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Software-update: OpenTTD 1.5.0

OpenTTD logo (60 pix)Versie 1.5.0 van OpenTTD is uitgekomen. In deze opensourcekloon van het Microprose-spel Transport Tycoon Deluxe is het de bedoeling om een transportimperium op te bouwen over de weg, het spoor, het water en door de lucht. OpenTTD kan meer dan alleen het originele spel nabootsen. Zo kunnen er tot wel 64 keer grotere maps dan in het origineel worden gebruikt, is de ai zijn naam waardig en is er ondersteuning voor multiplayer en ipv6. Downloads zijn beschikbaar voor Windows, Linux en OS X. De changelog voor versie 1.5.0 ziet er als volgt uit:

Changes in version 1.5.0
  • Fix: [NewGRF] Add Misc. GRF Feature Flag 6 to enable the second rocky tile set [FS#6260] (r27200)
Changes in version 1.5.0-RC1
  • Feature: [NewGRF] Display relative offset changes in the sprite aligner [FS#6236] (r27174)
  • Fix: Original road vehicle acceleration crashed for vehicles taking over [FS#6255] (r27190)
  • Fix: GCC 5 compilation (r27185, r27183)
  • Fix: Data race due to lazy initialisation of objects [FS#5969] (r27178)
  • Fix: Compilation with MinGW64 (r27176)
  • Fix: Use the regular clipping functions in the sprite aligner instead of some magic [FS#6237] (r27173)
  • Fix: Windows randomly drops SetCursorPos calls, breaking the RMB-scrolling [FS#6238] (r27172)
Changes in version 1.5.0-beta2
  • Feature: [NoGo] Game scripts can point to a location, station, industry, or town when publishing news (r27164)
  • Feature: Allow changing max heightlevel in scenario editor (r27151)
  • Feature: Make use of both rocky tile sets from the base graphics (r27117)
  • Change: Scale (non-custom) default window sizes according to GUI zoom (r27147)
  • Change: Make statusbar and chat-entry window use the same width as the toolbar (r27146)
  • Change: The chatbox-width setting now uses percent of screen width instead of pixels (r27144)
  • Change: [NewGRF] Interpret negative positions in industry layouts depending on GRF version (r27138)
  • Fix: [SDL, Windows] Right-mouse-button scrolling scrolled/jumped too far, when OpenTTD lagged during mouse event processing (r27167)
  • Fix: Toolbars were not invalidated when changing max-vehicles settings [FS#6204] (r27163)
  • Fix: Tile selection was drawn outside of map in some cases [FS#6208] (r27162)
  • Fix: Reimplement the viewport drawing algorithm [FS#6156] [FS#6206] (r27161)
  • Fix: Issues with smallmap and viewport coordinates and transformations (r27160, r27159, r27158)
  • Fix: Mark bridge middle tiles dirty when building/removing/changing bridges (r27157)
  • Fix: Rounding and unit-conversion inconsistencies in calls to MarkAllViewportsDirty (r27148)
  • Fix: Oilrig empty-tile checks were incorrect due to wrong TileIndexDiff->TileIndexDiffC conversion (r27137)
  • Fix: Misalignment in generate world window in case of small fonts (r27135)
  • Fix: Dragging of free wagons in depot failed with GUI zoom (r27133)
  • Fix: Reduce memory footprint of map array by shuffling its members [FS#6218] (r27132, r27126)
  • Fix: Dropdown- and tooltip-windows should not steal the focus (r27131)
  • Fix: [NewGRF] Action 7/9 condition 0A failed for present, but disabled, NewGRF (r27119)
  • Fix: Road vehicles could not reverse to be sent to depots when the following tile has the right type to run on, but could not be entered [FS#6183] (r27107)
  • Fix: Use the actual max speed of the vehicle in front when determining if a RV can overtake [FS#6176] (r27106)
  • Fix: grow_counter was not properly bounded by growth_rate, but by some other value used to calculate growth_rate [FS#6195] (r27105)
  • Fix: [Script] Support 64 bits integers in ScriptLists [FS#6194] (r27104)
  • Fix: [Script] Money values would end up wrong in strings when outside the bounds of a 32 bits integer [FS#6194] (r27102)
Changes in version 1.5.0-beta1
  • Feature: Support .txt.gz and -txt.xz changelog, readme and license files in basesets, NewGRFs, etc (r27035, r27034)
  • Feature: More height levels [FS#4126] (r27010)
  • Feature: Latin translation (r26993)
  • Feature: Add option to choose normal, double or quad-size interface (r26990)
  • Feature: [Script] Swap method for script lists (r26894)
  • Feature: [Script] ScriptStationList_Cargo for sorting cargo by from and via (r26893)
  • Feature: [Script] API for retrieving planned flow (r26892)
