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Bron: Zabbix, submitter: Speedfightserv

Zabbix logo (27 pix)Er is een update voor versie 2.0.0 van Zabbix uitgekomen. Met dit programma kan de status van netwerkservices, servers en andere netwerkapparatuur in de gaten gehouden worden. Op zichzelf kan het programma alleen simpele informatie weergeven, maar door het installeren van een zogeheten agent op de server kan er ook gedetailleerdere info worden verkregen. Meer informatie over Zabbix kan op deze pagina worden gevonden en hier staan enkele screenshots. Het changelog voor versie 2.0.4 laat de volgende veranderingen en verbeteringen zien:

Complete List of Bug Fixes and Improvements included into 2.0.4
  • [ZBX-1357] added initial Portuguese (Portugal) translation
  • [ZBXNEXT-1398] implemented flickerfree screen shadowing for old screen data
  • [ZBX-1357] added initial Indonesian translation
  • [ZBXNEXT-1393] fixed global scripts font
  • [ZBX-4638] added support of {HOST.HOST}, {HOST.NAME}, {HOST.IP}, {HOST.DNS} and {HOST.CONN} macros in "params" field for SSH, Telnet and DB monitor items
  • [ZBX-4663] added possibility to use dots in JMX attribute names
  • [ZBX-5556] action recovery message body can now be empty
  • [ZBX-1357] updated American English, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese (China), Chinese (Taiwan), Czech, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Latvian, Polish, Slovak, Russian and Ukrainian translations; thanks to Zabbix translators
  • [ZBXNEXT-1426] added initial Persian translation
  • [ZBXNEXT-1447] added initial Finnish translation
  • [ZBX-5525] renamed macro {TRIGGER.COMMENT} to {TRIGGER.DESCRIPTION}
  • [ZBX-5684] fixed inconsistency that CItem get() returned discovery rules and item prototypes by default
  • [ZBX-5684] fixed problem when updating non normal items status, it's flag is changed to normal
  • [ZBX-5882] fixed "Illegal string offset" errors and allowed templated trigger prototypes in trigger expressions test
  • [ZBX-5848] removed flexible intervals from items in the default templates
  • [ZBX-5877] fixed tree position saving in IT services
  • [ZBX-5878] fixed misaligned leading lines in IT services
  • [ZBX-5875] fixed items configuration in French language
  • [ZBX-5860] fixed hostgroup massupdate
  • [ZBX-5814] fixed an incorrect error message when saving an illegal trigger expression
  • [ZBX-4247] fixed processing of trigger expression if item key contains another trigger expression string
  • [ZBX-2640] fixed some issues when creating and editing log triggers
  • [ZBX-5855] fixed "Array to string conversion" errors in 1.8 XML import
  • [ZBX-3684] fixed "Undefined index" error in 1.8 XML import
  • [ZBX-5732] fixed sending data from a file in Zabbix sender
  • [ZBX-5741] fixed Zabbix sender crash if a corrupted server response is received
  • [ZBX-5722] fixed calculation of "vm.memory.size[available]" in Zabbix agent on Solaris
  • [ZBX-5149] fixed refreshing of unsupported "Zabbix agent (active)" items by a proxy
  • [ZBX-5759] fixed Oracle ORA-01002 SQL error on items bulk actions
  • [ZBX-5639] fixed global options "dropdown first entry" and "remember selected" in availability reports
  • [ZBX-5639] improved sdii() debugging function
  • [ZBX-5816] fixed undefined index in Monitoring > Events, when favorite trigger has been deleted
  • [ZBX-5771] fixed acknowledge tick mark lost on "overview" page
  • [ZBX-5821] fixed 2.0 xml format template import
  • [ZBX-5791] fixed possible SQL errors when linking groups to a host
  • [ZBX-5786] fixed screens import, that contain simple graphs or plain texts
  • [ZBX-5753] fixed server crash when using an icmpping* check as a discovery rule
  • [ZBX-5382] fixed agent crash on HP-UX Itanium; thanks to Alice Ferrazzi
  • [ZBX-5289] fixed agent crash on Solaris; thanks to Jairo Eduardo Lopez Fuentes Nacarino, Takanori Suzuki
  • [ZBX-5744] removed redundant HTML from the map monitoring page
  • [ZBX-5744] fixed script.getscriptsbyhost returning an unnecessary array of hosts for each script
  • [ZBX-5811] fixed no permissions error when change user group "status", "frontend access" and "debug mode" using link in user groups list
  • [ZBX-5751] fixed CDiscoveryRule get() and CItemPrototype get() "selectGraphs" parameter
  • [ZBX-5667] fixed host screen defined in template does not show item data for "Plain text" elements
  • [ZBX-5762] fixed undefined indexes in graph prototype form
  • [ZBX-5125] fixed possible SQL errors while upgrading DB
  • [ZBX-5415] fixed check for PostgreSQL dev libraries
  • [ZBX-5740] removed "discoveryids" parameter from CItem, CTrigger and CGraph get() methods
  • [ZBX-5740] fixed CItemPrototype parameter "selectTriggers" not working
  • [ZBX-5111] fixed child trigger data reset after changes in parent trigger
  • [ZBX-5742] fixed trigger order_result in item and item prototype
  • [ZBX-5754] fixed English strings in trigger expression helper
  • [ZBX-5700] added permission checks in frontend
  • [ZBX-5700] fixed error after image deleting
  • [ZBX-5700] fixed duplicates in audit log after deleting
  • [ZBX-5700] fixed spaces in audit log
  • [ZBX-4186] added permission checks in media types
  • [ZBX-4185] added permission checks in user groups
  • [ZBX-5637] changed form, functions description and parameters in trigger expression helper (popup_trexpr.php) and changed popup size
