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Bron: WinUAE, submitter: spellcoder

WinUAE logo (45 pix) WinUAE, de Windows-port van de UAE Amiga-emulator, is voorzien van een update naar versie 2.3.2. Dit programma is in staat om een Commodore Amiga perfect te emuleren. Alle modellen, vanaf de allereerste Amiga 1000 tot en met de Amiga 4000, worden ondersteund. Houd er wel rekening mee dat de WinUAE zonder kickstart (boot-rom) of andere software wordt geleverd. Meer informatie kan in de Amiga Emulator FAQ worden gevonden. WinUAE draait op Windows 2000 en hoger, en de download is iets meer dan 2MB groot. Naast de emulator zijn nog een kickstart, zeg maar de bios/firmware van een Amiga, en natuurlijk software nodig. Amiga Forever is hiervoor een mogelijke oplossing, met prijzen vanaf tien euro. Hieronder is te vinden wat er sinds versie 2.3.0 allemaal is veranderd.

WinUAE 2.3.2 released

New features:
  • AROS ROM replacement development snapshot included, replaces old very basic ROM replacement feature, used by default if official KS ROM is not found.
  • New autofire option. Button released = autofire. Button pressed = normal non-autofire firebutton.
  • Stop the CPU and wait until blitter has finished if any blitter register is accessed while blitter is busy and CPU mode is fastest possible. Better workaround than immediate blitter for programs that have blitter wait bugs with fast CPU.
  • Serial port telnet server.
  • Disk emulation accuracy improved (Codertrash / Mexx, El Egg Tronic Quarts / Quadlite)
  • CIA timer undocumented startup delays emulated (Risky Woods sound glitches)
  • win32.floppy_path and win32.hardfile_path really works as expected.
  • Display panel refresh rate accepts non-integer values.
Bug fixes:
  • Implemented workaround that should fix Direct3D blank screen problem.
  • Sample ripper crash.
  • 68000 exception 3 emulation fixed again. (Broke compatibility with some very old copy protections, for example Soldier of Light and Zoom!)
  • Reset bug that broke Arcadia mode, A1000 mode and Action Replay ROMs.
  • Automatic resolution switch interlace detection was unreliable.
  • CD32 early boot menu is accessible again.
  • Rare crash when switching from fullscreen RTG mode to native mode.
  • Borderblank chipset feature didn't work in ECS Denise mode.
  • Possible input configuration corruption due to uninitialized variable.
  • Color change table overflow crash that can happen when emulated program crashes really badly.

WinUAE 2.3.1 released

New features:
  • Directory filesystem ACTION_LOCK_RECORD and ACTION_FREE_RECORD.
  • Gamepad joystick type for games that support 2nd fire button but can't read it without pullup resistor. (for example Aladdin)
  • Manual filter configuration fully implemented.
  • Autoresolution supported (automatically selects lowest used resolution on the fly)
  • MIDI device names are stored in configuration file.
  • Custom chipset undocumented feature compatibility updates. (For example Magic Demo / Diabolics, MoreNewStuffy by PlasmaForce, Kefrens Party Intro by Wiz)
  • M68K AROS compatible IDE and RTG emulation.
  • Statefile compatiblity updates. (Initial audio glitches, mouse counters updated correctly, CPU exact mid-instruction state saved, active disk DMA state saved)
  • New filter defaults, 1x (not FS) and always scale if selected screen/window size is very small or large enough.
  • Auto resize and center filter modes 1x/2x.. modifiers now adjust window size.
  • Attempt to load disk image and harddisk paths in state files from current directory, current adf/hardfile path and finally state file directory if original path or file is missing.
  • SCSI emulation physical drive tray load/eject passthrough.
  • SCSI emulation CD audio support improved. (for example T-Zero and The Shadow of the Third Moon)
  • Clipboard sharing disable option in GUI.
2.3.0 bugs fixed:
  • Audio pitch errors if audio period rate was near minimum audio DMA limit.
  • Very heavy CPU usage if program continuously plays really short audio samples.
  • ROM scanner again detects *.rom files in root directory.
  • Sample ripper works again.
Bugs fixed:
  • Directory filesystem was slow on most modern multicore systems.
  • CDTV CDA playback didn't work if play ending track was set to last track. (Prehistorik CDTV)
  • 2352 byte sector plain ISO images didn't mount correctly.
  • Some drives had problems reading Mode 2 Form 1 data tracks.
  • SPTI+SCSI SCAN didn't detect any non-CD devices (broke in 2.2.1)
  • Automatic resize filter didn't always work correctly.
  • Topmost scanline was usually not visible in autoscale modes.
  • GamePorts parallel port joystick configuration crash fix.
  • Random RTG color errors when switching to/from fullscreen 8-bit RTG modes.
  • Archive mounting crashed if something prevented complete unpack (for example non-dos dms image file)
  • Harddrive state files didn't save correctly if more than one harddrive was configured.
  • A2065 Z2 board emulation fixes. (Lost interrupts, broadcast packets getting ignored, transmitter dropping big packets.)
  • A500 power led fade tricks really work now.
  • HRTMon didn't work in cycle-exact modes.
And more...
WinUAE 2.0.0 screenshot (481 pix)
Besturingssystemen:Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 7
Bestandsgroottes:2,79MB t/m 3,45MB
Licentietype:Voorwaarden (GNU/BSD/etc.)

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Moderatie-faq Wijzig weergave
Die "AROS ROM replacement" werkt nog best goed als je geen kickstart rom hebt.
Workbench boot niet zo goed maar de meeste NDOS Trackloaders werken prima.
Dit progje heb ik al jaaaaaren! Ooit een keer uit nostalgie ge´nstalleerd inclusief kickstart en het werkt perfect! Tot nu toe heb ik alle spellen kunnen spelen die ik geprobeerd heb!!

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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