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Software-update: Sick Beard build 499 alpha

Door , 37 reacties, submitter: EDIT, bron: Sick Beard

01-01-2013 • 20:26

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Submitter: EDIT

Bron: Sick Beard

Sick Beard logo (45 pix)Er is een nieuwe build van Sick Beard uitgebracht. Dit programma kan in de gaten houden wanneer er nieuwe afleveringen beschikbaar zijn van je favoriete tv-serie en of er afleveringen van betere kwaliteit te vinden zijn. Daarnaast kan het enige uniformiteit in de naamgeving aanbrengen, en is het mogelijk om afleveringen te downloaden van usenet en in mindere mate via BitTorrent. Het programma is in python geschreven en daardoor op diverse besturingssystemen te gebruiken. De ontwikkeling bevindt zich in een vroeg stadium en het programma wordt dan ook nog als alfa aangeboden. Het changelog van deze release ziet er als volgt uit:

Changelog for build 499:
  • Remove providers that no longer exist; NZBMatrix, Newzbin
  • Misc TVDB related fixes. Pull #527 #538
    • Treat episodes on TVDB with the airdate of 0000-00-00 the same as if it was not set to anything.
      This resolves tv.py throwing: Malformed air date retrieved from TVDB
      This resolves tvrage.py throwing: Error encountered while checking TVRage<->TVDB sync: year is out of range
    • Upgrade tvdb_api from 1.7.2 -> 1.8.2
      Should resolve cache issues with regards to users that are unable to write to the cache, depending on how the 'tmp' permissions are set up.
    • Correctly sort shows on homepage that have 0 ep downloaded. (0/# sorts lower than 1/#)
    • Fix SB-API show.addnew and show.addexisting when adding a show from tvdbid that contain no name.
      As this resulted in the show creation folder called None.
    • Fix SB-API sb.searchTVDB call on returning incorrect data for a tvdbid that contains no name.
      Report the failure to add a show to sb because it has no episode/season data rather than saying it has no name and to delete the .nfo file.
  • XBMC notifier rewrite to support XBMC v12 (frodo). Pull #524
    Notifier will query xbmc host to see if it should use the legacy (http-api) or the newer (json-rpc) methods. We still use the HTTP server to send requests to, enable it by going to the following:
    HTTP: In System/Settings/Network/Services activate Allow control of XBMC via HTTP
    Also changed, we send the library update commands only to the FIRST host in the list if there are multiple ones defined (fix for those that have a multi xbmc setup with sql backend).
  • Added "Extend (Limited, E-prefixed)" multi-ep naming scheme of E##-E##. Pull #510
    This was added since our current Limited format (E##-##) is not Plex friendly
  • Fix Newznab providers (nzb.su) that use sphinx, as when SB searches for shows without a tvrage id we were searching with an invalid delimiter. Pull #525
  • Fix Backlog Overview from having funky sorting issues with high season/episode numbering. Pull #516
  • Fix global backlog date from being reset when the limited backlog (startup) ran. Pull #535
  • Make the arrows on the displayShow page act like a circular linked list. Pull #515
  • Cleanup newShow / quality chooser to re-size the page height when switching from/to the 'Custom' quality dropdown. Pull #513 #540 #544 #546
  • Update the git related pull_regex in versionChecker so it works for non-english users. Pull #511
  • Cleanup the initialization / writing of sickbeard's config.ini. Pull #503
  • Tweaked the browser/autocomplete routine so known junk folders are not to be displayed. Pull #545
  • Fix background image for very long webpages, add .mp4 files with unknown quality to the SD assumed quality, sort the splitQuality output so it reflects the internal values correctly (lowest to best). Pull #529
  • Minor bug fixes
    • Ignore invalid air-by-date configs if custom air-by-date is disabled
    • Fix crash in proper/repack thread, 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'replace'

Versienummer build 499 alpha
Releasestatus Alpha
Besturingssystemen Scripttaal
Website Sick Beard
Download http://sickbeard.googlecode.com/files/SickBeard-win32-alpha-build499.zip
Bestandsgrootte 10,17MB
Licentietype GPL

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