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Software-update: Anjuta DevStudio 2.2.3 / 2.3.1

Anjuta DevStudio is een veelzijdige integrated development environment voor de programmeertalen C en C++. Het programma wordt speciaal ontwikkeld voor een GTK/GNOME-omgeving op het Linux-plaform en bevat een aantal handige functies, zoals syntax highlighting, code formatting, breakpoints/watches/signal/stack manipulation. De volledige lijst met functies is op deze pagina na te lezen en op deze pagina zijn een aantal screenshots te bewonderen. De ontwikkelaars hebben onlangs versie 2.2.3 in de stable-tak en versie 2.3.1 in de unstable-tak uitgebracht en voorzien van de volgende lijsten met veranderingen:

Version 2.2.3:
  • Fixes profiler plugin build
  • Translation updates: ca.po, ja.po
Version 2.2.2:
  • Fixed #477976 - Keybinding in run dialog
  • Fixed #427104 - No "highlight" of lines matching find-result
  • Fixed #479020 - Use of old open file dialog instead of GtkFileChooser
  • Fixed #478238 - set env for execute programe in the terminal
  • Update EggRecent (#456465)
  • Fixed #466031 - Update of pieces of menus for Localization
  • Fixed #343522 - anjuta: Unable to execute commands that use options.
  • Improved incremental search (still sucks) and selection management in GtkSourceView editor
  • Fix bug#487112, crash while removing a breakpoint in a new file
  • Fix bug#486597, crash when gdb is not installed
  • Fix bug#482067, escape project wizard user defined strings
  • Fixed #477976 - Keybinding in run dialog
  • Fixed #427104 - No "highlight" of lines matching find-result
  • Fixed get_current_word (useful for API help)
  • Fixed #487854 - Anjuta crashes when i try to add a SVN url
  • Fixed #474811 - Anjuta crash while debugging into variable
  • Fixed #488061 - Mutiple crash dialogs
  • Show error dialog instead of crashing when plugin loading fails.
  • Fixed glade-3 3.3.2 build compatibility.
  • Fixed #488928 - Do not register glade plugin if it wasn't built.

Version 2.3.1:

  • New improved subversion plugin (bug #457477)
  • New improved icons (bug #480093)
  • Major improvements to debugger
  • Internationalization improvements
Bugfixes:Bug #493062 – gcj template needs AC_PROG_CC
  • Bug #493212 – Use GTK_STOCK_ABOUT i.s.o. deprecated GNOME_STOCK_ABOUT
  • Bug #422329 – Creating a new directory in program options doesn't work
  • Bug #493583 – crash in Anjuta IDE: trying to open a file
  • Replace anjuta_children_register by g_child_watch_add
  • Fixed translations (Bug #496833, Bug #488211 and Bug #497758)
  • Removed unused code in document manager.
  • Bug #495536 – Plugins localization improvement
  • Bug #495245 – Strings bug
  • Add a pulsing progress bar to all dialogs receiving status
  • Whole Project checkbox enabled by default in diff and update dialogs.
  • Changes the editor names for diff editors to something much more descriptive.
  • The diff dialog should have a checkbox, enabled by default, that allows the user to make sure that all open files are saved before diffing.
  • Do not insensitize New action when there is no document. Indentation fixes.
  • Removed redundant icon.
  • Fixed dockitem positions for subversion and symbol-db widgets.
  • Use Ctrl+Shift+s as shortcut for Save As
  • Partial Fix translation Bug #496833 comment 4,7,8,9,10,11
  • Debugger: Display error message returned by debugger command Add new error codes
  • Debugger: program-unload signal does not exist used debugger-stopped
  • Debugger: Do not display address when not needed
  • Debugger: Breakpoints directly connect to debugger signals
  • Debugger: Remove gnome terminal check function
  • Debugger: Use anjuta terminal plugin instead of gnome terminal
  • Debugger: Partial fix of bug #481366
  • Debugger: Fix a stupid crash when changing a register value
  • Debugger: Rename IAnjutaBreakpointDebugger into IAnjutaDebuggerBreakpoint
  • Debugger: Fix parsing of breakpoint data
  • Debugger: Add a breakpoint list command
  • Debugger: Implement condition, hit count, ignore and temporary attribute
  • Debugger: Remove editor watch when plugin is deactivated
  • Debugger: Connect debugger signal only when program is loaded
  • Debugger: Rename get_feature in is_supported
  • Debugger: Fix bug #500376
  • Debugger: Use different signals in IAnjutaDebugManager and IAnjutaDebugger
  • Translation updates:
      nb.po, it.po, es.po, gl.posv.po, sl.po, ru.po, ko.po, de.po, ja.po, oc.po, ko.po
    Version 2.3.0:

