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Software-update: mIRC 7.28 bèta

Door , 9 reacties, bron: mIRC

mIRC logo (75 pix)Met versienummer 7.28 is er een nieuwe bètarelease van de irc-client mIRC verschenen. Met dit programma is het mogelijk om via verschillende kanalen en servers met elkaar te chatten, maar ook om via 'direct client-to-client' bestanden naar elkaar te sturen. Verder kunnen scripts worden gedraaid om bijvoorbeeld het beheren van kanalen eenvoudiger te maken. De irc-server van draait op, met als het officiële kanaal en een groot aantal andere kanalen die dienstdoen als thuishaven voor de hardware- en softwarefanaat. Een overzicht van alle beschikbare kanalen kan via het commando /list worden opgevraagd. Via die lijst kan snel het gewenste kanaal worden gevonden. Sinds 7.25 zijn de volgende veranderingen en verbeteringen aangebracht:

Changes in mIRC version 7.28 bèta
  • Fixed help file issue that prevented /help command from jumping to the correct location on a help page.
  • Fixed /run command issue that affected backward compatibility with ambiguous parameter formats used in older scripts.
  • Fixed auto-hide nicklist not hiding when mouse is moved outside of the channel window in some contexts.
  • Changed Escape key so that it clears the current editbox if the "Escape key minimizes window" option is not enabled.
  • Fixed channel nicklist popup menu being wrongly displayed when right-clicking in nicklist area and nicklist is auto-hidden.
  • Fixed /exit -r bug not restarting mIRC when scripts editor dialog is open with unsaved files.
  • Updated libraries to zlib 1.2.7.
  • Fixed tips bug that caused tips to flicker briefly in view when the "Hide tips when locked" option is enabled and a message is received while mIRC is minimized and locked.
  • Fixed editbox buffer bugs that appeared in different contexts, such as when combinations of Control+Up/Down were pressed or the editbox contained multiple lines entered with the Alt+Enter key.
  • Changed SSL feature to store SSL certificate hashes cache in the servers.ini file instead of mirc.ini. Also, hashes are now stored for all certificates, good or bad. If a certificate is good but has changed since the last connection, a warning is now displayed.
  • Fixed /hotlink bug that prevented hotlink popup menus from being displayed.
  • Changed display bitmap cache to check if mIRC has been blocked from capturing screen buffer (which can happen with security software). If it has, mIRC reverts to slower, non-cache display method.
  • Fixed full screen menu item not being checked when full screen mode is enabled.
  • Fixed script editor bug that caused a freeze when saving popups to a non-ini file in certain situations.
  • Changed font dialog so that when "set as default" is checked, "use default" is automatically checked as well.
  • Fixed maximized window position not being saved when the "on startup minimize mIRC to tray" option is enabled.
Changes in mIRC version 7.27
  • Added "Mark As Read" menu item to treebar, switchbar, toolbar and MDI popup menus to clear all flashing/highlighted window icons.
  • Extended $hfind() to allow saving of results in a @window (with listbox) or calling a command, using the format $hfind(name/N, text, N, M, @window | command).
Changes in mIRC version 7.26
  • Fixed SSL connection issue that prevented mIRC from connecting to servers with certificates that used unrecognized date formats.
  • Fixed hotlink display issue that caused text to flicker when hovering mouse over a link.
  • Fixed SSL support for Subject Alternative Names (SAN) when verifying whether a certificate is valid for the connection.
  • Fixed while loop bug when $& was used to combine conditions across multiple lines.
  • Fixed split long messages color bug.
  • Fixed on HOTLINK gpf bug when /rline was used to modify hotlink line.
  • Fixed reload logs feature not indenting lines correctly.
  • Fixed Find dialog seaching incorrect window if active window changed during a search.
  • Fixed help file bug that may have caused a gpf in some situations when mIRC exited while a help file was still open.
  • Fixed F1 help key not displaying the correct help page for some sections in the Options and Address Book dialogs.
  • Optimized tokenizing routine used throughout mIRC to split space delimited lines.
  • Fixed display bug that may have occurred in rare situations.
  • Updated to PCRE v8.31 library.
  • Fixed $file() not working with directories as in previous versions.
  • Fixed Address Book bug that prevented removal of an existing timed unignore.
  • Fixed channel nick list scrolling unnecessarily during a nick change if a nick was at the top of the list.
  • Changed $mouse.key to report that right mouse button is pressed in the "rclick" hotlink event.
  • Changed incremental search in nickname listboxes so that it works more like Windows explorer.
  • Fixed /run not handling single character input correctly.
  • Changed /localinfo -p to use a random UPnP port outside the first 1056 services port range as some routers block these ports.
  • Changed on HOTLINK event so that /halt in one script does not affect HOTLINK events in other scripts, as with previous versions.
  • Fixed hotlinks not working with &local channel names.
  • Fixed reload logs bug that caused some lines at the end of the log to be excluded in some situations.
  • Fixed reload logs bug that resulted in far less than 500 lines being reloaded into a window.
  • Fixed $inellipse() bug caused by a compiler optimization issue.

Versienummer 7.28 bèta
Releasestatus Beta
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 8
Website mIRC
Bestandsgrootte 1,85MB
Licentietype Shareware


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