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Bron: iniCom Networks

FlashFXP logo (75 pix) IniCom Networks heeft een update uitgebracht voor versie 4.0 van FlashFXP. Deze ftp-client kan bestanden van en naar een ftp-server up- en downloaden. Daarnaast kan het ook bestanden direct uitwisselen tussen twee servers, zonder dat de informatie eerst langs de client gaat. Dit zogenaamde File eXchange Protocol is iets wat lang niet alle ftp-programma's ondersteunen. De software is in 17 talen te gebruiken en een licentie gaat voor 30 dollar van de hand. Downloads zijn beschikbaar voor Windows, U3 en een 'gewone' usb-drive. Sinds build 1523 zijn de volgende veranderingen en verbeteringen aangebracht:

FlashFXP version 4.0.0 build 1538:
  • Fixed sort by Type (ascending/descending) as it was not sorting as intended. Local and remote panes had similar issues.
  • Added automatic parsing of sftp:// ftps:// and ftpes:// URLs when pasted into the quick connect and site manager host fields. This was previously limited to just ftp://
  • Added improved error handling to the shareware dialog when checking for and displaying special deals to customers.
  • Improved logic within the transfer progress UI update routine during a site to site transfer, in some rare cases a divide by zero was triggered.
  • Fixed remote edit or view issue, when aborting the operation FlashFXP would re-attempt to transfer the file.
  • Updated SFTP engine.
  • Updated OpenSSL to 1.0.0d
  • Fixed crash when FlashFXP is closed during a remote file search.
  • Added a list parser auto fall back to standard UNIX: L8 list format.
  • Fixed overlay icons not appearing in the local browser > folder tree.
  • Optimized local browser > folder tree.
  • Optimized transfer graph.
FlashFXP version 4.0.0 build 1535:
  • Clearing the connection history will now immediately clear the jumplist history.
  • Fixed issue where clicking the transfer button on one side (i.e. local) might not have any effected if the other side (i.e. remote) is focused.
  • This release adds two new strings to the translation table.
  • Updated memory manager.
  • Updated error and crash reporting module.
  • Improved the remote delete logic and operation.
  • Two new settings for enqueue delete operations. These new settings can be found by editing the queue item (right-click queue window > select edit). File masks allow the user to define which files are deleted from the server, multiple masks can be used separated by a ; semi-colon, for example you could use *.png;*.jpg to delete all files ending in png and jpg. The mask only applies to files. The second new option is "include sub-folders", by default sub-folders and their content is deleted during a delete operation, this new option limits deleting to only the file content only.
  • Folder bookmarks have a new setting on the Add/Edit Bookmark dialog "Use synchronized browsing", this setting will activate synchronized browsing when the folder bookmark is clicked. This allows for multiple synchronization locations defined at different folder locations.
  • Several changes to improve application compatibility, this should allow FlashFXP to work in many environments where previous versions would just crash on startup.
  • Fixed task scheduler > task > expiration date, The value would save but when re-editing the task it would be unset, so saving the task would unset the expiration date.
  • Fixed a logic error when attempting to edit a remote file and permission is denied, the file still opened for edit even though the transfer failed.
  • Added additional checking when using a custom data folder in FlashFXP, previously a generic error message was used and in some cases it was incorrect.
  • Fixed an issue where CPU usage was much higher for SSL downloads when speed limiting was enabled vs speed limiting disabled.
  • Folder bookmarks will now use syncronized browsing when enabled.
  • When deleting via the Server File Search dialog and the "delete prompt" is enabled, The prompt now displays the number of items selected or if one item is selected then the name of that item.
  • Several minor bug fixes were applied based on user crash reports.
  • If FlashFXP is unable to open the custom command data file an error box is now shown instead of triggering a crash report and adding commands is automatically disabled to prevent confusion.
  • The process of installing updates via LiveUpdate has been streamlined and simplified. Launching the update installer from within FlashFXP now provides a completely automated upgrade solution.
  • Fixed compare folder content > Compare by date. When checked this feature wasn't working as intended.
  • The installer has been updated and improved. Alot of the text has been rewritten and the interface has been simplified. The installer font size has been changed from size 8 to size 9 to make our installer more accessable to visually impared users.
  • Fixed a bug where if a folder tree-view is focused and the "queue selected/transfer selected" toolbar button is pressed it would apply to the list-view selection instead of the focused folder tree-view control.
  • Fixed an issue where FlashFXP was allowing the user to queue duplicate items when performing an upload file transfer.
  • Fixed delete count when deleting a folder from the remote folder tree-view.
  • Fixed unnecessary directory refresh after uploading a file via the remote edit.
  • Fixed remote rename folder via folder tree-view with SFTP when rename failed the name wasn't reverted back to the original name.
  • Fixed remote edit download showing ??:?? time remaining in the status-bar.
  • Added prompt for password to the FTP/Socks/HTTP proxy manager, this should make life easier for customers who require a SecurID to use their proxy server.
  • Added 'calculating' text to the transfer status during a FXP transfer when the transfer speed is unknown and being calculated.
  • Changed the confirmation prompt when deleting a remote file or folder, if one item is selected the name of that item is displayed.
  • Added automatic path slash conversion for the drop-down path selector box, allowing easy input of DOS style paths on UNIX style servers without having to manually replace the slashes.
  • Fixed missing item attributes when using the MLSD command on a NcFTPd server and possibly others where attributes are not provided by default.
  • Added en-queue rename operation.
  • Installer - Fixed multiple issues when installing FlashFXP with a per-user configuration.
  • Installer - Fixed issue when performing a installation update where the language files weren't always updated.
  • Fixed issue where if the queue/status pane was positioned on top and the height is under 15% it would resize to 75% on start-up.
FlashFXP version 4.0.0 build 1525:
  • Fixed an issue in the language select dialog where the users` selection wasn't saved if it was the first language in the language list.
FlashFXP version 4.0.0 build 1524:
  • Fixed Add to bookmark entry non-functional on the folder bookmark menu.
  • Fixed Synchronized browsing dead-lock when manually enabled on two servers with identical folder structures.
  • Fixed incorrect queue behavior when dragging from the remote folder tree to the local folder tree.
  • Fixed u3 portable installer: the manifest build number wasn't increased preventing an upgrade installation.
  • Added a "Download additional languages" link to the language select dialog that appears the first time FlashFXP runs.
FlashFXP 4.0 screenshot
FlashFXP 4.0 screenshot, klik op de afbeelding voor een grotere versie.

