 2014 Express SP3, build 12.0.6024.0
  • LAN-4054 Active Directory user pages list domain\username at the top when they should be listing the user’s display name
  • LAN-3759 AirWatch scanning can fail to scan or save user data of mobile devices
  • LAN-3751 An ESXi server’s warranty information is removed when it is rescanned through its vCenter server
  • LAN-3827 An unclear error message is sometimes generated when scanning an AirWatch scanning target whose server URL is not an AirWatch URL
  • LAN-4083 An unnecessary merge comment is added to the Comments tab of Hyper-V guest assets after every rescan
  • LAN-3778 Asset count discrepancy between the IP Locations Overview widget and the report listing assets in IP location Undefined
  • LAN-3844 Asset delete errors related to database reference constraint FK_tblWindowsClusterNode_tblAssets
  • LAN-4630 Batch Scanning ignores the Hyper-V scanned item intervals, which it shouldn’t
  • LAN-4069 By browsing directly to the relevant webpage URL, users without the Access Data Selection permission can still make changes to the performance scanning configuration, which should not be possible
  • LAN-4023 Certain values retrieved during anti-virus, AWS, Azure, Exchange, Intune, Office 365 and SCCM scanning are trimmed and not fully written to the database, due to the database fields being too small
  • LAN-2941 Character encoding issue in the domain name of Windows computers when using IP Range scanning targets
  • LAN-4687 Creating a Windows Computer exclusion can result in exclusion warnings on the pages of non-Windows assets that meet the exclusion criterion
  • LAN-2546 Editing and saving an existing asset/user relation comment, without changing anything, results in the comment being removed
  • LAN-4445 Error when hovering over a Citrix Pool asset and selecting the Config tab
  • LAN-3831 Errors when using the Truncate Logs button in the DatabaseMaintenance.exe tool
  • LAN-2318 Extended warranty products of Lenovo assets are not scanned, resulting in an incorrect final warranty date for the asset
  • LAN-4748 Faulty and unnecessary “invalid key hash” translation entry under Configuration\Translations in the web console
  • LAN-4096 Having an invalid performance scanning target can prevent deployments from running
  • LAN-3830 If a Mac computer is not successfully scanned through SSH, hovering over the asset still shows the (empty) Config and Software tabs, which it shouldn’t
  • LAN-3800 If a software package on a Windows computer has no DisplayVersion but does have MajorVersion and MinorVersion registry values, LsAgent fails to scan the Major and Minor values as the software version
  • LAN-3799 If an MSI software has both 32-bit and 64-bit registry entries, agentless and agent-based scanning are inconsistent in which entry they scan
  • LAN-4722 If multiple Windows credentials are mapped to an IP range and the top one generates an access denied error, Batch Scanning fails to try the other mapped credentials
  • LAN-4634 Inability to submit an asset/user relation without an end date
  • LAN-3837 Inconsistent browser tab name when viewing the Scan Time tab of asset pages
  • LAN-4693 Input validation issue related to the Username field of Office 365 scanning targets
  • LAN-4540 Input validation issues in the Add Enterprise Configuration popup under Configuration\Enterprise Options
  • LAN-4684 “Invalid AssetID” error when hovering over an Azure Virtual Machine asset and selecting the Config tab
  • LAN-3826 Lack of server URL validation when importing AirWatch credentials from a .csv file
  • LAN-3698 Lansweeper does not fully scan a Microsoft Intune environment if it contains more than 1000 devices
  • LAN-4450 Lansweeper’s Easy Install mode lets you choose the desired web server, an option that should only be present under Advanced Install mode
  • LAN-2937 LDAP authentication inconsistency between different types of Active Directory scanning targets, resulting in inconsistent errors or scanning behaviors in some cases
  • LAN-3985 Mac computers scanned using LsAgent are misidentified as Linux computers and little of their data is displayed
  • LAN-4107 Making changes to one scanning server under Configuration\Server Options can result in unwanted changes to another scanning server and incorrect entries in the tblConfigLog database table
  • LAN-3871 Manually created assets are not automatically added to the Default asset group as they should be
  • LAN-4102 No or an unclear error message when attempting to submit an Active Directory Domain scanning target that already exists
  • LAN-4773 Pushing Lansweeper data into Lansweeper Enterprise fails with the following error: “Unexpected character encountered while parsing value”
  • LAN-3822 Removing a Linux or Mac asset under Scanning\LsAgent Scanning in Lansweeper results in repeated, unsuccessful attempts to uninstall LsAgent on the client machine
  • LAN-4092 Running a performance scan on a report that includes assets only detected through SCCM causes the scan to fail with the following error: “Specified cast is not valid”
  • LAN-3698 Scanning Microsoft Intune environments sometimes fails with the following error: "An error occurred while executing the command definition"
  • LAN-4494 Scanning target statuses fail to update when scanning an Eventlog Only target, with the following error occurring in the background: “Specified cast is not valid”
