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Software-update: MDaemon 10.04

MDaemon is een mailserver voor het Windows-platform met ingebouwde antivirus- en antispamfuncties. De verschillende features die aanwezig zijn in deze mailserver zijn op deze pagina na te lezen en bevatten onder andere het delen van contactlists, tasklists, e-mail, documenten of agenda's, een complete webclient met de naam Worldclient en het valideren van afzenders door middel van Domainkeys Identified Mail, Sender Policy Framework of Sender ID. Ook is het mogelijk om 'spam traps' in te stellen, waarmee alle daar op binnenkomende e-mail geblokkeerd wordt in de andere mailboxen. Alt-N Technologies heeft alweer even geleden versie 10.04 van MDaemon uitgebracht en voorzien van de volgende lijst met aanpassingen sinds de vorige vermelding in de Meuktracker:

Version 10.04:

  • [3171] MDaemon will no longer try to deliver a message if the size of that message is greater and or equal to the maximum allowed as advertised by the receiving server in an ESMTP SIZE declaration. MDaemon will just go on to the next MX and or employ the bounce mechanism/retry queue as appropriate. The size of each message being delivered is now also logged at the top of the session transcript (in the section which logs From/To/Subject).
  • [2501] 5xx errors during message delivery will no longer result in list members being removed from lists if a successful RCPT occurs first.
  • [3383] "Too many simultaneous connections from your IP" message changed to "Too many simultaneous connections from IP <IP>" where <IP> is the IP address in question.
  • [3325] Bayesian and Spam Trap public folders were not handling ACLs for the postmaster user correctly. Rather than having "Postmaster@" as an explicit ACL, MDaemon was creating ACL's for the actual postmaster user's real email address. This lead to problems if the postmaster alias changed to someone else. So, this has been changed but it's too late to apply the new behavior to already existing folders. If you want, you can add a postmaster ACL for those folders yourself using the UI.
  • [3395] The "Spam Filter White List (no filtering)" file syntax has been expanded. It is now possible to white list based on any header/value combination. Hit Ctrl+P and select the "White List (no filtering)" item then read the text for a complete explanation.
  • [2458] The "Backscatter Protection White List" file syntax has been expanded. Any domain values specified within this file will be exempt from both return-path signing on outbound mail and return-path verifying on inbound mail. Hit Ctrl+S, select the "Backscatter Protection" item, click on the White List button and then read the text for a complete explanation.
  • [3409] The Exchange migration tool (MDMigrator) now supports Exchange 2007.
  • [3410] Ability to select users to be migrated was added to MDMigrator.
  • [2782] MDMigrator will now migrate public folder ACLs.
  • [3159] Added checkboxes to save password and autologin to CA quick login screen.
  • [3243] fix to $REGKEY$ not expanding in UI link within Standard/Free
  • [3352] fix to WebAdmin Swedish unable to edit content filter rule
  • [3369] fix to WebAdmin paging and filter buttons do not work for list views
  • [3248] fix to list routing settings not being saved properly
  • [3247] fix to routed list mail having incorrect return-path
  • [3258] fix to changing list name sometimes causing loss of membership list
  • [3386] fix to DNSBL results sometimes displaying wrong returned IP in log
  • [2507] fix to Backscatter Protection handling foreign domain aliases wrong
  • [3213] fix to strong passwords not required with PASSWORD email command
  • [3402] fix to Google Chrome removing whitespace from plain text version of HTML composed messages: Note tabs will be stripped due to the nature of HTML
  • [2504] Update to change the AutoResponder to toggle via a select box instead of a button
  • [3404] fix to public folder permissions not always updated correctly when changing a user's email address
  • [2785] fix to MDMigrator corrupting messages not using charset ISO-8859-1
  • [BZ 7113] fix to MDMigrator crashing when migrating mail with a "%" in message headers
  • [3413] fix to bandwidth throttling possibly slowing inbound SMTP and IMAP connections too much
  • [3228] fix to CA not sending folder name to WC URL encoded
  • [3428] fix to session window column sizes not saved/read properly
  • [3439] fix to WebAdmin gateway file verification method requires hostname
  • [3441] fix to MDaemon not notified when saving gatewayusers.dat in Webadmin

Version 10.03:

  • The DNSBL feature has undergone some internal coding changes. As a result this feature may be disabled after application of this update. It can be easily re-enabled using the UI (Ctrl+P and selecting the DNS-BL node from the left-hand tree-view control).
  • WorldClient LookOut theme's HTML compose page has been optimized to load more quickly
  • [3259] fix to WorldClient script insertion vulnerability [SA32885]
  • [3191] fix to some WorldClient themes not paging messages when searching
  • [3261] fix to wrapped Return-Path header causing MultiPOP deliver error
  • [3125] fix to cannot save DNSBL options in WebAdmin
  • [3129] fix to WebAdmin does not list .old files in log file list
  • [3235] fix to Unable to save Preferences | Miscellaneous page in WebAdmin
  • [3262] fix to WebAdmin administrator cannot log in if Web Access "Account can modify its own settings..." option disabled
  • [3274] fix to AccountPrune not recognizing SkipAutoPrune setting for account auto responder data pruning
  • [3196] fix to WorldClient language and theme selector showing up on MDaemon Standard and Free's logon page
  • [2493] fix to WorldClient day name abbreviation not working correctly in Mobile theme
  • [3208] fix to WebAdmin language selector showing up in MDaemon Standard and Free
  • [3284] fix to incorrect root node averages on MDaemon's Stats pane. You will need to reset your root node counters for this to take effect.
  • [3192] fix to ComAgent - WC/CA sessions on different machine cause CA to not be able to log in
  • [3272] fix to CFEngine crashes if AV engine cannot initialize
  • [3334] fix to taken from MX/A record results and being used
  • [2553] fix to possible high CPU usage with outbound SSL MultiPOP connections
  • [3354] fix to delivery problem following socket connect timeout
  • MDaemon fix to possible SSL negotiation failure, error code 0x80090325
Versienummer 10.04
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP x64, Windows Server 2003 x64, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows Server 2008
Website Alt-N Technologies
Licentietype Shareware

Door Japke Rosink


17-02-2009 • 13:30

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Bron: Alt-N Technologies


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