Reacties (10)

Moderatie-faq Wijzig weergave
ondertussen is build 1540 ook uit.

Met de volgende wijzigingen tov 1538:
  • Fixed update error when launching the update installer via FlashFXP. This was caused by a User Account Control (UAC) issue.
  • Fixed View > Left Tree and Right Tree when Swap Panes is activated.
  • Fixed shareware trial evaluation mode.
Vind persoonlijk FileZilla een keurige FTP client. Ook volledig gratis.
FileZilla is zeker een keurige FTP client maar FlashFXP is meer dan een FTP client. Naast dat het megastabiel is, heeft het programma ook ondersteuning voor het FXP-protocol (van externe FTP server naar externe FTP server) en is de update cyclus erg snel/goed.

Overigens lijkt FileZilla geen FXP ondersteuning aan te kunnen in de huidige versie zo wordt er gespeculeerd op het forum.
Prachtig FTP programma, 3 maanden geleden eindelijk een levenslange licentie afgenomen. goeie prijs voor een goed programma!
Van mij hoeft echt niet alle software gratis te zijn. Dit is een stukje software wat z'n geld dubbel en dwars waard is. De afwerking van dit programma is van dusdanige kwaliteit die je niet vaak ziet.

Echt een aanrader!
Echt een aanrader super goedkoop.
Vooral beveiliging van uw login gegevens, waar FileZilla enorm in faalt.
FileZilla slaat de inloggegevens op in een persoonlijke (beveiligde) map, waarmee ze dus beveiligd zijn met het wachtwoord van je OS. Hoeveel beter wil je iets beveiligen dat je in plain text naar een server stuurt?
Ik moet nog een gratis programma tegenkomen dat net zo soepel en goed werkt als FlashFXP. Niet alles wat gratis is, is per definitie beter.
Er zijn virussen in omloop die de zogezegde persoonlijke (beveiligde) map al uw login gegevens gebruiken van FileZilla, doordat deze in plain text staan. En vb. al uw websites om zeep helpt. :P

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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