  • [ZBX-5603] fixed already defined constant error when db is unavailable
  • [ZBX-5720] fixed incorrect error when deleting internal host group
  • [ZBX-5643] fixed SQL error by adding permission check for triggers when adding nonexistent dependencies via API
  • [ZBX-5643] fixed circularity check for trigger addDependencies() in API
  • [ZBX-5691] fixed error when creating graph if Oracle configured to use comma as decimal separator
  • [ZBX-5671] fixed error when saving configuration in Administration -> General with Oracle backend
  • [ZBX-5693] fixed possibility to create graph with the same name as existing graph prototype within template
  • [ZBX-5698] fixed API response after "triggerprototype.create", now request returns "triggerids" after INSERT
  • [ZBX-5648] fixed problems with "templateid" in API; added check for "templateid" in graphs, triggers, items, screens and template screens; fixed full clone; fixed screen forms; fixed messages in API
  • [ZBX-5679] fixed icon mapping icon preview in configuration form
  • [ZBX-5137] fixed host/group dropdowns changing selected value on refresh after page actions
  • [ZBX-5688] fixed trigger expression suffix support for graph triggers, only KMG were supported
  • [ZBX-5665] fixed LLD created triggers not being deleted when related trigger prototype is deleted
  • [ZBX-5661] fixed keys "" and "" with "ops" and "sps" parameters on Linux and FreeBSD
  • [ZBX-5614] fixed agent compiling problem on OpenBSD 5.1
  • [ZBX-5674] fixed execution of actions with SSH commands with "Public key" autentication
  • [ZBX-5656] fixed timeperiod validation
  • [ZBX-5660] fixed expression constructor exp labels style
  • [ZBX-3204] changed generating and reading algorithm for trigger expression condition functions, and fixed English translation
  • [ZBX-5677] fixed param field 3 manipulation in trigger popup
  • [ZBX-5648] disallowed changing "templateid" in items, or creating new item with a predefined "templateid"
  • [ZBX-5644] fixed triggers with spaces in the expression missing from the graph legend
  • [ZBX-5652] fixed resolving of a {ITEM.NAME} macro in notification messages
  • [ZBX-5454] fixed encoding of long email subject line as required by RFC-2047; thanks to Jairo Eduardo Lopez Fuentes Nacarino
  • [ZBX-3920] added check for duplicate dependencies
  • [ZBX-5636] fixed empty acknowledge block in event details if event has no acknowledgments
  • [ZBX-5571] fixed reporting of system.sw.packages for multiple package systems
  • [ZBX-5559] fixed reporting of system.sw.packages with short package listing
  • [ZBX-5280] fixed functional macros for newly created items returning 0 instead of 'no data'
  • [ZBX-5280] fixed HOST.DNS macro priorities when only JMX and IPMI interfaces are used in host
  • [ZBX-5280] fixed HOST.DNS macro not using default DNS from host interface configuration
  • [ZBX-5280] added HOST.HOST macro support in map labels for trigger items
  • [ZBX-4097] changed the "application", "host" and "group" parameters for item.get, trigger.get and triggerprototype.get to be case sensitive
  • [ZBX-1946] fixed being able to create screen items with spans exceeding the size of the screen
  • [ZBX-5619] fixed errors when importing a template with an empty screen
  • [ZBX-3803] added PHP session auto start check in frontend setup
  • [ZBX-5621] fixed custom trigger severity displaying in user media configuration
  • [ZBX-5617] fixed class bug in trigger expression condition
  • [ZBX-5046] fixed an error when deleting a globalmacro when the macro doesn't exist
  • [ZBX-5595] fixed "housekeeper" table getting entries when deleting a discovery rule or an item prototype
  • [ZBX-5596] fixed login form input field width
  • [ZBX-5629] fixed JavaScript error if user media contains doublequote
  • [ZBX-5580] fixed graph grid for negative values
  • [ZBX-1825] fixed clickable text in popup menu headers
  • [ZBX-5582] clarified StartTrappers parameter in the server and proxy configuration files
  • [ZBX-4833] fixed screens not being cloned upon a full template clone
  • [ZBX-5547] fixed server name and other parameters in frontend setup not being escaped
  • [ZBX-3347] fixed error when creating an item with a new application that already exists
  • [ZBX-3907] fixed API user.logout method
  • [ZBX-4983] fixed importing of 1.8 templates if they contain already existing host macros
  • [ZBX-5579] fixed displaying 'Acknowledged' in Monitoring -> Triggers when a trigger has no events by displaying 'No events' instead
  • [ZBX-5606] removed 'units' and 'store value' fields for character data items
  • [ZBX-5608] fixed incorrect macro resolving in trigger descriptions if expression has duplicate functions
  • [ZBX-5650] added more information about ProxyLocalBuffer parameter in the example configuration file
  • [ZBX-5414] fixed handling of an incorrect username/password in SNMPv3 checks
  • [ZBX-5609] fixed defaults for parameters of items in "zabbix_agentd -p"
  • [ZBX-5552] fixed processing of vm.memory.size[total] under FreeBSD
  • [ZBX-5572] fixed trivial compilation warnings

Zabbix screenshot (512 pix)

Versienummer 2.0.4
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Linux, BSD, Solaris, UNIX
Website Zabbix
Bestandsgrootte 12,44MB
Licentietype GPL


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