  • Feature: [CargoDist] Predict links for station-autorefitting vehicles (r26889)
  • Feature: Setting for limiting the height of bridges (r26882)
  • Feature: Make aircraft ascend/descend when they are too close to the ground or too far away (r26866)
  • Feature: Allow hiding of non-interesting engines in the GUI (r26805, r26804)
  • Feature: Vehicle sorting in autoreplace GUI [FS#1640] (r26800)
  • Feature: [NewGRF] Advanced visual effects with multiple effect sprites independent of spawning model (r26988, r26747)
  • Feature: Warn about missing industries after generating a map (r26729)
  • Feature: Upgrade currently active NewGRFs to newest installed version (r26613)
  • Feature: Save and load grfid and md5sum of NewGRFs in config file (r26611)
  • Feature: Select an editable preset name for saving (r26610)
  • Feature: Cancel cargo delivery from industries/houses to stations after about 21 months of not having picked up any of the cargo (r26582)
  • Feature: Give a warning when a plane's orders tell it to use a runway which is too short for it [FS#6009] (r26566)
  • Feature: [Script] Extended API for CargoDist (r26557)
  • Feature: Show measured order times in timetable GUI also when not timetabled (r26550)
  • Feature: Prompt for confirmation when deleting a vehicle group (r26455)
  • Feature: Hierarchical vehicle subgroups (r26450)
  • Feature: Allow more sound sleep for dedicated servers when there's nothing to do and nobody paying attention (r26449)
  • Feature: [NewGRF] Add vehicle modflag 1 (unloading in progress) (r26430)
  • Change: Improvements to the man page (r27091, r27012)
  • Change: Allow to set the granularity of the tooltip hover time in milliseconds instead of seconds. New default value is 250ms (r26815)
  • Change: Follow SI recommendation about spaces between numbers and units [FS#6086] (r26733)
  • Change: [CargoDist] Save locations instead of distances in link graphs to reduce size (r26646)
  • Change: [Squirrel] Make the internal integer for scripts always 64 bits, so scripts behave the same on 32 and 64 bit architectures and money can be represented properly (r26585, r26584)
  • Change: Reshuffle advanced settings tree (r26614, r26536)
  • Change: Add backend-independent config-file setting to disable 8bpp video modes, and disable 8bpp by default (r26522)
  • Fix: [OS/2] Compile again [FS#6186] (r27092)
  • Fix: Compilation with freetype2 version 2.5.4 and newer [FS#6185] (r27079)
  • Fix: Variable 47 used the carge translation table of the wrong GRF in case of callback 1D [FS#6182] (r27075)
  • Fix: Some lists did not use natural string sorting [FS#6172] (r27063)
  • Fix: Mercurial version detection failed if personal presets were configured (r27059)
  • Fix: [OSX] Don't require double-press from non-dead console hotkeys [FS#5812] (r27046)
  • Fix: Crash when having the vehicle list opened from a buoy or oil rig when the buoy/oil rig is removed (r27030)
  • Fix: Unit number was not always fully shown in depots [FS#6102] (r27014)
  • Fix: [CargoDist] Reserve cargo only after unloading finished or if the vehicle has the desired cargo already [FS#6110] (r26918)
  • Fix: [Squirrel] Loading a value saved as boolean caused it to be of type integer instead of boolean (r26785)
  • Fix: [Squirrel] Harden string handling (r26777)
  • Fix: [OSX] Implement more of the text editing API to prevent crashes and improve IME support [FS#5972] (r26758)
  • Fix: Incorrect saving of order backups [FS#6066] (r26700)
  • Fix: Ordering a vehicle to a competitor's rail waypoint displayed an error message. Ignore the click as is done for the other order types to competitor's stuff [FS#6059] (r26692)
  • Fix: [Script] Loading/parsing of info .nuts was done in the same VM, causing e.g. constants to break the loading of info of other scripts [FS#5973] (r26617)
  • Fix: [CargoDist] Improve estimation of link capacitites (r26549)
  • Remove: A bunch of archaic settings from the GUI (r26528, r26526, r26525)

Versienummer 1.5.0
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Linux, Windows XP, macOS, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website OpenTTD
Licentietype GPL

Door Bart van Klaveren

Downloads en Best Buy Guide

07-04-2015 • 08:00

2 Linkedin Google+

Submitter: Koploper

Bron: OpenTTD


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