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Software-update: Matlab R2019b

Matlab is een interactieve en wiskundige omgeving voor het ontwikkelen van algoritmes, het uitvoeren van numerieke berekeningen, en het visualiseren en analyseren van data. Voor meer informatie verwijzen we naar deze pagina. De ontwikkelaars hebben eerder versie R2019b uitgebracht, met de volgende lijst van aanpassingen:

  • Live Editor Tasks: Add interactive tasks to live scripts to explore parameters and automatically generate code
  • Live Editor Output: Animate plots to show changes in data over time
  • Live Editor Output: Adjust the width of columns in tables
  • Live Editor Output: Scroll through and copy data in arrays such as cell arrays, object arrays, and struct arrays
  • Live Editor Export: Customize figure format as well as document paper size, orientation, and margins when exporting
  • Live Editor Code: Duplicate one or more lines of code
  • Live Editor Code: Suppress Code Analyzer warning messages
  • Live Editor Debugging: Set breakpoints for anonymous functions
  • Live Editor Internationalization: Add non-English language such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean characters on Windows and macOS Platforms
  • Add-On Manager: Update MATLAB and other installed add-ons
  • Add-On Manager: Programmatically manage add-ons by name
  • Settings: Create persistent settings for custom apps, toolboxes, and across MATLAB sessions
  • MATLAB Drive: Share folders and collaborate with others
Language and Programming
  • size Function: Find lengths of multiple array dimensions at a time
  • matches Function: Determine if input strings are equal
  • Hexadecimal and Binary Numbers: Specify numbers using hexadecimal and binary literals
  • Indexing: Use dot indexing into function calls
  • System object authoring improvements: Property validation support and simplified class inheritance
  • Function Input Arguments: Declare function input arguments to restrict values
  • namedargs2cell Function: Convert structure containing name-value pairs to cell array
  • delete, dir, isfile, isfolder, and what Functions: Access web-based storage services like Amazon Web Services and Azure Blob Storage
  • Suggested Corrections: Correct errors with two new classes
  • error Function: Provide suggested fix for uncaught exception
Data Analysis
  • Live Editor Tasks: Interactively preprocess data and generate code
  • groupfilter Function: Filter data in a table, timetable, or matrix by group
  • datetime Data Type: Detect formats with fractional seconds when converting text that represents dates and times
  • table and timetable Data Types: Variable names can have any characters, including spaces and non-ASCII characters
  • tall Arrays: Operate on tall arrays with more functions, including setdiff, xcorr, and outerjoin
  • tall Arrays: Avoid running out of memory due to temporary copies of data
Data Import and Export
  • detectImportOptions Function: Specify the type of import options for delimited or fixed-width text files
  • table and timetable Data Types: Read and write tabular data that has variable names containing any characters, including spaces and non-ASCII characters
  • sheetnames Function: Get names of worksheets from spreadsheet file
  • VideoReader Object: Read frames in videos using frame index or time
  • VideoReader Object: Improved performance in generated code with row-major layout
  • Import Tool: Generate simpler code when importing from fixed-width text files
  • save Function: Save workspace variables to a MAT-file version 7 without compression
  • xmlread Function: Prevent reading of XML files that contain DOCTYPE declarations
  • imread function: Supports reading specified images from PGM, PBM, or PPM file formats
  • Scientific File Format Libraries: CFITSIO Library upgraded to version 3.450
  • Scientific File Format Libraries: LibTIFF Library upgraded to version 4.0.10
  • RESTful Functions: Support for digest authentication
  • tcpclient, read, and write Functions: Generate C and C++ code
  • Bluetooth Low Energy Interface: Support for scanning and interacting with peripheral devices
  • Serial Port Devices: New functions and properties
  • makima Function: Perform modified Akima cubic Hermite interpolation
  • Chart Container Class: Develop your own class of charts
  • tiledlayout and nexttile Functions: Create configurable layouts of plots in a figure
  • colororder Function: Control the colors in plots
  • Bar Charts: Create bar charts with improvements for stacking and locating the tips of bars
  • Data Tips: Create and customize data tips
  • dataTipInteraction Function: Pin data tips at cursor location
  • Axes Toolbar: Save or copy contents of axes as image
  • parallelplot Function: Zoom, pan, and rearrange coordinates interactively
  • Property Inspector: Update axis tick values and labels using clipboard data
  • Image Interpolation: Select an interpolation method for displaying images
  • legend Function: Create unlimited legend entries and specify categorical arrays
  • pcolor Function: Specify categorical, datetime, and duration data
  • Geographic Plots: Plot data on high-zoom-level basemaps
  • Geographic Plots: Create plots with improved basemap appearance
  • Geographic Axes: Display animations using comet or animatedline
  • Geographic Bubble Charts: Create charts with improved layout
App Building
  • uistyle Function: Create styles for rows, columns, or cells in a table UI component
  • uigridlayout Function: Configure grid rows and columns to adjust automatically to fit components
  • uitable Function: Sort table UI components interactively when using logical, numeric, string, or cell arrays
  • uihtml Function: Embed HTML, JavaScript, or CSS content in apps and on the App Designer canvas
  • App Designer: Convert components in a UI figure or container from pixel-based positioning to a grid layout manager
  • App Designer: Convert an existing app into an auto-reflowing app
  • App Designer: Suppress Code Analyzer warning messages
  • App Designer: Open App Designer from the MATLAB toolstrip
  • App Testing Framework: Perform gestures on polar axes and UI images
  • table Data Type Indexing: Improved performance when assigning elements by subscripting into large table variables
  • datetime, duration, and calendarDuration Data Type Indexing: Improved performance when assigning elements by subscripting into large arrays
  • datetime Data Type Indexing: Improved performance when referring or assigning to date and time components of datetime arrays
  • uitable Function: Faster performance when data type is numeric, logical, or a cell array of character vectors
  • unzip and gunzip Functions: Improved performance when extracting contents of zip files and GNU zip files
Software Development Tools
  • Unit Testing Framework: Run tests in parallel with your custom plugins
  • Unit Testing Framework: Validate count in string constraints
  • Performance Testing Framework: Visually compare two TimeResult arrays
  • App Testing Framework: Perform gestures on polar axes and images
  • Projects: Delete project definition files
  • Compare Git Branches: Show differences and save copies
External Language Interfaces
  • C++ Interface: Options for publishing C++ interface library
  • C++ Interface: nullptr supported as output argument
  • C++ Interface: Read-only (const) object support
  • Java Interface: JRE version 1.8.0_202 support
  • Out-of-Process Execution of C++ MEX Functions: Customize environment variables
  • HTTP Web Services: Server authentication support for NTLM and Kerberos protocols
  • HTTP Web Services: Timeout options
  • Python Interface: Execute Python functions out of process
  • Python Interface and Engine: Version 3.5 support discontinued
  • Compiler support changed for building MEX files and standalone MATLAB engine and MAT-file applications
  • Functionality being removed or changed
Versienummer R2019b
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Linux, macOS, Windows 10
Website The MathWorks
Licentietype Shareware

Door Japke Rosink


09-10-2019 • 08:34

3 Linkedin Google+

Bron: The MathWorks


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