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Software-update: Adobe Acrobat/Reader 9.3.0

Adobe Reader logo (75 pix)Adobe heeft een nieuwe versie van Acrobat uitgebracht. Het gaat daarbij zowel om de Reader als om het programma waarmee de pdf-documenten worden gemaakt. Downloads zijn beschikbaar woor Windows, Mac OS X, Linux en Solaris en de releases kunnen op deze pagina worden gevonden. Versie 9.3 is een zogenaamde maintenance release die geen nieuwe mogelijkheden toevoegt. Wel is er een groot aantal beveiligingsissues verholpen. De volledige lijst met verbeteringen is hieronder te vinden:

Resolved issues

PDF Maker
  • 2478552: Fixed an issue where PDFMaker was loading in Office 2010 with 9.x version of Acrobat.
  • 2485091, 2482589: Fixed a 9.2 Snow Leopard out of memory and crash issue where the progress bar causes extreme performance problems when the progress bar of Acrobat gets refreshed a large number of times during an operation.
  • 2445056: Fixed a 9.2 issue where closing PDF causing a Firefox crash when multiple profiles have been started. When there are multiple instances of Firefox.exe running with the profile option of –no-remote and user tries to close the instance that has a PDF document opened, the user gets “Memory could not be read” error.
  • 2481139: Fixed a 9.2 issue where Reader loaded forms in the background but didn’t show the busy cursor.
Web Capture
  • 2465504: Fixed a 9.2 issue where Web Capture sets check box values as checked by default. HTML tag for Checkbox "value" and State were not getting honored.
  • 2465483: Fixed a 9.2 issue where a reviewer’s xml gets overwritten and comments are lost after a user exits and opens the PDF again in shared review, the previous comments were deleted.
  • 2464216: Fixed an Adobe Reader 9.2 issue where it did not trigger the speech synthesizer while clicking on any text fields of the customer PDF form (Jaws 11).
XPS conversion
  • 2458933: Fixed a 9.1.3 issue where converting XPS file with the XPS2PDF Conversion plug-in yielded an incorrect page layout and missing items in the resulting PDF file.
  • 2451794: Fixed a 9.1.3 issue where Acrobat did not display the Save As dialog when the user signs the PDF using digital signature; cannot sign using the Microsoft Base CSP.
  • 2425955: Fixed a 9.1.2 issues where an error encountered while signing: “The Windows Cryptographic Service Provider reported an error. Error code 2148073504” after a number of digital signal signatures have been produced successfully.
  • 2460633: Fixed a 9.2 issue where importAnXFDF does not import 3D views properly when the XFDF contains views associated with a 3D annotation.
  • 2451592: Fixed a 9.1.3 issue where no comments can be viewed after saving a document with corrupt annotations. When user does a Save As operation on a PDF with corrupted annotations and then opens other documents in the same Acrobat session, then any annotations on these documents fail to display.
  • 2402932: Fixed a 9.1.1 issue where files with large paper sizes are printed blank with the 7500 Xerox driver when "choose paper source as PDF size" and "use custom size when needed" are both on.
  • 2300251: Fixed a 9.1.1 issue where the output is clipped and printed with wrong orientation when printed using "Use custom paper size when needed" and "Choose Paper Source by PDF page size" as ON.
  • 2371660: Fixed a 9.2 issue where when the user invokes web services from within a PDF that are protected using WS Security, the SOAP header in the SOAP request that sent from the server to the PDF doesn't conform to the WSSE specification. Recommended action: No action is required in most cases. If server code was written that checked for the incorrect headers, that code may need to be revisited.
  • 2445047: Fixed an issue in 9.2 where submitForm causes xml data to be attached as *.tmp when parameter oXML is used and cSubmitAs is set to 'XML'. Customizing the XML data using oXML parameter and then calling submitForm to email the data caused the data to be attached with .tmp attachment rather than .xml attachment. Recommended action: If a server process is receiving and parsing the attachments, look for either a ".tmp" or a ".xml" extension.

Versienummer 9.3.0
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Windows 2000, Linux, Windows XP, macOS, Solaris, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008
Website Adobe
Bestandsgrootte 37,86MB
Licentietype Freeware/Betaald

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