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Software-update: NetBSD 1.6

Qwerty-273 meldde dat er een nieuwe versie van NetBSD 1.6 is uitgebracht. Wat NetBSD inhoudt, is te lezen op de site:

The NetBSD Operating System is a fully functional Open Source UNIX-like operating system derived from the University of California, Berkeley Networking Release 2 (Net/2), 4.4BSD-Lite, and 4.4BSD-Lite2 sources. NetBSD runs on fifty two different system architectures featuring seventeen machine architectures across eleven distinct CPU families, and is being ported to more. [break] Hieronder staan de belangrijkste updates van de release-notes:[/break] * Kernel:
  • Ports to new platforms including: algor, dreamcast, evbarm, hpcarm, hpcsh, newsmips, sandpoint, sgimips, sun2, and walnut.
  • Unified Buffer Cache (UBC) removes size restriction of the file system's buffer cache to use all available RAM (if not otherwise used!) and improves overall system performance.
  • Round-robin page colouring implemented for various ports for better cache utilisation, more deterministic run-time behaviour, and faster program execution.
  • A rewritten SCSI middle layer to provide a cleaner interface between the different kernel layers, including a kernel thread to handle error recovery outside of the interrupt context. See scsipi(9).
  • A new pipe implementation with significantly higher performance due to lower overheads, which uses the UVM Page Loan facility.
  • Linux binary emulation has been greatly improved with the addition of arm, alpha, m68k and powerpc support, and now supports kernel version 2.4.18.
  • Booting from RAIDframe devices is now supported on some ports.
  • New boot loader flags -v (bootverbose) and -q (bootquiet), to be used by kernel code to optionally print information during boot.
  • An in-kernel boot time device configuration manager userconf(4), activated with the -c boot loader flag.
  • A work-in-progress snapshot of ACPI support, based on the 20010831 snapshot of the Intel ACPICA reference implementation.
  • USB 2.0 support, in the form of a preliminary driver for the ehci(4) host controller.
  • Basic kernel support for IrDA in the form of the irframe(4) IrDA frame level driver. Serial dongles and the oboe(4) driver are currently supported.
  • Kernel configuration files can be embedded into the kernel for later retrieval. Refer to INCLUDE_CONFIG_FILE in options(4) for more information.
  • Many more kernel tunable variables added to sysctl(8).
* Networking:
  • Hardware assisted IPv4 TCP and UDP checksumming and caching of the IPv6 TCP pseudo header. Support for checksum offloading on the DP83820 Gigabit Ethernet, 3Com 3c90xB, 3Com 3c90xC, and Alteon Tigon/Tigon2 Gigabit Ethernet cards.
  • Zero-Copy for TCP and UDP transmit path achieved through page loaning code for sosend().
  • In-kernel ISDN support, from the ISDN4BSD project.
  • 802.1Q VLAN (virtual LAN) support. See vlan(4).
  • IPFilter now supports IPv6 filtering.
  • ndbootd(8) added; used to netboot NetBSD/sun2 machines.
  • racoon(8) added; IKE key management daemon for IPsec key negotiation, from the KAME project.
  • WEP encryption supported in ifconfig(8) and awi(4) driver.
  • wi(4) and wiconfig(8) now support scanning for access points, and defaults to BSS instead of ad-hoc mode.
  • Bridging support; currently only for ethernet. See bridge(4).
  • In-kernel PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE) - RFC 2516, with much lower overhead than user-land PPPoE clients. See pppoe(4).
  • ifwatchd(8) added; invokes up-script and down-script when a network interface goes up and down. Used by pppoe(4).
* File Systems:
  • Enhanced stability of LFS version 2, the BSD log-structured file system.
  • dump(8), dumpfs(8), fsck_ffs(8), fsirand(8), newfs(8), and tunefs(8) support a -F option to manipulate file system images in regular files.
  • makefs(8) added; creates file system images from a directory tree. (Currently ffs only.)
  • Enhanced ffs_dirpref() by Grigoriy Orlov, which noticeably improves performance on FFS file systems when creating directories, and subsequently manipulating them.
  • Fixes for free block tracking and directory block allocation in FFS softdeps.
  • Correctly support FFS file systems with a large number of cylinder groups.
  • Fix the endian independant FFS (FFS_EI) support.
  • newfs(8) calculates default block size from the file system size, and uses the largest possible cylinders/group (cpg) value if -c isn't given.
  • dpti(4) driver added; an implementation of the DPT/Adaptec SCSI/I2O RAID management interface. Allows the use of the Linux versions of dptmgr, raidutil, dptelog, (etc).
  • Support for Windows 2000 'NTFS' (NTFS5, read-only).
  • Tagged queueing support for SCSI drivers based on the ncr53c9x controller.
* Security:
  • Addition of a chroot(8) hierarchy for services including named(8), ntpd(8), and sshd(8).
  • Additional passwd(5) ciphers: MD5, and DES with more encryption rounds. See passwd.conf(5).
  • Several more code audits were performed.
  • /etc/security performs many more checks and is far more flexible in how it monitors changes. See security.conf(5).
* System administration and user tools:
  • sushi(8) added; a menu based system administration tool.
  • pgrep(1) and pkill(1) added; find or signal processes by name or other attributes.
  • System upgrades are made easier through the etcupdate(8) script which helps updating the /etc config files interactively, and the /etc/postinstall script which is provided to check for or fix configuration changes that have occurred in NetBSD.
  • stat(1) added; a user interface to the information returned by the stat(2) system call.
  • BSD sort(1) replaces GNU sort(1).
  • The "stop" operation for rc.d(8) scripts waits until the service terminates before returning. This improves the reliability of "restart" operations as well.
  • Swap devices can be removed at system shutdown by enabling swapoff in rc.conf(5).
  • An optional watchdog timer which will terminate rc.shutdown(8) after the number of seconds provided in rcshutdown_timeout from rc.conf(5).
* Miscellaneous:
  • Support for multibyte LC_CTYPE locales has been integrated from the Citrus project. Many Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and other encodings are now available.
  • Full support for cross-compilation of the base system, even as a non-root user! src/ is available for doing arbitrary cross-builds; see src/BUILDING for more information. At least 38 ports for the NetBSD 1.6 release were cross-built on a NetBSD/i386 system using this mechanism.
  • Migrated the following CPU platforms to ELF: arm, and m68k (including amiga, hp300, mac68k, mvme68k, sun2, and x68k).
  • Many new packages in The NetBSD packages collection, including the latest open source desktop KDE3,, as well as the latest Perl, Apache and many more. At the time of writing, there are over 3000 third party packages available in pkgsrc.
  • Added AGP GART driver agp(4) for faster access to graphics boards.
  • init(8) will create an mfs (memory based file system) /dev if /dev/console is missing.
  • vmstat(8) displays kernel hash statistics with -H and -h hash.
  • wscons(4) supports blanking of VGA consoles.
Versienummer 1.6
Website NetBSD
Licentietype GPL

Door Robin Vreuls


16-09-2002 • 14:16

3 Linkedin Google+

Submitter: Qwerty-273

Bron: NetBSD

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Ik draai nu zelf FreeBSD. Weet iemand wat de voordelen van FreeBSD ten op zichte van NetBSD zijn en omgekeerd?

Hier wordt de hele BSD familie besproken.
FreeBSD, NetBSD en OpenBSD.

Met hun verschillen ten opzichte van elkaar.
Kleine correctie: Licentietype = BSD

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