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Software-update: RVM Integrator 1.5.1

RVM Integrator logo (75 pix) Siginet heeft de finalrelease van RVM Integrator 1.5 uitgebracht en deze meteen, noodgedwongen, op laten volgen door versie 1.5.1. Dit programma is bedoeld om op een eenvoudige manier de Post-SP2 Update Pack van Ryan Vandermeulen te integreren in een Windows-installatie-cd. Op die manier kan een aangepaste installatie-cd worden gecreŽerd met bijvoorbeeld extra drivers en met de laatste updates van Microsoft alvast geintegreerd. Vandermeulen lijkt trouwens weer terug van weggeweest te zijn. Afgelopen zondag heeft hij de eerste release candidate van versie 2.2.1 van zijn Update Pack uitgebracht. Hieronder is het complete changelog voor de versies 1.5.1 en 1.5.0 van de RVM Integrator te vinden:

Changes in version 1.5.1:
  • Fixed: Recompress UpdatePack/Addons plugin was giving an error during compression of certain addons.
Changes in version 1.5.0:
  • Improvement: ASMS files are automatically compressed. Now ASMS compression takes place after txtsetup.sif is updated.
  • Addition: New File Menu which links to the "Unattended Parameters" thread. So that users can learn how to use the integrators switches to automate processes.
  • Improvement: [FileCopy] and [FileMove] will now detect if a file is compressed and extract the file as needed.
  • Fixed: When no Lable is given for the iso name the integrator was giving it a name of "%3" but now it will use "RVMi" by default.
  • Addition: New File Menu "Optimize System Files Now" which will perform "Optimize System Files" only.
  • Addition: If files are compressed on the original source then the integrator will compress the new files automatically.
  • Addition: Added many new Unattended Parameters! You can read about them here.
  • Improvement: WPI Plugin files are only copied if needed or newer version exists.
  • Fixed: The gui now supports Large (120 DPI) Fonts.
  • Change: When a settings file is loaded it is now copied to integrator.ini instead of pointing the integrator to a different settings file.
  • Addition: The integrator will now save your original timestamps on edited files.
  • Improvement: Bigger Graphical User Interface, with a new Logo, Thanks to HJW and Wolfx2!
  • Improvement: Updated English_1.5.lng file.
  • Improvement: Changed the way certain files are executed to give better compatability with system settings.
  • Addition: Added a new advanced option to cache This comes in handy for those of us who integrate multiple copies of our disks. It dramatically speeds up multiple integrations by about 10 minutes (Depending on your computer's speed). It detects if it is xp home, pro. 2003 and it also verifies the md5hash of each file that was added to If the cached files match all the above then it copies the cached instead of recompressing which is the longest portion of integration. If it doesn't match all the above then it will perform a recompression of and cache the finished files for later.
  • Addition: Added the ability to add switchless .exe files as addons. They are automatically added to svcpack and svcpack.inf.
  • Addition: Added a new plugin... "ReCompress Update/AddonPacks". This new plugin will utalize the integrator to allow a user to optimize any UpdatePacks/AddonPacks so that when used for integration they will not need to compress most files found in I386_Compress. It also will ask for a txtsetup.sif file you can specify for the integrator to parse to find files that are compressable. (Specifying a txtsetup.sif file is reccommended... but is completely optional.)
  • Addition: Added the option to SlipStream a ServicePack file without performing an integration.
  • Addition: Added a new Inputbox to the "MakeISO Tab" (This also means there is a new addition to the English_1.5.lng file as well: 1135 = Browse To the Location Which Contains the Finished I386 Directory.)
  • Addition: The integrator now checks the I386 Directory for existing compressed or uncompressed files which are being moved from rvmtemp\extracted. If they exist they are deleted before the transfer.
  • Addition: Added usable Fourth pole in ExtraFileEdits which forces the integrator to use Case Sensativity when editing files. - Requested by: enu_user.
  • Addition: Added code to prevent users from integrating RyanVM's 2.2x Updatepacks over 2.1.x UpdatePacks. - Requested by RyanVM for future UpdatePacks.