  • LAN-4648 Scans performed using the Rescan buttons fail to ignore the WINDOWSCLUSTERLOG scanned item interval as they should
  • LAN-4010 SCCM scanning can fail with the following error: “An item with the same key has already been added”
  • LAN-4476 Several issues in asset/user relation end date validation: end date marked as smaller than start date when it is not, spelling error in validation message
  • LAN-4055 Several software scanning inconsistencies between LsAgent and agentless scanning, causing incorrect software history entries to be generated
  • LAN-4554 The Add Enterprise Configuration popup under Configuration\Enterprise Options fails to load in Internet Explorer 11
  • LAN-3855 The following error can occur during Active Directory scanning: “Could not find relative of object, the given key was not present in the dictionary”
  • LAN-3857 The following error can occur while scanning Active Directory users: “The added or subtracted value results in an un-representable DateTime”
  • LAN-3865 The following error can occur while scanning Linux sound cards: “StartIndex cannot be less than zero”
  • LAN-4021 The following error can occur while the last logon info of Active Directory users is being scanned: “An item with the same key has already been added”
  • LAN-3992 The following error sometimes occurs when performing a search using the asset search bar: “Index was outside the bounds of the array”
  • LAN-4091 The Hyper-V scan date in a Windows computer’s Scan Time tab is not filled in even when Hyper-V data has been scanned
  • LAN-4645 The Lansweeper scanning service crashes with an unhandled exception if it encounters a NULL value in tblADusers.ADObjectID
  • LAN-4583 The Last Synced date under Configuration\Enterprise Options does not take the configured web console date format into account
  • LAN-4821 The Lastchanged fields in tblSqlDatabases and tblSqlServers are always empty, even when SQL Server data has been scanned
  • LAN-4130 The link to the Hyper-V host on the asset page of a Hyper-V guest is feature gated for legacy Lansweeper licenses, which it shouldn’t be
  • LAN-3521 The LsAgent service on Linux computers has a non-descriptive name
  • LAN-4038 The NetBIOS name of a Hyper-V guest asset is sometimes set to the machine’s display name in Hyper-V Manager instead of its actual NetBIOS name, resulting in errors upon rescanning the asset
  • LAN-3839 The proxy server info text under Configuration\Server Options doesn’t mention all features that use proxy settings
  • LAN-4834 The Summary tab of Windows and Linux computer webpages incorrectly labels the processor count as a core count
  • LAN-4346 The tsysOS.OSCodeNumeric database field is not filled in for Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 builds found during network scanning, resulting in incorrect results in certain OS reports
  • LAN-4110 The “Windows computers logged onto” section fails to be displayed on the webpages of domain users whose Active Directory details haven’t been scanned
  • LAN-2308 Toner information fails to scan for certain Brother printers, even though the data is available in the expected SNMP OIDs
  • LAN-621 Triggering deployments on multiple asset pages within a short time frame can result in duplicate deployments on those assets
  • LAN-4050 Unnecessary dot next to the OS icons of LsAgent assets under Scanning\LsAgent Scanning
  • LAN-4114 When an automated user cleanup option removes an old Active Directory user from Lansweeper, it fails to also clean up the user's asset/user relations
  • LAN-4767 When attempting to overwrite a Lansweeper installation hosted in the SQL LocalDB database server, an access denied error occurs on LansweeperLocalDBService.exe
  • LAN-4276 When creating a new Windows event exclusion under Scanning\Scanning Targets, the input box to submit an exclusion comment is missing
  • LAN-3861 When disabling certain scanning targets of a specific type and then performing a Scan Now of said type, the web console incorrectly indicates which targets are in the scanning queue
  • LAN-2176 When dragging assets to a new location on a location map and then saving, the changes are sometimes lost
  • LAN-3902 When editing an existing Workgroup scanning target whose workgroup name contains a space, the edit popup fails to load
  • LAN-4815 When performing a Lansweeper installation under the SQL LocalDB database server and then reinstalling the scanning service, the LocalDB instance is removed and the scanning service fails to connect to it
  • LAN-4804 When performing a Lansweeper installation under the SQL LocalDB database server and then reinstalling the web console, the scanning service config file is removed, which breaks the scanning service
  • LAN-4568 When submitting a credential password that contains <> in the First Run Wizard, the following error occurs and the wizard resets at the end: “A potentially dangerous Request.Form value was detected”
  • LAN-3825 When using multiple scanning servers, inconsistent phrasing of targeted servers in the Scanning Exclusions section of Scanning\Scanning Targets
  • LAN-4452 When using SQL Server as the Lansweeper database server, updating to Lansweeper and then updating again to a more recent build, this can result in the scanning service no longer being registered in Windows Services

Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server 2016
Website LanSweeper
Licentietype Freeware/Betaald

Door Bart van Klaveren

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