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Software-update: 1Password 7.3.684 / 7.1.4

Voor de veiligheid is het beter om verschillende wachtwoorden te gebruiken, zodat als een bepaalde service wachtwoorden laat uitlekken, niet al je andere accounts met hetzelfde wachtwoord toegankelijk zijn. Voor het bijhouden van al deze verschillende wachtwoorden zijn wachtwoordmanagers een uitkomst. 1Password is er hier een van, en is beschikbaar als webapplicatie en als app op verschillende platforms, zoals Android, iOS, macOS en Windows. Het kan dertig dagen geprobeerd worden, waarna een licentie moet worden aangeschaft. Voor meer informatie over de mogelijkheden verwijzen we naar deze pagina. AgileBits heeft enkele dagen geleden twee nieuwe versies uitgegeven: 7.1.4 voor Android en 7.3.684 voor Windows. De lijsten met veranderingen zien er als volgt uit:

Version 7.3.684 - Windows

  • Support for the 1Password browser extension in Microsoft Edge Insider's releases. {OPW-3878}
  • Drag and drop items onto tags in the sidebar and vis versa, drag tags onto selected items in the item list. {OPW-3692}
  • Added "Open logins in" setting to 1Password's Browser settings. {OPW-3668}
  • A tool to optimize 1Password internal database is now available in the new Help > Tools menu; this will clean up the 1Password database and/or reduce its size, which can help speed up 1Password's launches. {OPW-3750}
  • Major improvements to 1Password Brain that improves our filling and saving algorithms for our 1Password browser extensions. {OPW-3543, OPW-3487}
  • Added the shortcut labels to the field context menu such as Reveal and Large Type. {OPW-3720}
  • Improved our diagnostics report to include the full Windows OS name in the logs instead of the numbered Windows version that is often difficult to parse. {OPW-3751}
  • Added support for upcoming API changes. {OPW-3815}
  • 1Password mini often didn't respond to the first mouse click. {OPW-3741}
  • Dragging the scrollbar in 1Password mini would sometime select the item behind the mouse cursor or dismiss 1Password mini entirely when releasing the drag. {OPW-3224}
  • Resetting all data in 1Password now works. {OPW-3734}
  • The field context menu in viewer didn't have a max height limit set.
  • Removed unneeded drag and drop code from 1Password mini. {OPW-3224}
  • Crashes related to saved Japanese URLs. {OPW-3717}
  • Dragging offline files (0kb on disk) onto 1Password would cause it to crash. {OPW-3748}
  • Missing accessibility string on the view button for Related Items section. {OPW-3695}
  • Pressing Control + \ in the main 1Password window would temporarily freeze the app. {OPW-3735}
  • 1Password could crash when editing an item to add a custom image that may not be available on disk. {Submitted crash reports}
  • Added a workaround for invalid XAML crashes in external UI Framework that was related to our app strings. {Submitted crash reports}
  • Certain corrupted custom icon images could cause 1Password to crash. {OPW-3847}
Version 7.1.4 - Android

Now that the Easter Bunny is done making its rounds, we've got our own basket of treats for you! While it contains neither eggs nor chocolate, this update does include a variety of improvements and fixes for everyone! Among the many changes, it's even easier to get started with Google Play subscriptions, sync is more robust over flaky network connections, and our password generator is now compatible with accessibility services. We hope you enjoy and look forward to your feedback on Google Play!

  • Enjoy the newer and shinier 1Password banner on the welcome screen. {485}
  • 1Password now offers to link a Google Play subscription that was started from a previous session when subscribing. {494}
  • Added more helpful details about errors encountered with Fingerprint Unlock to the diagnostic report. {375}
  • Sync is automatically retried when network connection issues are encountered. {471}
  • Prompt to update app is displayed when unsupported two-factor authentication is requested for 1Password accounts. {504}
  • Address fields are now saved in a format that is more consistent with other 1Password apps. {460}
  • App icon has been updated to reflect the newer lock style that is displayed on the lock screen. {529}
  • Autofill with 1Password now supports devices with an in-screen fingerprint scanner. {266}
  • Password generator is now available to customers using accessibility services such as TalkBack. {499}
  • Eliminated some false positives when detecting item changes during save. {402}
  • Increased speed of initial sync for existing accounts with deleted items. {495}
  • Words are now capitalized by default when typing into the item title field. {497}
  • The keyboard is now shown more quickly when the lock screen is displayed. {444}
  • Warning about being offline is displayed when dismissing multi-factor authentication for accounts. {335}
  • Category names were displayed in a different language than the rest of the app for certain localizations. {486}
  • Updated label for Mastercard to match current branding. {546}
  • Autofill prompt would get dismissed when used with a screen reader accessibility service. {498}
  • Incorrect date format was used for naming folders containing the exported Primary vault. {506}
  • Loading rich icons for login items resulted in a crash in rare cases. {515}
  • Tapping the subscribe button twice in quick succession caused a crash. {507}
  • 1Password accessibility service would sometimes trigger a crash while trying to detect login fields. {508}
  • The size of the cancel button in the Autofill save dialog was comically tiny. {490}
  • Sync preferences for standalone vault were sticking around after cancelling sync setup. {413}
Versienummer 7.3.684 / 7.1.4
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Android, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website AgileBits
Licentietype Shareware

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