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Software-update: PasswordSafe 3.17

PasswordSafe is een handig programma voor het bewaren van wachtwoorden: het biedt je de mogelijkheid om je wachtwoorden op te slaan in een versleuteld bestand. Daarnaast kan je aangeven aan welke eisen je wachtwoorden minimaal moeten voldoen en kan je ze automatisch laten aanmaken. Het programma is dus ideaal om voor elke applicatie en webpagina een ander wachtwoord te gebruiken zonder ze allemaal te hoeven onthouden. Versie 3.17 is sinds kort beschikbaar met de volgende aanpassingen:

Password Safe 3.17 has been released and may be downloaded from here (U3 version here). This release has a couple of nice new features, as described below, some bug fixes, as well as support for German (full), Russian (full), Chinese (full), Polish (partial), Spanish (partial) and Swedish (partial). If you're interested in supporting your language, please let me know. Thanks to Karlo, Andrey, Freedoctor and Björn for their translation efforts! Thanks to DK for his work and patience, and thanks to the beta testers who've provided great feedback on pre-release versions.

New Features for 3.17:
  • [1954166] New preference to control word wrap in the Notes field in Add & Edit. This can be overridden for a specific entry by right-clicking in the Notes field.
  • [1533621, 1722481] There's a new, "Browse+" action that combines browsing to an entry's URL and entering the username, password, etc. in a single operation. Note that this does not work (yet) for all browsers and all sites.
  • [1405326] Add new field 'Run Command' to allow arbitrary commands, such as terminal emulators, etc. to be executed via Ctrl+R or from the Edit menu.
  • Implement "Find Up" via clicking Find toolbar button with Shift key down or pressing 'Shift+F3' for repeat find up.
  • Allow users to set their own shortcut keys for menu items. Select via Manage->Options->Shortcuts.
Bugs fixed in 3.17:
  • [2750090] Using SaveAs now unlocks original database on successful completion of the save.
  • [2689144] PWS no longer goes into a loop if the main menu has not yet been displayed when accessing the recent entries via the system tray icon.
  • [2664657] Installer now prompts for elevation to administrator rights on Windows Vista.
  • [2664703] Load base locale DLL if can't find a specific sub-locale version.
  • [2657132] View Reports no longer causes application crash.
  • Correct DragBar bitmaps for a new database.
  • [2599930] All fields, buttons, checknoxes that could change an entry's data are disabled if the database is in read-only mode.
  • Lock on Windows Lock works again.
  • Ctrl+F sets focus to the find string edit box.
  • No longers asks for confirmation of Cancel during Edit in read only mode as that is the only option available to the user.
  • Right-click context menu now correct when user hides toolbars.
Changes to Existing Features in 3.17:
  • When doing a Browse to URL, the password of the current entry is copied to the clipboard. This is action is not performed if the Browse is invoked from the Edit dialog box.
  • Shortcut 'Ctrl+B' (Manage Menu->Backup) has been removed. Shortcut 'Ctrl+R' (Manage Menu->Restore) has been re-assigned to the new "Run Command" function.
Versienummer 3.17
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
Website Sourceforge
Licentietype Voorwaarden (GNU/BSD/etc.)

Door Japke Rosink


29-04-2009 • 16:40

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Bron: Sourceforge


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