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Firmware-update: Eminent EM7080 hdMEDIA RT

Eminent heeft voor zijn EM7080 hdMEDIA RT-mediaspeler nieuwe firmware op de wereld gezet, met als versienummer. De meegeleverde lijst met veranderingen laat verschillende verbeteringen zien. Gebruikerservaringen kunnen worden gedeeld in het Eminent 7080 Problemen topic op het De bijbehorende lijst met veranderingen ziet er als volgt uit:

Web services:
  • Shoutcast added
  • Ziggo TV streams added (requires a Ziggo Cable internet connection.) (So you can use your EM7080 as a 'tv tuner' for the available streams!)
  • The & issues with UZG is solved (thanks to all contributors!)
  • Tuned NZBget startup, so that PHP/Lighttpd will start even if there is no HDD (removes YouTube hdd requirement..) (Note, with no HDD you will get errors in the NZBget page if you try to open it. NZBget still requires HDD.)
  • Individual audio decode settings for AC3, AAC, MP3, DTS, WMA
  • Supports two external subtitles displayed simultaneously,only for text based subtitles type like SRT
  • New option on SCAN MODE setup LCD TV (overscan).
  • Added playlists support. (Red for select and cancel , green for add, requires built-in HDD disk)
  • Multiple use of the cursor navigation keys during video playback, you can select between “playback control" and "subtitles adjustment"
  • Enable up/down key on SEEK operation menu, which used for 5 second steps.
  • During video playback, pressing the return key is now equivalent to pressing stop.
  • If loading a Blu-ray directory fails, player will automatically open the directory of the disc.
  • Added a new on/off option for Bluray directory auto-play.
  • Removed the hint message " service shutting down "
  • Fixed the password issue on restoring default settings.
Custom features (HDD required):

On system start, with HDD: /usr/local/etc/diy/appstart runs. In the main menu, you can press a colour key and it will run your custom script:
  • Red: /usr/local/etc/diy/redscript
  • Green: /usr/local/etc/diy/greenscript
  • Yellow: /usr/local/etc/diy/yellowscript
  • Blue: /usr/local/etc/diy/bluescript
Important requirement:

This updated requires placing it on USB stick, pressing the button on the bottom & re-flashing your EM7080. No data loss will occur on your disk. Only settings will be re-set. If you do not flash this way, NZBget and the DIY button scripts will not work.

How to:
  • Power off unit
  • Place install.img on stick
  • insert USB stick
  • Press button, keep pressed
  • Power on while button still pressed
  • Wait 30 seconds, and the upgrade will start and show on your TV.

Part of the upgrade for MMS files is contained in the IPK extension packages. These are inside your firmware since 1.0.3.x and MUST NOT be placed on USB stick (or external hard drive) together with the install.img.. !
System -> System update -> Extension Package Upgrade
System -> Systeem Update -> Uitbreidingen installeren
(You my need to reboot the system after first boot, to enable this option to work and show progress.)

Releasestatus Final
Website Eminent
Bestandsgrootte 53,32MB
Licentietype Freeware

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