    • Support for GError in interfaces.
    • Big improvements in debugger.
    • On demand preferences dialog (faster startup) and moved to Edit submenu.
    • Moved plugins and shortcuts settings inside General preferences page.
    • Move preferences menu from Settings to Edit submenu.
    • Got rid of Settings submenu.
    • Updates for glade-3 recent releases.
    • Sort preferences pages on title.
    • Introduced document-interface and reorganized documents handling such that documents tab can now hold any 'document' and not just editors.
    • Glade files are now opened as documents, so they behave just like editors.
    • Do not display registers list if not available
    • Big fixes in glade plugin.
    • Fixed lots of memory leaks (thansk valgrind)
    • Change the address of FSF in various files
    • Cleaned up message view (#458041)
    • Cleaned up message view
    • Removed some deprecated widgets.
    • New and better (uses gnome-vfs) file-manager plugin
    • Big improvements in autocompletion, both in scintilla and sourceview editors.
    • Whole lot of new icons for toolbars and plugins.
    • Added preference option to set the gdl switcher style
    • Function tooltips are finally supported in sourceview.
    • Added nicer icons for document manager and debugger.
    • New incremental "Quick Search" bar in the document manager
    • Improvements in plugin framework.
    • Added API for commands override in build interface
    • Fixed anjuta-plugin project wizard
    • Fixed selection management in sourceview
    • Fixed incremental search
    • Fixed #427390 – Show path of item in currently focused editor window
    • Fixed #458034 – Method of indicating unsaved changes breaks convention
    • Fixed #343522 – Unable to execute commands that use options.
    • Fixed #466031 – Update of pieces of menus for Localization
    • Show an error dialog instead of crashing when plugin loading fails
    • Clean up debugger queue
    • Many small code, warnings and leak fixes
    • Fixed #440637 – Search, don't work very well
    • Fixed #478238 – set env for execute programe in the terminal
    • Fixed #479020 – Use of old open file dialog instead of GtkFileChooser
    • Fixed #427104 – No "highlight" of lines matching find-result
    • Improved (programming) language management.
    • Fixed #480851, disconnect save_session signal when plugin is unloaded
    • Moved indent code to it's own plugin.
    • Fixed #478987 – Unusable 'Indent setting window' on preferences
    • Fixed #477976 – Keybinding in run dialog
    • Fixed #482067, escape project wizard user defined strings
    • Fix several crashing bugs (including bug#482985) with the debugger when closing project, stopping the debugger, restarting the program
    • Scroll to selected executable and remember it across sessions (followup of #477976)
    • Fixed #357544 – incremental search should work consistently (or not at all) when main toolbar is hidden
    • Bug 440637 – Search, don't work very well (partly for incremental search)
    • Use the same marker for 'important' in sourceview editor as gedit (yellow background)
    • Correction to various search-related issues
    • Move glade properties widget into center because it is way to big for the sidebar
    • Added preferences to file-manager.
    • Fixed crash when closing a project and unloading another while the debugger is enabled
    • Fixed #487854 – Anjuta crashes when i try to add a SVN url
    • Remove maximum gdb command length, should fix bug#474811
    • Fix #488061: Mutiple crash dialogs
    • Fixed the language supprt loading unloading stuff.
    • Added some separators to the toolbar
    • Fixed #487683 – undefined operations in libegg/eggtreemodelfilter.c
    • Bug 489798 – Do not rely on svn-config
    [break]De volgende twee bestanden staan klaar:
    * Anjuta DevStudio 2.2.3 stable
    * Anjuta DevStudio 2.3.1 unstable
    Versienummer 2.2.3 / 2.3.1
    Releasestatus Final
    Besturingssystemen Linux
    Website Anjuta IDE
    Licentietype GPL

    Door Japke Rosink


    07-12-2007 • 23:35

    1 Linkedin Google+

    Bron: Anjuta IDE

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