  • Addition: Added new @PLUGINS variable for use with [FileCopy], [FileMove], [DirCopy], [DirMove], [RunFile] and the new [CreateCab] and [ExpandCab] sections. This new variable will allow a UpdatePack/Addon creator to specify the RVM Integrators PLUGINS directory as a place of source/Destination of files.
  • Addition: You can now use parameters in the [RunFile] section.
  • Addition: Added 2 new Sections that can be used in any entries file for expanding and creating complete cab archives. [ExpandCab] and [CreateCab]. They were mainly created so that people can make Media Center UpdatePacks/Addons.
  • Addition: Added code to automatically parse txtsetup.sif to see which files can be compressed in the i386 directory. It also automatically compresses cat files too. (I386_compress is still available as well.)
  • Addition: Added support to automatically parse drvindex.inf to see if files need to be copied or moved to (drivercab_copy and drivercab_move are still available as well.)
  • Addition: recompression is automatically performed if msmsgs.exe is found in the updatepack or if the section mmssetupcab_move is found in entries.ini. It does not recompress if neither of those areas are found.
  • Addition: Completly removed modifype.exe due to Vista incompatabilities and replaced it with n7Epsilon's PEChecksum.exe. Thanks n7Epsilon! (This file is used in the patch addons to make sure the correct PEHeaders are placed in HexEdited files.)
  • Addition: When you click on the Config: integrator.ini located on the main gui tab it will open the ini in notepad.
  • Improvement: [HexEdit] sections were expanding and recompressing files for every single edit made to the file. Now it only expands the file once and then recompresses when it finishes all edits.
  • Improvement: [ExtraFileEdits] sections were expanding and recompressing files for every single edit made to the file. Now it only expands the file once and then recompresses when it finishes all edits.
  • Improvement: Changed the way the integrator detects Upgrade disks. Hopefully this will be more universal. Only tested on windows XP.
  • Improvement: Files are now moved instead of copied during the "Shifting Files Around" stage of integration which will drastically improve on the integration time.
  • Improvement: The integrator will now add a .ini to the end of any filename given in Save Settings (if .ini doesn't allready exist at the end of the name).
  • Improvement: Forced [EditFile] to create any directory structure and the file it is editing if it does not allready exist.
  • Improvement: Posted new English_1.5.lng file which contains more areas to translate. (Like the menu items at the top)
  • Improvement: Re-Wrote the entire Translation portion of the integrator so that it does not need to know the exact amount of lines used for translation.
  • Improvement: Added more advanced debugging. When you select the advanced debug features it will show a lot more paths in the log.
  • Improvement: The Advanced Option "Convert Unicode to ANSI" feature should be obsolete now so it has been removed.
  • Improvement: Made the integrator check if at least 1.5 GB of space is available to perform integration.
  • Improvement: Got rid of the need for xcopy.exe.
  • Fixed: The integrator is now fully compatable with Windows Vista x86 and x64 versions.
  • Fixed: Path issues with 7zdn.exe which should get rid of a lot of bugs with spaces and symbols in the paths.
  • Fixed: Slipstreaming during integration when selecting "" didn't always run.
  • Fixed: "French Windows XP retail and OEM CD are correctly recognized, but not the corporate one."
  • Fixed: Detection of Corporate and Upgrade disks. Please check each os you have to see if it is detected correctly. If it is not please post your Pidgen.dll file So I can figure out why.
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Versienummer 1.5.1
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 9x, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
Website Siginet Software
Bestandsgrootte 1,02MB
Licentietype Freeware

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Dit proggie is meer 'fire and forget', je krijgt gewoon alle updates in een pack. Bij nLite kan je tweaken wat je nodig hebt en een hele unattended install in elkaar draaien (zo te zien, nog niet zelf gebruikt)... Dus de Integrator is wat eenvoudiger.

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