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Bron: Xtreamer, submitter: klikko

Xtreamer logo (45 pix)Versie 4.0 van de firmware voor de Xtreamer Prodigy is uitgebracht. Deze met een Realtek 1186-chipset uitgeruste mediaspelers zijn bedoeld voor het afspelen en streamen van mediabestanden vanaf de optioneel ingebouwde harde schijf, een apparaat op het interne netwerk, bedraad of draadloos, of via het internet. Op ons eigen GoT loopt een topic met meer informatie over deze en andere Xtreamer-modellen. Deze versie bevat onder meer een nieuwe muziekspeler en er is MiniDLNA, een server die media naar diverse mobiele apparaten kan streamen. Verder is het apparaat nu in staat om informatie over de mediabestanden van het internet te halen. Versie 4.0 kan niet op de normale manier op de Prodigy gezet worden, maar moet via de emergency-firmwareprocedure worden geflashed.

What's new in this firmware?
  • New Music Player
    Keeping things as similar to Winamp.
    MusicPlayer mechanism, that is now part of the Prodigy & SideWinder3 firmware, means you will from now be able to navigate your music collection on a content orientation rather than only storage path related navigation. While most of our competitors offer you a device that allow you to navigate your files in relation to where they are physically stored, ver 4.0 allow you to enjoy your music collection and navigate through your collection on their posters. You will be able to make your own playlists, add to favorites and even modify the ID3 tags on TV. Enjoy various new layouts that will turn your device to be more fun and easier to handle. We focused on simplicity, its reliability, and its ease of use. We tried to elevate your expected common daily practices on a PC to be an amazing experience on TV.
    Xtreamer is no longer only a good Movie Player, it is now a superb music player with a slick design and innovative functionality.
  • MiniDLNA
    Communicate with all devices.
    In FW 4.0 we included built in server software with the aim of being fully compliant with DLNA/UPnP-AV clients. We decided to bring your Prodigy and Sidewinder 3 devices to work on an industry-wide standard for sharing data over a home network. Stream films from your Prodigy to your PSP, PS3, your Android Mobile, XBOX or Nintendo WI .If you have a router in your home then you have a network and can use DLNA on the Prodigy on it, and if you have wi-fi then you can do it all wirelessly too.
  • Fetching The Movie Info
    An All-on-TV based process.
    Unlike any other media player or streamer in the market that offers a jukebox we rather wanted to focus on simplicity, reliability and ease of use. The Process of adding to your movies a generated information, posters and fan arts is done without you having to do it on a PC before hand. While if you will make prior scanning and fetching process on a special software on a PC it will still work and the result will be shown on your device, we rather prefer you to do all in a few click on the remote control while you are not away from your tv and your device. All you have to do is make you sure your device is connected to the internet and that you press 6 (MENU) on folder with movies. We recommend you to keep every movie on a separate folder. You can Initiate the process on a movie file itself not only on folders with movie.
  • System TrueType Font Changing
    Better Look & Feel
    Version 4 introduce you to a new mechanism that allows you to change the system entire font with a click of a button. Simply copy a .TTF font file to folder and press ENTER on the font file. The system font will change the entire system look and feel.
  • Entire new On Screen Display
    More Stylish System Control.
    We abandoned realtek SDK look and feel for a more stylish system on screen experience. We have improved the ZOOM, GOTO, TIME SKIP, VOLUME and SUBTITLE interaction with the user.
  • Xtreamer Live
    Keeping things as you familiar with from your PC.
    Thousands of live internet movie clips and music now integrated DsaPac, a member of our community, with the help of many valuable members in our forums, have created a spectacular project that allow you to enjoy thousands of sources for online streaming content. In Ver 4 we have integrated this project into the base firmware for an easier experience. Just Enable it in the system services Settings menu and accept the disclaimer terms.
Bugs fixed
  • Many system improvements and bug fixes
    More Mature and stable system firmware.
    The Xtreamer version 4 is in many aspects based on the successful open communication we have with our members of the community. For the past 4 months we have collected their bug reports, suggestions and wishes and introducing you the result. We believe that you will notice the enhanced system reliability, its ease of use and speed improvmenet the moment you upgrade your system. From little things like adding navigation scroller to big things like system font we tried to elevate your expected common daily practices to be an amazing experience on TV. Here are just a few examples of how your Xtreamer Prodigy & SideWinder3 experience was fine-tuned.
Download and installation instructions

Do not upgrade from SETTINGS - you need to run the emergency firmware procedure as specified below!!!

To install: download the file and unzip it. Find install.img and copy it to the root of a USB stick.
  • Go to your Prodigy, turn it off by unplugging the power cord for several seconds.
  • Put the cord back but do not power the machine on.
  • Plug the USB stick to a USB port at the back panel.
  • When the machine is OFF press the power button for about 10-12 sec (you will see that the blue LED light is turning on but still keep your finger pressed on the power button until the power LED is turned off).
  • When the LED is off you can release your finger and let it start flash the firmware.
Please remember to reset your player to factory default settings after every firmware upgrade.

Do not power off the machine while the update process is taking place. BE PATIENT IT WILL TAKE LONGER TIME THAN NORMAL IN THIS UPDATE.

Xtreamer Prodigy

Versienummer 4.0
Releasestatus Final
Website Xtreamer
Bestandsgrootte 214,00MB
Licentietype Freeware
Moderatie-faq Wijzig weergave

Reacties (7)

Toch denk ik nog steeds dat een apparaat met XBMC beter is. Ik zag dat de Xtreamer 4.0 firmware het downloaden van subtitles ondersteunt, maar als je al kijkt hoe vaak de plugin in XBMC geupdate moet worden om te blijven werken, vraag ik me af of dit voor de Xtreamer wel haalbaar is om ondersteunig op te geven? Website API's veranderen redelijk vaak namelijk.

Als ik al lees dat de 4.0 update maanden op zich liet wachten, denk ik dat de support en snelheid waarop het team bugs oplost best frustrerend kan zijn.
Zelfde versie FW is nu ook voor de Sidewinder3 beschikbaar:

** Update **

Even mee zitten stoeien en eerste indrukken:
- Starten lijkt sneller dan met 3.5RC10
- Multimediamap van mijn QNAP kon ik als Favoriet vastleggen, in V4.0 lukt dat niet. Wel kun je de onderliggende mappen in je Favorieten vastleggen - gelukkig ;).
- NFS krijg ik nog steeds niet aan de praat, noch via de webinterface noch via de speler zelf.

[Reactie gewijzigd door Hamiko op 21 december 2012 11:42]

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